Monday, 8 December 2014

# #FNB # Lose weight now

Pictures: Final pictures/Results(week 8) of the #FnB Weight loss Challenge.

Good morning y'all,
Blessed week to you and may all your Christmas wishes come true for you in Jesus name. Amen.

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The Fuel and Burn weight loss challenge ended on Friday 5th of December 2014! Yipeee! ladies you did it, you didn't quit, you pushed, you cried, you sweated, you felt the pain and you won! You finished strong. Again and again, I am sooooooo proud of you.

Losing weight is never easy, I dont care by which means. Surgery, exercise, diet change, shakes, drinks etc. None is easy. Most people will give up before they even see any changes, so be proud of yourselves, you did great.

This is not the end, its is just the beginning because your lives have changed now, try not to backslide into old habits. Maintaining your current weight (for those that have reached their goal weights)wont be easy, you have to be highly disciplines, highly organised and highly focused. These will make you stand out of the crowd. I wish you all the best as you take greater steps.

The Prize;
  • 1st position: N15000
  • 2nd position: N7000
  • 3rd position: N5000

Formula for % weight change:  (Old weight- Current weight) x 100
                                                               Old weight

'% weight change' is used to determine what percentage of a person's total body weight was lost within a certain period of time. (in this case its 8 weeks)  Those that lost a higher % compared to the amount of weight(kg) should be the winners........

Adaeze: Lost a total of 2.6kgs.  She had a 3.6% weight change.

Adaobi: Lost a total of 4.1kgs.  She had a 4.8% weight change.

Amanda: Lost a total of 4.2kgs.  She had a 5.8% weight change.

Jemi: Lost a total of 5.9kgs.  She had a 5.9% weight change.

Jummy: Lost a total of 4.3kgs.  She had a 5.3% weight change.

Kate: Lost a total of 8.8kgs.  She had a 8.1% weight change.

MissB: Lost a total of 4.6kgs.  She had a 4.7% weight change.

Nelo: Lost a total of 4kgs.  She had a 5% weight change.

Noelle: Lost a total of 8kgs.  She had a 8.5% weight change.

Oohgee: Lost a total of 6.8kgs.  She had a 8.3% weight change.

Ronke: Lost a total of 8.1kgs.  She had a 8.7% weight change.

Tess: Lost a total of 5.5kgs.  She had a 7% weight change.

Uju: Lost a total of 1.7kgs.  She had a 2.5% weight change.

Vivian: Lost a total of 8.3kgs.  She had a 10.6% weight change.

Remember, I said I wont be using only the scale figures to judge the matter? More than 4 of the ladies showed huge physical difference.

There are 4 people I see that are clearly the winners here, but there has to be only 3. So that's why i brought in the % weight change. Though, if I use this alone, 2 out of the 4 will loose out and 1 other will gain. Hmmmm......

Let me hear from you readers first, who do you think the winners should be? Please name 3 people. Thanks. 
Ladies, In my eyes, you all did well!!! God bless.


  1. OMG these women are full of suprises, they all did very well. i can see difference in all of them.
    so i will be voting for kate followed by jemi then jummy.
    great job guys.

    1. Hey Sweetp. Thanks for voting dear. God bless.

  2. Yeeyee!!! We made it.. for the winners I'll say kate(me of cos), my sweetly Ohgee and vivian. congrats gals,lets keep it up, I got my wish of two digits on my scale, hoping to reach 80 before my birthday in April. Coach u`ve been awesome, the FNB bbgroup, u guys were great motivations to me.

    1. I am proud of you babe, see the tummy!!! Choi!! Keep it up. Luv you right back!!

  3. wow! we did it! 8 wks of... congrats to everyone. i vote for Kate, Viv and Ohgee. Adaeze

  4. I can see changes in every1 but i feel Kate Vivian Noelle Jemi's changes are drastic. Dont be offended if i didnt mention your name. Well done everyone me sef de join next round Exam or no exam.

  5. Vivian yesssssss drastic change. CHELIZ U HAVE TO SPLiT D MONEY OOO LOL.

  6. Ha! You want some pple to eat me raw? *runs away*

  7. Dearest Cheliz, I'm thinking of buying a treadmill at home. Can I lose some weight with that? I'm thinking of adding dumbells too, just small ones to tone my arms. I need ur opinion pls.

    1. Hi Twinkie. My opinion is if you are sure that you will not use or have tume to use the equipment, please save your money. 90% of people that have threadmils at home, hardly use them. Determination and hardwork will help you lose weight, so be sure you gat them first. The treadmill and dumbbells are an added advantage. Cheers.