Tuesday, 9 December 2014

# Counting calories # How to

How to count calories in meals.

Finally, the calorie post. Lol! I have been dodging this post since 1900 but I guess I have no choice now, "Keresimesi is almost here. I wrote a log essay on it in the past sha, see here and here I don't know about you, me i would love to eat everything in sight and still have fun, (operation open belle) It doesn't mean i will let myself go like dat and gain excess weight. Please read on...

P.S: I broke down the "Calorie" posts into 2 different posts, so it wont be too long a read for you. The second part will highlight how many calories needed daily  and exercise etc. I will try to make the posts very easy to understand.

To be able to count calories in meals, first you need to identify each content in the meal (this is why its best to cook your own meals if really you want that weight off pretty quick) e.g:

Example 1:
Fish Pepper soup

 This fish pepper soup contains about  215 calories.
How I derived this:

  • 2 pieces of Croaker fish 150g (take into consideration that this fish is lean, means less oil) 200 calories.
  • The scent leaf less that a hand full: Very insignificant. But lets dash it 5 calories.
  • Chili Pepper: 5 calories. I used about 1 tbsp (17 calories) for the whole pot which is like 4 times this plate. 
  • Seasoning cubes: 5 calories
When cooking, write down or take note of the quantity of each ingredient you use, this will help you derive the calorie content per plate. Always divide into how many plates its serves, that way you can determine each plate. I hope its not confusing? Please ask your questions in the comments later.

Example 2:  
Okro soup and semo.

The whole pot served 5 to 6 people.

  1. 4 cups of okro: 33 cals each = 132cals
  2. 1 cup of chopped ugwu; 7 calories
  3. 200g dry stock fish (5 pieces); 165 calories
  4. 500g Mackrel/Titus fish; 830 calories. The small fish above is about 100 calories
  5. 3 small local yellow pepper; about 10 calories 
  6. 1/2 cup iru(locus beans): About 50 calories.
  7. 2 cooking spoons/4 tbsp palm oil: 450 calories
  8. Others: about 15 calories

Total calories in a pot: 1695 calories.  When divided into a plate it comes to about: 183 calories. I didnt divide the whole pot by 5 equal parts because that isnt exactly what is on my plate. If i did, i would have 3 pieces of titus fish and more soup. But, in a case where you do dish food into equal parts, please divide accordingly. Kapish? Lol!

So when I add my semo which is about a 100g dry meal= 330 calories. I divided the cooked semo into 2. So my semo meal was about 165 calories. That's exactly my fist size. This whole meal came to about 348 calories on my plate. 

Other things to note: 
  • Calories in some dry foods are not the same when cooked. Note this when using google. 
Counting calories in meals is not something you learn in 1 day, it will take time, google is your friend. I would say again that you need a jotter dedicated to your meals. This will help you understand your eating pattern, calories in your daily meals and how much you eat daily in total. This will speed up your weight loss by 50%, you have an edge over those that don't do this trust me. It is very important. Remember, cook as many of your meals as you can. Leave the rest for those stressful days at work where you have no choice but to eat out. Please feel free to ask your questions below. Luv ya!


  1. Good post. Its helpful to have this knowledge. Keep it up Cheliz

  2. My dear odiro easy, I seerrriiouussllyy... started a food journal weeks back. don't know where the book is right now. Welldone dear.... you're too much.