Friday, 28 November 2014

Tips for week 8 (finals) of the #FNB weight loss challenge.

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Good morning sweets,
We have finally come to the end(or almost) of the Fuel and Burn weight loss challenge. Hmmm, 8 weeks no be beans. Thank you all (both readers and contestants)for hanging in there with me on this ride.
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The last week will be a cleanse/detox week. If you guys do this well, you should see yourselves shedding more weight, especially the annoying belly fat and water weight. Please take this week seriously.

  • I would say you should do more or cardio this week, with about 30mins of strength training daily. This will help you sweat more and release extra water and toxins from your system.
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Extra Info:
  1. Contestants, please remember to send in your final pictures showing your front and side views, like you did at start of the contest. 
  2. You should be wearing the same outfit you wore that day too.
  3. You need to also snap your scale picture with a current newspaper, please let the date be visible.
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I wish you all the best of luck. I know I have been saying this all month long but, I just cant wait to see the picturessss!!! I am super excited. 

But then, Have you made plans for keeping fit post challenge, or are you planing to relax and eat everything in sight? #operationtearbelle What are your plans? Remember its a lifestyle change.

Ehen! Predict and win! Who do y'all think will win the challenge? The remaining contestants are:

  1. Adaeze
  2. Adaobi
  3. Amanda
  4. Jemi
  5. Jummy
  6. Kate
  7. MissB
  8. Nelo
  9. Nkechi
  10. Noelle
  11. Oohgee
  12. Ronke
  13. Tess
  14. Uju
  15. Vivian
The other 4 contestants are no longer in the game. 

God bless and have a blessed weekend.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

How to make simple and healthy Okro Soup.

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Sorry for this late post guys, I had a very tight day.
To me o, Okro soup is one of the easiest local soups to make. What is the origin of this soup sef? If you know don't be shy, pray tell. I made some for my sis in law last week, since I didn't go with my camera, I decided to do a remake for you guys. Hers was super rich! You know some people like their soups filled with all manner of orishirishi tins. Me i like it o, but, i would rather respect myself and stick with what is healthy for me. I cant shout. My rule is "less is more"

From top left: Yellow pepper, whole okro, ugwu leaves, dry stock fish, titus fish.

So, I tweaked mine to be a bit more healthy. yes, Okro soup is highly nutritious, but we sometimes make some small mistakes that take away from the goodness of the soup. You may add whatever kind of protein you like, for those that are trying to lose weight or stay healthy, its the quantity of oil, cooking time and the amount you eat that truly matters.

Chopped okro.

Iru/ Dawadawa/ Ogiri

Ingredients: (will feed 5 people)
  1. 4 cups of okro_chopped
  2. 1 cup of chopped ugwu (pumpkin) leaves.
  3. 200g dry stock fish
  4. 500g Mackrel/Titus fish
  5. 3 small local yellow pepper
  6. 1/2 cup iru(locus beans)
  7. 1 small onion_chopped
  8. 2 cooking spoons/4 tbsp palm oil
  9. 2 tsp of ground crayfish.
  10. Salt.
  11. Seasoning cubes to taste.
The yellow thingy, is the pounded native yellow pepper.  See,this Fish head, na me and you today!

Palm Oil lovers, notice I didn't totally fill up the spoon? Lol!

Cooking method:
  1. I added the stock fish and titus fish in the pot, seasoned them, with salt pepper, crayfish, onions and 2 tbsp of palm oil. Once the titus fish got cooked, Scooped them up and allowed the titus fish cook further till soft. Tip: Soak the stock fish in cold water for 1 hr before cooking. 
  2. When the stock fish is cooked, add another cooking spoon of palm oil, add the iru, cook for 1 minute, add the chopped okro and ugwu leaves and stir well.
  3. Cover the pot and count to 20, then turn of the heat instanta!
  4. Make some semo or wheat to enjoy your soup with. 

See the size of my semo, na my fist size o.

Burrrrp! See my life....

Single babes, you better prepare this for that your bobo, because this Christmas proposal shall not pass you by in Jesus name. Amen. Married women, y'all are not exempted o, oga will love this. I was totally stuffed after this lunch, choi! Will you make this dish  this weekend? Take care and God bless.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I love this fruit: Paw Paw

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Hey Sweets'
Hmmmm, don't you just love the creamy (yes, creamy) and sweet taste of the pawpaw fruit? Its one of my favorite fruits and its very much in season here in Nigeria.
  • Its affordable. I bought the one below for just N250
  • Healthy and super nourishing.
  • Low in calorie.

I love paw paw so much, as someone that has suffered constipation in the past, I don't joke with this fruit. Anytime I want a quick cleanse, its my go-to fruit. 

This is about 75 calories

  • Rich source of antioxidants
  • Boosts male virility. Every man should always eat this fruit biko :)
  • Its a Great cleanser: have this for dinner and see results in the morning. 
With this nuts, about 140 calories. 

How to Buy:
If you want to buy a week's worth, e.g 4 whole fruits; make sure 2 of them are unripe, 1 semi ripe, while 1 is ripe. By the time you finish the semi-ripe, the unripe ones are on their way. lol u get?

This is about 60 calories. Isn't that good news?

I don't like mine too soft, I like it just ripe but a bit firm. You can have it in plain smoothie form or add to your smoothie recipes. Pawpaw works best with acidic fruits like oranges, lemons, apples. 

If you dont love this fruit, ngwa start loving it sharply. But first, tell me reasons why?? Have a great day and God bless.
*Get 1 of my meal plans and i will give you more secrets on how to make the best of this fruit, trust me, it works wonders!*

Monday, 24 November 2014

Results from week 6 of the #FNB weight loss challenge

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Morning sweets,
I am still in shock o, ever since I heard the news that ChazB was dead, chai e pain me. What a great man he was.  But in all things we must give thanks, may his soul rest in perfect peace with the Lord. Now he can enjoy eternal peace with Christ.

I must say, I am not happy with the results of last week (week 6). I really dont know what happened. Is it that some people are eating in secret, or is it excess carbs or TOM?? Because most of you ladies didn't lose much and some even gained a bit of weight. I really hope and pray that the physical changes will be very obvious. Again, I am not happy, cha cha cha!!! . It is an all time low. *sad face*

Please tell me ladies, what is the cause eh? Some have shared their issues and I've given then tips on what changes to make. Dont keep it to yourselves o, a problem shared is a problem solved. Lets diagnose this things and cure it asap. Lol. Ok, here are your results for the week 6:

Adaeze, has lost 2.7kgs so far

Adaobi, has lost 2kgs so far.

Amanda, has lost 2.2kg so far.

Jemi, has lost 4.2kgs so far.

Jummy, has lost 3.1kgs so far.

Kate, has lost 5.8kgs so far.
MissB, has lost 0.7kg so far

Nelo, has lost 1.5kgs so far.

Nkechi, has lost 5.2kgs so far.

Noelle, has lost 4.7kgs so far.

Oohge, has lost 5.5kg so far.

Ronke, has lost 7.1kgs so far

Tess, has lost 5.1kgs so far.

Uju, has lost 1.9kg so far.

Vivian, has lost 5.6kgs so far.

 Don't get me wrong sweets, I am very proud of you. You have come a long way, learnt a lot and willing to make changes. I just need to see you do more. Anyways, keep it up ladies, Stand proud and stay strong. Don't lose faith. How was your week? Biko, gist us here, also share with us what the issues are.  God bless.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Tips for week 7 of the #FNB weight loss challenge.

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Christmas is coming ooo, are you ready for all the goodness it brings? Are you sure you can fit into that "little red dress?" if you are not sure, ngwa go and try it on now and come tell us if it fits. Stop assuming. Lol

We have 2 weeks to the end of the challenge, like i was telling the contestants; 2 weeks is enough to make a change in ones life. It all depends on how you use your time. Here are tips for this week:

Image source

Meal tips:

  1. Lets do veggie with everything. Veggie with rice, with beans, with yam, etc. Just make sure there is a form of green veggies with any of your meals. Including breakfast lol. Incorporate carrots, cucumber into your breakfast. 
  2. Remember your water.
  3. More green tea this week. Ok, you can have it for at least 3 times a week, or at most 3 times a day. 
  5. Reduce starchy foods and increase proteins for muscle building and retention. 

Workouts For gym: lets work more on the thighs and butt this week. You may follow this routine:
  1. 5 min warm up.
  2. Get on the spin bike, level 5 and spin for 15 mins. Any form of static bike will do. Make sure you go fast so that you can sweat.
  3. After the bike, get on the treadmill and incline to 3, speed 3 jog for 5 mins, then incline further to 8 and speed 4 then start jogging faster. After every 2 mins reduce the speed but not the incline. Rest a bit and speed up again. Do this for 30 mins daily. Challenge yourself and do more. 
  4. Get off the mill, then do some dumbbell training to tone your arms. Stretch for 5 mins after.

Home workout: 
Plie Squats. See workout description: Source

Forward Lunge. See workout description: Source
  1. Warm up with 30 jumping jacks and stretch a bit
  2. 15 Plie squats.
  3. 15 Forward lunges.
  4. 30 Jumping jacks.
  5. Repeat 3 times. 
  6. Do a 15 mins dumbbell workout to tone your arms as well.
  7. Stretch for 5 mins.
  8. You can also add the workout in the video below by fitness blender.
Butt and thigh workout by Fitness blender.

If you have the time, please watch and use the video. Fitness blender has some of the greatest and effective workouts. I use them a lot.

You are capable of many things.

How was your week, any gist, any victories, testimonies? Ok, what about temptations? Share naaaa, stop hoarding this thing, ok we won't judge you. lets learn from our mistakes. Please share and bless a soul in the comments. god bless you as you do. luv ya!! 

Friday Goodness: Hey, Green tea lover!

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TGIF!!! Yes!!
Green tea.
So, are you a green tea lover like me? The whole of last week I abstained from coffee and did just green tea. It felt really good. I had coffee on my birthday, not that I craved it, I just wanted to spoil myself like that.

That's one of the things green tea does, it cleanses the system and kills every form of craving. You will begin to wonder why you don't love that which you used to love. Hahahaha!

I don't just have my green tea plain o, gone are those days when i punish myself with bland tea. Today, I jazz things up! See my brew below:   Please See this as a reminder, its pretty basic because, I know most of you drink your green tea.

 Feel free to explore different blends and flavors of Green tea. 

Ingredients: To make a cup
  1. A bag of flavored green tea. Isn't plain boring?
  2. 1 FRESH Lemon
  3. 1 tbsp of honey
  4. A cup of blazing hot water.

How to brew:
  1. Make sure the water is blazing, very important. (don't burn yourself though) Pour into the mug in which you have your tea bag.
  2. Cover and allow to brew for 3 mins.
  3. Uncover, add the honey and squeeze in the lemon juice.
  4. Stir and allow to cool before you drink. I don't take out the tea bag till my cup is empty, I need value for my money. Lol. This tastes sooo yummmyyyyy!!! I can have 2 cups back to back.
I prefer to use fresh lemons because they always taste better. If i'm using the local ones like in the picture, I use a whole one. If its those yellow foreign ones, I use half. The taste is much stronger, besides, they are mighty expensive!

Try this, have  a cup before your workout and see yourself do more. Have with breakfast at the office, or before any meal. It brings so much freshness and happiness to your day, no be lie. 

Do you drink green tea everyday or at least 3 times a week? Did you notice any changes? Gist me in the comments please. 

Green tea also has many more benefits that I have highlighted on the blog in the past. I have some other brews for weight loss, cleansing, detoxing etc. Just holla me for a meal plan and you get the recipe. Thanks and God bless.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Why am I not losing weight?? Common meals and their calorie content(estimated)

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Morning Sweets,
Have you ever asked yourself this question? You keep working your butt off at the gym, and you eat healthy and fresh meals, yet the scale refused to move. Well am about to explain 1 main reason for that which is food.

I am doing this post because one of the FNB contestants asked me to. She has, ''allegedly'' hahaha been eating healthy, working out well, but the scale hasn't been moving much. I usually ask them (the contestants) to post their meals on bbm so we can all learn from them, they did initially, then stopped. Only for some to post their meals yesterday and I wasn't happy.
I believe in telling people the truth. It might come out harsh, but its the only way to make changes and get results.

Did you know that the things you eat alone (healthy or not) could be the reason you are not losing weight. I one heard from a comedian that "cows eat only grass" Lol! Healthy meals can also make you gain weight if not eaten in the right amount. Portion control is key!

Here are some common meals and their estimated calorie contents: Kindly note that is are estimated values. I want to assume they were made with little oil etc. It could be more or less, but lets just play with a gap of +/- 50 calories

Boiled Plantain with tomato and veg Sauce: 300 calories.

Okro and fish: 120 calories

Boiled plantain with a side of beans and veggie sauce; 320 calories.

Boiled plantains with egg sauce: 580 calories

Brown rice, shrimp sauce, a piece of fish and veggie: 400 calories

Cole slaw, mayonnaise and moin moin: 300 calories.

Boiled yam and egg with veggie stir fry sauce: 380 calories

Plantain and veggie sauce: 270 calories.

Beans, tomato sauce and a piece of fish: 420 calories

Brown rice and veggie: 200 calories.

Sweet potatoes and veggies: 200 calories.

Now these meals are healthy, imagine eating the ones that are loaded with oils and sugar etc. The kind of workout you do should determine the the quantity of meal you eat throughout the day (The greater the workout, the greater the meal, vice versa) . Truth is that if you need a steady weight loss, you need to count calories. No matter what anyone tells you, counting calories is very important. It takes time to learn, but when you do, its easy peasy!

You need a certain amount of calories a day to shed weight. Once you go over or eat less, of that amount, it slows down the process, so you have to make up for it by either eating more or less in the next meal. If you don't really understand this, please let me know in the comments.

I hope this helps someone out there to portion their meals the right way so as to achieve more results, weight wise. Are you eating more than you should? Please share in the comments. Feel free to send me your meal pic for analysis. lol.

Photo credit: The FNB contestants.

*Please, If you need a good meal plan to help kick-start your weight loss journey, call me on 08025806183 stop trying to do it on your own. We will talk and I will help you create a plan that will help shift the scale naturally. No side effects whatsoever. Thanks. god bless.