Thursday, 13 November 2014

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How to make healthy African Salad/Abacha. Plus today's GIVEAWAY!

Good morning sweeties.
Am sad, no one got the answer to yesterday's giveaway question. My favorite color is Turquoise!!! Its all over the blog na, una no see am? I love the color, I love it in different shades. Ok, anyway I forgive you. I hope someone gets today's own o:

Today's giveaway question:  A dad and his son were riding their bikes and crashed. Two ambulances came and took them to different hospitals. The man’s son was in the operating room and the doctor said, “I can’t operate on you. You’re my son.”
How is that possible?   Please answer with your email address.....2 Fastest fingers win 1k airtime each!!!

From top left: Ugba with yellow peppers and a pinch of ogiri, dried shrimps. chopped onions, garden eggs and utasi leaves.

There are many ways of making this dish, I have deleted every other (UNN days) method from my brain, and taken up this one.  I like to think it’s a healthier version. hehehe! usually, this dish is made with loads of palm oil, potash  and fried fish. Here, I used little oil, more pepper, fermented locus bean seeds(ogiri) and shrimps to elevate the taste.

Abacha, soaked in cold water.


  1. 200g of dry abacha (cassava shreds)
  2. 100g of shredded ugba (oil bean seed)
  3. 2 tbsp of palm oil. Add A BIT more if you are using more abacha.
  4. 3 yellow pepper (abacha just isn’t it without this yellow pepper)
  5. A pinch of ogiri okpei(did i get the spelling right? Its pounded locus bean seed)
  6. A small handful of utasi (optional) Its a bitter leaf.
  7. 4 small local garden eggs.
  8. ½ cup dried shrimps (optional). Break away the heads for pounding, while you keep the body whole. 
  9. 1 small onion_chopped.
  10. Salt and seasoning to taste.

This is just 2 tbsp of oil, too much palm oil isn't too good for the body guys. 

Preparation method:

  1. Soak the abacha in cold water for about 15mins. Wash and rinse. Be sure to clean well.
  2. Pound (don't blend) the shrimps heads, pepper and ogiri.
  3. Rinse out the ugba in tap water. Its usually salty, I feel better rinsing it out.
  4. Now, heat a pot with the palm oil, add the pepper and craw fish and stir quickly.
  5. Add the ugba and abacha and stir well. Add the shrimp body, Season and take off the heat immediately.
  6. If you like the garden eggs and utasi, then chop them up and mix in. Serve immediately. Garnish with the chopped onions.


I love to have this occasionally. Its very high in starch content and one can lose control and over eat. Very delicious meal in deed!!! Serve with ponmo or fish.  Do you love abacha too? Dont forget to attempt today's giveaway question. I love you, God bless.


  1. The doctor is Female. The boy is her son, so the doctor is his mother Nelo

  2. I loveeeeeeeeee abacha. My mum used to make it for us every Saturday evening was loads of pepper. Pepper dt wud make u see ur ancestors.. Loool. To d question, the doctor is the boy's mum. Hope I got it oh.. Amanda

    1. I love mine with plenty pepper too. Choi Amanda u got it again o, but pls let me give another person plssssss. MUAH!!

  3. The mum is the doctor.

  4. the doctor is his mom!

  5. The doctor is his mother. DA

  6. U be my person. I love abacha die. Choi

  7. Hmmm...I guess the doctor was his

  8. The doctor was his mother
    Hmmmm I only tasted this meal once when I was in boarding house.

    1. Awww, Gifted, you weren't fast enough. Thanks for trying

  9. Mehn i hate abacha me no likey at all..Think the doctor is a female being the mum of the boy i nor i correct?

    1. Haha! You are correct Monica but u werent fast jor. Thanks for trying tho.

  10. The boy's dad is the doctor

  11. The doctor's the boy's mother..hope I got it Cheliz?

  12. Oh gosh! how could I have forgoten that Turquoise was your wedding color. Tssshhhh!

    On today's question, I have to go the christian way, maybe that will touch your heart , I need that recharge card money biko!
    So the doctor is 'JESUS' and HE obviously can't operate on His son because He is healed already #Laughing very hard now.#

    1. Yes now Lemi, how could you have forgotten? Hahahaha! You have 1 more try tmrw k. Luv ya!

  13. I love abacha, thnx for sharing. Nena