Monday, 1 December 2014

# #FNB # Lose weight now

Results from week 7 of the #FNB weight loss challenge

Good Morning Sweets,
Happy New month!!! December is here, praise God!! Did you have a nice weekend? Mine was fab o, thank you all for the love you showed me, as per my feature. I am truly humbled guys, God bless you all immensely. 

Finally, we have entered the last week of the challenge, na here we go know who senior who...Lol! Eheen!! Imagine o, the ladies (contestants) asked for 1 extra week in the challenge (i.e I should add 1 extra week, making it a 9 week challenge). See me see case o! Me that i'm already in the Xmas mood. Shiooo! The jazz they used didn't catch me, I jump and pass! Hahahaha! I sha, agreed to hanging around for some weeks "unofficially"....*crying, why o why did i agree?*  I love Christmas and i'm so in the mood, ready to have fun and chill out. Anyways, see their progress so far: I see 1 or 2 people that need hot koboko.......

Adaeze has lost 2.5kgs so far.

Adaobi has lost 2.1kgs so far.

Amanda has lost 3.4kgs so far.

Jemi has lost 5.2kgs so far.

Jummy has lost 2.9kgs so far.

Kate has lost 8.1kgs so far.

MissB has lost 2.2kgs so far.

Nelo, has lost 2.9kgs so far.

Nkechi, has lost 4.4kgs so far.

Noelle, has lost 6.3kgs so far.

Oohge, has lost 6.1kgs so far.

Ronke, has lost 6.7kgs so far.

Tess, has lost 4.3kgs so far.

Uju, has lost 1.3kgs so far.

Vivian, has lost 7.2kgs so far.
I am happy though, you know why? Most of these ladies have had a constant weight loss. Losing an average of 0.8kg per week, which is great. Their percentage weight lost too is good, its not drastic. I am proud of you ladies, I know the full results will shock the world. Use this last week to work your butts off. Show the world what you all are made of. Add extra 30 mins to your workouts if you can, it will tell on your body by weekend, cardio cardio cardio!!!. The Lord is your strength as you take on this last (not really)leg of the battle with fat. You MUST WIN!!! *insert warrior face here* Lol
God bless.


  1. Oh boy!!! Kate,Viv,Tess infact I see all of u. Welcome oh.. Tnks a mil coach for d extra few weeks.. Can't wait to see how they are all looking.

  2. The day I will see just two digits on my scale instead of three digits, I dey go give testimony for church...thanks a million coach, u too much.

    1. hahahaha! The day is coming dear. In a few weeks or so......

  3. Mehn this ladies are on top of their game! I must not be left out! Ehn back to my squats I can't shout.
    My goal is to do 300squats in 2 days... Already my thighs hurt like hell! I will rest for a day for my muscles to heat then continue again.

    1. Awww, i love your spirit dear. Why not work your thighs for 3 days then rest on the 4th day? Give it a bit more to burn. Hard work pays off. Keep it up!

  4. Okay. Thanks I will do as you have recommended..