Monday, 13 October 2014

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The Fuel and Burn (#FNB) weight loss challenge, Meet the contestants.......

Good Morning Sweets,
Hope you all had a swell weekend? Mine was super busy but i survived. I pray favor and grace into this week for us all in Jesus name. Amen.

We started he challenge fully on Saturday 11th of October, quite a number of ladies have entered into the weight loss contest that will end in December (8 weeks). They have all received their meal plans and some have even started on their detox. I am so excited about this challenge, for some reasons......Its ending in December, which is my favorite month in the year, and the competition I think will be hotter this time.....I think. Ok! enof talk, please meet them:









I allowed Laura to use an analog scale because she was just introduced to the blog and challenge some days ago, she has promised to get the right scale today. 











19. Update.

There you have it.  We are all on a private group currently, for easy monitoring and sharing. As usual, i wont be judging based on the scale results alone, there has to be great physical changes because some people might not lose much on the scale, but show great physical changes.  (By the way, the former winner Amanda is in on this challenge too) I see fire in all them ladies, ready to burn off the fat. Let the competition begin! Best of luck ladies. God bless.

P.S: Who do you think will win this challenge? Please comment below with your name and email. The right predictions will get something from me.Hehehe!  Thanks. 


  1. Wow... Ordiegwu!!! This is going to be serious.. Hmmmm...*chews bitter cola* Btw Cheliz, no.18 has Vivian and Victoria maybe it was a mistake. Amanda

    1. Choi! I have changed it dear. Thanks for the observation. God bless.

  2. Well done ladies, you have already overcome the toughest part of the challenge, which is making up your mind to join. @ Cheliz, Laura with nos 8 and analog scale is the person I think will win. But this challenge will b a tough one o.

  3. Eeeeh, we are many o. I am set to lose 7kg during this challenge. I want to be so committed like I did in June and I saw amazing result. So help me God. MissB

    1. You will dear, keep up the energy. God bless.

  4. wow, so good to see i'm not the only one with three figures on my scale. coach can i vote/predict myself? and can that something be new trainers or dumbbells? heheheheh. Kate

    1. Hmmm, Kate am glad you have much confidence in yourself. Ok prove it then we'll see. Cheers.

  5. Hmm Cheliz no be small tinz oo..
    So all these ladies visit dis blog eh, lol. Anyways I wish all of dem luck nd I vote for Amanda!

    1. Not a small tin o my sista. Lol. Thanks and hope ur doing great?

    2. Yea am doing just fine
      Thanks dear..

  6. Cheliz good morning, pls do u have the insanity workout dvds and how much are they? DuchessAbee

    1. No i don't dear. But i can get the price range for you. Pls txt me with ur phone number. 08025806183 thanks.

  7. Aww Cheliz am so happy for this blog...u are really doing a gr8 job here. And I wish all d ladies good luck..btw I vote for Ada

    Katie p