Tuesday, 14 October 2014

# 5 a day # Fruits and veggies

The 5 a day rule.

Hey Sweets,
Sorry I couldn't post anything this morning, i had a very busy day. I didn't even feel like typing anything now , but when I remembered how tight tomorrow will be also, Chieeeii!!!!, I rushed to the computer. I feel so tired, but a girl must keep to her promise! In case I "gbagaun" inside this post, biko forgive me. Lol. I tire!! 

This topic has been on my mind for days and i've been thinking of how not to make it too long. Its a very important topic.

Its all about eating the required amount of fruits and veggies daily, which should be 5 portions or more, according to WHO. A healthy diet includes eating at least 5 or more portions of fruits and veggies daily. It could be; Fresh, Frozen(i talked about this last week here ), Canned, Dried, Fruit juices too.

We started the #FNB weight loss challenge with a detox, a good detox diet should contain loads of fruits and fiber to help clean, and replenish the blood and body as a whole. Many of the contestants are already feeling a difference in just 3 days.

Fruits and veggies are good for everyone, including kids. They are:

  • Low in fat content.
  • Contain loads of fiber, which fights against constipation. Fiber keeps your bowel moving and that's what you need to feel good daily.
  • Generally high in vitamins and minerals. 
  • Keeps you young.
  • Helps with weight management.
  • They contain antioxidants. 
Everyone needs their fruits and veggies, everyone! Lets be realistic, Its a bit difficult to get your complete daily needs but, its doable if well monitored.  Most days i have some fruits for breakfast alone, then forget to take more during the day. I could have some veggies with lunch but its still not up to my daily requirement. 

While taking these fruits and veggies, be mindful of your portions, its easy to over do things. Here are some examples of what a portion should be:
  1. 1 large apple
  2. 1 large banana.
  3. 2 small oranges.
  4. 1 glass of fresh fruit juice.
  5. About 12 grapes.
  6. 1 serving spoon of green veggies.
You may decide to have 1 or more of this at a time as a full meal, still keep in mind that portion control is key, because these fruits contain calories too and will count as part of your total daily calorie intake. 
  1. Example of fruit only meal: 1 banana, 1 apple, 1 cup of Paw paw (about 220 calories). You may add some steamed veggies to this, veggies are much more lower in calories. 
You don't have to go spending so much money to buy all sorts of fruits. Here are some tips:
  1. Stick with fruits in season, They are cheaper. 
  2. Buy veggies that are readily available like Tomatoes, Pumpkin leaves(ugwu), spinach, ewedu, scent leaves, yes they count too and are very good for you.
  3. Buy some ripe and some unripe, so they don't all spoil at once.
  4. Share with other family members and colleagues. Fruits like Pawpaw and Watermelon are huge and takes time for one person to finish.

*It is required that you eat some form of carbohydrate daily, for energy. (i will break this down in another post) 

Have you been faithful to your 5 a day nutritional needs? 
God bless,

*Kindly contact me on chelizruby@gmail.com to order a detox meal plan. Thanks.

Photo credit: Totalgym


  1. Is Cabbage healthy at all? Lol cos i subsitute my carbs for jus cabbage all last weekend n i didnt loose so much. Also hurd pawpaw is a fatty fruit like eating loads of it not so good for weight loss... Kindly assist Mama Fitness :)

    1. Lala my suga! Yes now, cabbage is healthy, u sure u didnt do something wrong? Maybe late night nibbles? *side eye* Hmmmm, paw paw is one one of the best fruits for weight loss, its low in calories and has loads of nutrients. Keep eating them paw paw suga! Lol

  2. Chai, @ just 1 banana, when I eat 4- 5, can salad be classified as veggies? Thx. Nena

    1. Lol! I feel u dear, been there. Sure a veggie salad or pasta salad with lots of veggies is awesome. Cheers.