Thursday, 6 November 2014

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Exercises to help reduce and tighten the waist area "love handles"

Hi Sweets,
Have you tried working on your love handles aka 'Muffin top' specifically? ok, for those who are not sure what they are; 'love handles' is that area, that annoying region(wiggly jiggly) on your side that just refuses to go away. It is a very hard element to burn or get rid off. It can like to spoil show for we ladies when we want to look good. You know now, in the new lingerie we just got, hehehe. See pic below.

Now that's a love handle aka muffin top.

The only thing that seems to hide this thingy, is high-waisted pants or skirt. But, person no fit wear high waist all day err'day na, so lets try some something else:

  1. Reduce your entire tummy area. You must do this to see the true effect of the workouts to come. In other words, lose some weight first.
  2. You can do (1) above by eating clean and healthy high fiber foods and drinking lots of water.
  3. Reduce or stop your intake of sugar, soft drinks, alcohol, smoking, etc.
  4. Reduce carbs and late night meals.

Then, do these workouts: 

1. Bicycle crunches: 
  Back on the floor, bend your knees and raise them. Raise your shoulders with your hands at the back of your ears. Now, reach and touch your knees with the opposite elbow. Do 3 sets of 10. You will feel the pain in your obliques(side muscles) and abs.

2. Russian twists:
Sitting, lean back a bit like you are about to lay on a bed, but just half way. Bend and raise your knees half way too. Beginners can drop their feet on the ground. Now, move from side like you want to pick something from the floor. You can hold a ball for more burn. Do 3 sets of 15.

3. Side planks;
This is a bit difficult. Beginners can drop their knees to the ground. Then try to raise your sides up and down. Do 3 sets of 10. The lady in the picture above is doing a more advanced version.

4. Standing oblique press/crunch; 

This is very easy and it works. Just like in the picture. Stand and raise your knees to touch your elbow. Carry a small dumbbell for more burn. Do 3 sets of 10 on each leg. Alternate them though.

5. Leg raises: 

This is majorly for the lower abs. That little pouch that refuses to flatten. Lol. Beginners can hold on to a heavy seat or a partners legs, the person should be standing right above your head. You can also put both palm under your butt and lift your entire legs way up and bring them down together sloowwly. You will feel the burn for days. Do 3 sets of 10.

You may choose to do all of these workouts 3 times a week. But if you need fast results, do at least 2 from this list daily. With a good controlled diet, you will see great results within 2 weeks.
For more workouts to help burn "love handles", see The workouts there are a bit tough, but they work.

Are you battling with your love handles? lol. Share your gist with us please. God bless you.

Picture credit: youbeauty , Howtoloselovehandles


  1. Mehn that side plank is crazy but it works wonders! I will incorperate others to my routine.

    1. You are right Gift, i struggle with it sometimes too. Keep it up dear.

  2. Once my love handle disappears, I am naija kim K... Loool... Dt has been my main challenge... Cheliz how about side bends.. I do dt alot.. These exercises wish there was a pic for all...I dont really get. Amanda..

    1. Hahahaha! Yes o, our naija Kim K!! I will update the post for your sake k. Sorry about that.

    2. Thanks alot dear... I understand now and I'd input at least 2 in my workout routine.. Amanda