Friday, 14 November 2014

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Tips for week 6 of the #FNB weight loss challenge. Plus Today's GIVEAWAY!!!

Good morning Sweets,
You know what, I think yesterday's question was too easy. Lets make today's own a bit harder yeh? Hahahahaha! *evil laughter*

Today's giveaway question: Re-arrange the two words below to form a different word each. I have two words in mind already, so if they form another thing, OYO o. Lol!  Don't forget to add your email address. Thanks.

  1. Mondays =?
  2. Marginal=?
You must get the 2 right to win 1k each. The first 2 correct answers win. Ehen, if you have won something before, you can answer, but I will give to someone else please.. Thanks so much *kisses*

If you seem to be doing everything right and still no results, be persistent, hard work pays off eventually.

Weekly Meal tips: Did you enjoy having yogurt for dinner this week? How did it make you feel? Its a fast way to get a flat tummy in just days, if done right.
  1. I think we need more salads. We aren't eating enough. So this week, lets do loads and loads of salad. If you don't have time to make some, see if you can order online or buy from a store near you. Many eateries and stores have healthy versions, just make sure its fresh and don't use a high calorie dressing.
  2. Still no sugar or bread this week. If you eliminated these last week, you shouldn't be feeling any cravings.
  3. Drink more green tea. 
  4. Keep drinking more and more water. At least 3 litters a day.
  5. DO NOT eat anything heavy less than 3 hours before your bedtime.

Exercise tips: Follow this order if you can for more result.
  1. 3 mins stretch and warm up.
  2. 20 jumping jacks
  3. 10 sumo burpees 
  4. Drop down and do 10 pushups.
  5. Get up and do 20 squats
  6. 20 jumping jacks
  7. 10 sumo burpees
  8. 10 pushups
  9. 20 squats.
  10. Cool down with stretching for 3 mins.

Steps to burpees. Source

Burpees Video by Fitness blender.

Remember that speaking positive words into your life matters, tell yourself that you can do this, nothing can stop you. You wouldn't know what you are capable of, until you try. Push yourself and see results. 

So, whose got a testimony? We need testimonies please, share your story in the comments. No matter how little, it will touch a life I promise. Stay strong and take care. My birthday is on Monday oooo, so please say a prayer of thanksgiving for me! I love you, Muah!!! God bless.

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  1. this is getting tougher but its fun.i think its dynamos - Mondays and Alarming - marginal..

    1. Yes, you are right. 1k for you!! Congrats.

  2. My first time commenting.. I hope I'm right oh... For Mondays = dynamos and Marginal = alarming.

  3. mondays = Dynamos

    marginal = Alarming

  4. Mondays = Dynamos
    Marginal = Alarming