Monday, 24 November 2014

# #FNB # Lose weight now

Results from week 6 of the #FNB weight loss challenge

Morning sweets,
I am still in shock o, ever since I heard the news that ChazB was dead, chai e pain me. What a great man he was.  But in all things we must give thanks, may his soul rest in perfect peace with the Lord. Now he can enjoy eternal peace with Christ.

I must say, I am not happy with the results of last week (week 6). I really dont know what happened. Is it that some people are eating in secret, or is it excess carbs or TOM?? Because most of you ladies didn't lose much and some even gained a bit of weight. I really hope and pray that the physical changes will be very obvious. Again, I am not happy, cha cha cha!!! . It is an all time low. *sad face*

Please tell me ladies, what is the cause eh? Some have shared their issues and I've given then tips on what changes to make. Dont keep it to yourselves o, a problem shared is a problem solved. Lets diagnose this things and cure it asap. Lol. Ok, here are your results for the week 6:

Adaeze, has lost 2.7kgs so far

Adaobi, has lost 2kgs so far.

Amanda, has lost 2.2kg so far.

Jemi, has lost 4.2kgs so far.

Jummy, has lost 3.1kgs so far.

Kate, has lost 5.8kgs so far.
MissB, has lost 0.7kg so far

Nelo, has lost 1.5kgs so far.

Nkechi, has lost 5.2kgs so far.

Noelle, has lost 4.7kgs so far.

Oohge, has lost 5.5kg so far.

Ronke, has lost 7.1kgs so far

Tess, has lost 5.1kgs so far.

Uju, has lost 1.9kg so far.

Vivian, has lost 5.6kgs so far.

 Don't get me wrong sweets, I am very proud of you. You have come a long way, learnt a lot and willing to make changes. I just need to see you do more. Anyways, keep it up ladies, Stand proud and stay strong. Don't lose faith. How was your week? Biko, gist us here, also share with us what the issues are.  God bless.


  1. Well done ladies. Infact, I must say I have been falling in and out of temptation. I have been eating more than required portion for most of my meals, I know it's wrong but sometimes I just can't help it. I have made a new week resolution. I have also realised that if I don't discipline myself it's so easy to gain all the weight back quickly and I really hate the thought of that. Have a nice week everyone. MissB

    1. I am happy you want to make changes MissB, hopefully this week will be better. Keep it up dear.

  2. Chai, last week was not easy. I'll ensure that I do better this week so coach would be happy ooooo :D Come on ladies, let's burn this yeye fat!!! -----Vivian

    1. Lol! ok, o Viv waiting for better results. Take care.

  3. I didn't exercise much this week, I did better with water and food though I think the bottle of groundnuts did me in.. I'll try to pick up on the exercise front..

    1. Hmmm Noelle, you and gnut!!! I shan't say this again. Lol

  4. Please I'm in. Hehe. Hi Cheliz, missed you o, I took a break to bring forth my bundle of joy to the glory of God, she's such an angel. I'm back now to loose the PB fat. Good to be back here dear. Let's do this.

    1. Yipeee!!! Gee Emmy is back! Wow i missed you more dear. Congrats ooo, we shall come for omugwo biko. Am ready when u are sweetie.