Thursday, 6 November 2014

# Abs workout # Ada-ari Agbim

Videos: Lower abs and oblique workouts by Ada-Ari Agbim

Hey Sweets,
Ada is at it again. Please check out some lower ab and oblique workouts she has put together here. As usual she has infused them with naija vibes. This workouts will also engage your obliques 'love handles' which we talked about in the previous post.


P.S: Don't just watch these videos like film o, action, action, action is what we need, Lol!

Davido: Aye

Psquare ft Donjazzy: collabo

Oritse Femi; Double wahala

Flavour; Chinnybaby

Instagram: @ada_ari
Facebook: AdaAri
YouTube: AdaAri

Photo Credit: Magazine cut photography.


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    1. You are welcome Kate. Yes you can download but, i think you need an app for that. Thanks