Wednesday, 10 December 2014

# Christmas # How to

Tips to stay in shape this festive season.

Hey Sweets!

Have you been worried about how to maintain your (fit) new found body this festive season? With all the yummy treats and goodies, flying around already its gonna be a bit hard sha, but doable. Okay, this is what I plan to do, (with the way my mum cooks during Christmas eh heeee, Lord have mercy!) Its like, if she doesn't cook excess food, something will happen. Then she would force everybody to take some of the leftovers home (Just in case anyone was about to die of shey?) The next day, she will call to remind us to warm the food and have it for lunch...shioooo!!! Mummmy!!!!  Lol!) These tips might help:

  1. Eat little of everything: yes, take little rice, little peppersoup, u know na.... Since everything dey hungry you, this is the safest way. 
  2. Do NOT eat anywhere near your bed time. Make it a rule not to eat after 7pm. This works for me. No matter how filled up I am, e go shaa settle small before I sleep.
  3. Workout well, when you have the time. For those on leave that want to sleep in every morning, make sure you make good use of your time. If not, make the most of your workouts this period, if you are used to doing 30 mins, biko make it 60mins.
  4. When at parties, you dont have to eat everything right there. Ask for a take-away pack, scoop some of the things you would love to taste. Take them home, freeze them, eat whenever you like.
  5. Count your calories: this way, you will know when you have reached your peak for the day. Set limits. 
  6. For drinks, always go for the low calorie ones like ice tea, zero coke. If you have to do alcohol, wine is awesome. 
Chai! Puff puff, na me and you dis Christmas. In short,  will be going shopping for some flour and sugar tomorrow, hehehe. I really hope this helps. I will be applying all these and more if need be, dont worry I will update you. Have fun, don't forget to bless someone with a lovely gift this season. God bless.