Thursday, 2 October 2014

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Product Review: All Natural Fat Burner, Liporidex Max.

Isn't it annoying sometimes when someone just screams "Morning!!!" at you? Hahahaha! I feel you o jare. Hope you had a nice holiday?

So here's the gist why i have been going to the gym this past week.  I was testing a product. Its a natural weight loss pill and fat burner. I heard and read so much about it, but i don't like taking some of the reviews I read online for what they are. I wanted to be sure so, I started using it some few weeks ago, but first working out at home as usual, then decided to switch to gyming and see if I would get better results. so here goes the gist.

Ever since I lost weight and it was visible, some people have been on my case, asking me to give them my "secret" what i used to lose all this weight. Some say "please tell me, what did you drink?" Like as if i drank some water that magically made me slim down. Hahaha!  Till today, they still don't believe that someone (a Nigerian!!) can actually eat right and lose weight naturally. But I thank God for vindicating me, some of you guys are trying out the method of eating right and its working.

I just recently started testing products for the sake of the blog and reviews. Thing is, some people, even if you give then the "so-called" thing to drink, they will drink 2 gallons and still wont lose weight. Doubt has gotten the best of them, its a pity. I like to say it how it is, sorry if i sound offensive.

Weight loss pills are not a bad idea if you use them wisely, and make sure you get a really good one. I have used this for about 3 weeks now so here goes my discovery:

What I love about Liporidex MAx:
  1. It contains mostly  natural Ingredients that are virtually safe like green coffee bean extract, green tea, raspberry ketones. etc( don't want to make this post extra long)
  2. It gave me NO side effects. compared to 2 others which I tried and had to discontinue due to minor side effects. I won't review them. 
  3. It curbs appetite. I noticed i didn't crave sugars and snacks all through. I had to force myself to eat most times.
  4. It helped to boost my metabolism, without the jitters that come with some other weight loss pills i tried. This one is subtle. Although my coffee could have given me the same effect. I still like it.
  5. It didn't interfere with my sleep. I always took the recommended dose anyways.
  6. The price is about N8000. I think its worth it compared to other really expensive ones.

What i don't like about it? 
  1. Nothing really, lol. 

How did I use it?
  1. The dose says 3 pills total in 24 hours, but to start with 1 pill in the mornings before breakfast.
  2. I took 1 pill in the mornings for the first 3 days, then 2 pills subsequently, always 20 mins before I begin my workout in the morning.
  3. I take 1 more pill around 3 pm (on the days I do remember)

Did it work?

Yes it did. I did lose about 2kg in 2 weeks, although i tried to eat more, because i didn't want to lose more weight. It gave me more boost and helped with my core workout, my abs feel more toned and my thighs are firmer. (Personally, I think i could have gotten the same effect and result with just a cup of coffee)

The gym didn't really make much difference, only that I sweated more because the gym was always hot which I loved. I don't like exercising in a cold room. Even at home, I switch off the fan and air conditioning so that I can sweat more. This product is good, I would recommend it for anyone who needs a boost with their workout. If you don't want to take pills, I recommend you try normal strength coffee, it will give you the same effect. 
For great results while taking any fat burner or weight loss pills, it is advised to eat clean and exercise always. Also make sure you consult your doctor before you start them.

I DO NOT sell this product, but you can find it on or any major drug store.

Cheliz' rating: 4 Thumbs up!!! 

Ehen, in other news: one thing I noticed about the gym i went to is that, some people get there early, they take over some machines, and never want to leave. One day, I purposely spent an extra 20 mins to see if the guy on the "cable tower machine" (the one used to work the arms) would leave so that i could use it, he just perched there like its his inheritance, imagine!. Till today, I never got to use that machine, i just dey look am. Maybe I need to inform the owner to do something about it, because with the packs and muscles on that guy, I dare not tell him my mind, na heavy blow he go use reply me. Lol!
This kind of machine.

Please give me names and addresses of gyms within Ikeja, Maryland, Ojodu area, I want to start reviewing them one by one. Maybe they would improve on services. What do you think? Take care and God bless y'all.

P.S: Don't forget to register for the coming weight loss challenge, no more excuses o! It promises to be fun filled!!!!!! 

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  1. Cheliz
    how do we register for the weight loss challenge

  2. Hahahhahahah Gym wahala @ somebody didn't allow you to use a particular machine. I went to gym continuously for 2yrs, I lost only 5kg in the 1st month and that was it for 2yrs. I only maintained my weight. People make mistakes when they use the same machine all the time, you also need to change your workout routine even if you are going to the gym. Anyway, I am enjoying my home work out now. MissB

    1. You are right MissB, its easy to get used to the same equipment and keep using them for years without seeing results.

  3. Cheliz plz I've bn meaning to ask... How good is an energy booster drink... The likes of red Bull,lucozade, power horse etc... Wud it hurt to hv dt just before going to d gym.. Tnks.. Amanda

    1. Hmmm, My dear here's my opinion: before now(after losing weight) I never used to drink coffee and the likes like power horse and red bull, they used to make my heart skip 100 x per second plus serious headaches. Lipton was my thing. I don't even know how i got to this level with coffee. I don't dare red bull o, i haven't taken it in over 3 years. The product is too strong in my opinion. Lucozade on the other hand is cool, i have tried that and its not harsh. its really refreshing and will give you the boost you need. I say stick with just lucozade if you have to. Thanks and Take care.

    2. Thnks alot dear

  4. Hey cheliz.I've been hearing of one Trim and Fit diet coffee in the market now..Can you do a review on it?

    1. Ok I'll look for it and try it out. Thanks.

    2. I have actually tried the trim and fit diet coffee it actually works. It curbs ur appetite and makes u full after eating a little. When I forced myself to eat I was nauseous and uncomfortable. It's a bit pricey. A packet is about 6k. One packet contains 12 satchet. And it's used one satchet a day. So in a month u need about three packets. The problem is there is a lot of fake now. Had to go through three distributors before I got the original. But I decided to stop ingesting unnecessary chemicals and eat clean with exercise which is still the best way. And that's why I love this blog. It emphasizes a lifestyle change and not just weight loss. DuchessAbee

    3. Oh you said it all DA. No need to go spend that kind of money on something that will last me barely 2 weeks. I will read some reveiws on it though and see if its worth sharing here. Clean eating for life!!! Woohoo! Thanks dear.

  5. Hey Cheliz...1daful job u r doin here...pls how do I register???rily nid to

    1. Thanks Yomzy. I will mail you in a bit.