Monday, 27 October 2014

# #FNB # Lose weight now

The Fuel and Burn (#FNB) weight loss challenge; Results after week 2.

Good morning Sweets.
Hope your weekend was fun filled. Mine was awesome!

This is the last week of the month (October). I thank God for a good month thus far and I pray that He goes before us into the month of November (my birth month *winks*) to make everything and all our plans perfect.

We just entered the 3rd week of the #FNB weight loss challenge, and its been fun, so much fun. I'm just loving these ladies. They are not afraid to take bold steps, and try new things. Day by day, they learn new things about themselves and get to love life more. Maybe I didn't say this in the beginning, but I don't want this to be just a "slim down" journey, I want it to be a total overhaul. New way of thinking, eating and living in general. Here are the results so far:

This week's loss across board, wasn't so much, but the ladies are seeing more changes body-wise which is what I think is more important. There is time and room for improvement. I am still very excited for them. They have gotten new tips for the week, so I hope this week will show greater results on the scale.

Is anyone out there trying to lose weight before the festive season? How has it been so far? Please share your journey (so far) with us here. We would love to know....God bless.


  1. Mhen ds thing isn't easy at all... Discipline is a virtue. Weldone ladies I'm very proud of all of us.. Btw Cheliz we share d same birth month.. ��.. Amanda

  2. Good Morning Ladies, it is well ooo. #Teamslowandsteady. Although I have made a new week resolution. no more cheating please, its making this journey too slow for my liking and the weeks are running by fast. I have been up and down 97kg in the last one month.
    Lets stay strong and be more disciplined. MissB

    1. Hey MissB, please make the changes that need to be made and stay strong k. Look on the bright side, you are almost in the 80s lol!

  3. Hey Cheliz....nice job evry1....rily wanted to join d challenge buh resuming skul brought bout money issues dat hindered my registering for d challenge...Anyway I still plan on bein in my 60's on my bday(dec6)....honestly d journey has not bin easy...I have lost 4kg so far*yaaay* (on my own private FnB challenge)...d issue is av bin avin a very serious pain in my left knee nd now d Doctor has said I shuld stop playing football nd dancing(dese r my hobbies), My mom insists I stop ALL forms of exercise nd Le boo has threatened fire nd brimstone if I go against d Doctor's so sad cos dis may slow down my progress...Well in all tins we must give thanks*sobs*

    1. This sounds like my story o, as I have also been having issues with my left knee on and off but I resolved to eating clean and exercising when my knee allows, and it's been working. Slow but steady, we'll get there.

  4. Hi Yomzy, u can still continue by eating really clean and healthy meals. No cheat meals for now. Walk around the house as often as u can. The journey must not end here pls. I love ur fighting spirit. Sorry about the knee. *bighug*