Thursday, 18 December 2014

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What has the healthy lifestyle taught you?

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Hey Sweets,
If you have never attempted living healthy by eating clean and/or exercising, you are on your own ehh! You are missing a lot. I may be wrong, but even if you attempted it for a week, you should feel your body changing, all your body juices will start flowing again. Everything starts ticking again, it will feel like someone started your ignition(choi!). That feeling is fantastic! You need to feel it for yourself. Waking up in the morning and dancing around the house. Sometimes, I run indoors from place to place, yes, that's what happens when I wake up feeling high.

My life has changed tremendously:

  1. I sleep better.
  2. I am generally a happier and positive person (no try me before o, I bite)
  3. I am more confident.
  4. I think better, my brain functions better. I focus more on one thing at a time now(believe me when i say I was a bit scattered and lacked focus)
  5. I look better. The joy I feel when I try on new clothes now.......
I know its not just me, please share your healthy living testimonies, It doesnt matter if you tried eating healthy or exercising for some days, just tell us how you felt. It will touch someone to make a change in their life, come 2015 #operationstayalive  Testimony time! God bless.

*Don't forget to bless a soul, tis the season to spread love*


  1. So I took the last fuel and burn challenge. It was hard at the beginning, cutting out my cakes and biscuits and malt. The food, not so much, I stuck with the challenge and at the end, when I tried on my clothes that have been hanging in my wardrobe for 3years, they fit. No bulges in sight, no tight areas. The joy that comes from within is incomparable, when I step out of the house, people notice and tell me something has changed. Not the size but something within. They even ask what's the good news I'm keeping to myself.. I'm talking too much.. later..

    1. After all your hard work now they wanna know? Lol! Keep rocking that hot bod dear, i'm proud of you.

  2. Living healthy hasn't been easy, I still cheat, buh I tryn ma best. A lot of pple has commended ma weight loss, I hope 2 keep it up. Thanks