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How to lose weight by counting calories.

Good morning,
This is the second part to the calorie counting post. I will make the post as easy and as short as I can. Please take some time to read and understand it fully, if you would love to use this method to lose weight or maintain. Lets just forget everything we read in that book. Lol.

To me, this method when mastered, is the fastest way to lose weight and keep it off for good. Yes, it also comes in handy when you have reached your goal weight. It may take some time to grasp, but it works.

First, you need to calculate your daily energy requirement. This will determine how much energy you need to eat to stay healthy and maintain a HEALTHY weight on a daily basis. To determine this, your age, gender and weight are taken into consideration but let me not bore you with the formula, there are many apps that can help with this.

The koko is that;
  • Women need about 2000 calories daily to maintain their body weight. So, to lose weight, deduct 500 from this (daily).
  • Men need about 2500 calories daily. To lose weight, deduct 500 from this.
The whole idea is that, when you reduce the amount of food you eat, you begin to lose weight. 

So for one to lose weight (she/he needs to create a calorie deficit), she/he has to debit 500cals from her daily 2000cals and bank it in her calorie deficit account so that by the end of the week (for you to lose 1kg in a week, you need to have burned up to 7700 calories), she would have lost 1kg. The more you deposit, the more kgs you lose. This can be done by:
  1. Cutting down on meals: Simply by reducing your total daily calorie intake from 2000 to 1500 you will see your weight drop easy. This can be done by calculating the amount to calories in each meal, like i described in that post 2 days ago, see here . You may wish to use its easier. 
  2. Exercise: If you exercise, you get to burn more calories, this is why those that workout get to lose the weight faster. Burning more calories means that your calorie deficit account increases, which is cool for weight watchers.  E.g if you debit 500 cals from your food intake and another 500 cals from your exercises, this means you have deposited 1000 calories into your calorie deficit account, instead of just 500 from reduced meals alone. The more you bank, the more you lose, lol!
Note that the more you exercise, the more calories you burn and the more you are allowed to eat because you could be burning too much and your body could start fighting the drastic loss and then hoard fat. You need to feed your muscles with healthy nourishing meals.

Your calorie deficit may come from meals alone or both meals and exercise for an added advantage.

Example: Lets say I weigh 100kg and I eat 2500 calories daily. I live a sedentary life, i.e i hardly exercise or move around. I am told by my doctor to lose some weight, here's how i will do it;
  1. I will reduce my daily meal calories from 2500 to 2000. My total deficit in a week from food = 3500
  2. I will exercise to burn at least 500 calories daily, 3 times a week. My total deficit in a week from exercise= 1500
  3. Since i now exercise, my metabolism has received a boost, I now burn more calories when at rest, from that its about 700calories daily= 4900 in a week
  4. Weekly total deficit= 9900. Remember i just need 7700 to be able to lose 1kg? (this is why you shouldn't cheat much, If you constantly cheat, it slows down your weight loss. Now i have extra 2200 calories to carry over to the next week, meaning I have just 5500 target to lose another 1kg )
  5. If i keep doing this, i should keep dropping at least 1kg weekly till i need to recalculate and modify my energy requirements.
Now, note that as you lose weight, you need to either drive down your calorie intake or increase workouts because the moment your body gets used to the thing you're doing to it, it won't allow you to lose any more weight. Its job is to keep you alive, you will enter a plateau. 

If you dont understand all the plenty story above, biko, quietly go to and log in your body measurements and start. All you need to keep doing is to log in your daily meals and update your measurements monthly or so. But the issue with this app or site is that, your weight loss will be mega slow. So still deduct 500 calories from whatever it gives you as your energy requirement if you want to speed things up (there's no harm in speeding things up if you do it the right way), that's the amount you should eat as meals daily. This is how i did it and i still do, it helps me manage my weight.
Thanks and God bless.

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  1. I have done this, I took 1200 kcal every day and have eaten 5 times. It was quite OK, I lost 1 kg each week. But when I started running, 1200 kcal was not enough any more (obviously). Now I am doing weight watchers + running 4 times a week and it works again.

    1. ok, what amount of calories do you take in daily now? Good to know this system works for you, thanks.

  2. I do not know about the calories. In Weight Watchers you have a certain daily limit (points) and each food has certain points also which you have to add up. Veggies and fruits are 0 point. I guess the calories are between 1400-1600 know. But I run 100 km every week.