Friday, 21 November 2014

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Tips for week 7 of the #FNB weight loss challenge.

Christmas is coming ooo, are you ready for all the goodness it brings? Are you sure you can fit into that "little red dress?" if you are not sure, ngwa go and try it on now and come tell us if it fits. Stop assuming. Lol

We have 2 weeks to the end of the challenge, like i was telling the contestants; 2 weeks is enough to make a change in ones life. It all depends on how you use your time. Here are tips for this week:

Image source

Meal tips:

  1. Lets do veggie with everything. Veggie with rice, with beans, with yam, etc. Just make sure there is a form of green veggies with any of your meals. Including breakfast lol. Incorporate carrots, cucumber into your breakfast. 
  2. Remember your water.
  3. More green tea this week. Ok, you can have it for at least 3 times a week, or at most 3 times a day. 
  5. Reduce starchy foods and increase proteins for muscle building and retention. 

Workouts For gym: lets work more on the thighs and butt this week. You may follow this routine:
  1. 5 min warm up.
  2. Get on the spin bike, level 5 and spin for 15 mins. Any form of static bike will do. Make sure you go fast so that you can sweat.
  3. After the bike, get on the treadmill and incline to 3, speed 3 jog for 5 mins, then incline further to 8 and speed 4 then start jogging faster. After every 2 mins reduce the speed but not the incline. Rest a bit and speed up again. Do this for 30 mins daily. Challenge yourself and do more. 
  4. Get off the mill, then do some dumbbell training to tone your arms. Stretch for 5 mins after.

Home workout: 
Plie Squats. See workout description: Source

Forward Lunge. See workout description: Source
  1. Warm up with 30 jumping jacks and stretch a bit
  2. 15 Plie squats.
  3. 15 Forward lunges.
  4. 30 Jumping jacks.
  5. Repeat 3 times. 
  6. Do a 15 mins dumbbell workout to tone your arms as well.
  7. Stretch for 5 mins.
  8. You can also add the workout in the video below by fitness blender.
Butt and thigh workout by Fitness blender.

If you have the time, please watch and use the video. Fitness blender has some of the greatest and effective workouts. I use them a lot.

You are capable of many things.

How was your week, any gist, any victories, testimonies? Ok, what about temptations? Share naaaa, stop hoarding this thing, ok we won't judge you. lets learn from our mistakes. Please share and bless a soul in the comments. god bless you as you do. luv ya!! 


  1. True Confessions. This week I gave into my cravings. What can I say, It's been a stressful week. I ate biscuits. 3days in a row. 50naira worth (hides face in shame).. and it's been 6weeks without biscuits, bread or cakes. And 1 bottle of groundnuts(runs off to the corner to hide).

    1. ok, since i promised not to judge, i wont. Let me just wait for the report tmrw hahaha! Those 50naira biscuits tho, super yummy! lol

  2. But on the bright side, my work clothes from 2years ago now fit.

    1. Yippeee!!! Congrats dear. Happy for you, i can imagine how you feel.