Tuesday, 18 November 2014

# Fruits and veggies # greens

4 Reasons not to get your greens Pre-chopped in the market.

Good morning Sweeties,
Thanks a lot for all the birthday wishes yesterday. God bless you all.

To today's topic:
Are you guilty of this act? When the lady selling 'ugwu' in the market asks you "Aunty make i slice am"? What do you say? Lol. Don't worry, I too have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt.  I did it so often until my older sister asked me to stop. She then went ahead and gave me reasons. This was years ago when I didn't even have any clue about eating clean etc.

Today I still see many women in the market waiting for their greens (especially this ugwu leaves)to be chopped sliced and I wonder why??

Here are some reasons why you need to stop this (if you are guilty)

  1. If you can buy your meat, get home, wash and cook them, then you might as well wash and "slice" your own ugwu by yourself. 
  2. Washing already chopped greens means that you'll be rinsing away all the goodness, vitamins and minerals that one actually benefits from eating greens. Have you ever wondered why the water turns so green? 
  3. You will be wasting a good amount of the greens because no matter how you try, you just cant fish out all the greens and the stalk area which is loaded with nutrients. So in order to avoid sand, you throw away half the greens!! 
  4. If you say "let me rinse 2 times", dat na double offense. You will be sentenced to 20 strokes of hot koboko!

Try this:
  1. These veggies need to be washed thoroughly (while whole) I wash mine with some salt and water, then rinse well.
  2. Get a food processor: This will help blend your veggies fast.
  3. Be patient. Take time to get the best out of your meals. Whats the point in eating food that lacks or that is really low in vitamins? 
Are you guilty of this crime, oya begin to confess now in the comments....hehehehe! God bless.


  1. Am so guilty of this o, even d last soup I prepared, d veggies where sliced in d mrk. Thnx 4 d reminder again. Nena

  2. I use to slice my ugwu in the market to reduce cooking time. Till one day d market woman cut pieces of cloth join the ugwu, didn't know about the pieces of cloth till I finished preparing the soup and served. It was embarrassing.

    1. OMG!! I had to read thos 2x. What did u do to the pot of soup? Chai! So painful.