Friday, 17 October 2014

# Feel good # Self Esteem

How to boost your self esteem.

Many people are struggling with this daily. They find it difficult believing that they are beautiful or that they can do much more in life. This isn't about being shy, we cant all be outspoken. I can be kinna shy a times, but I know my worth. This whole weight loss process has helped with that a lot. Here are some tips to help lift your spirit, boost your self esteem and make you want more from life.

  1. Be hungry for something: I'm not talking food. We all want something in life. Look deep within you, ask yourself what you love to do, what do you long for. When you have discovered what you are hungry for, answers will begin to come. Stay positive, this might not happen in 1 day.
  2. Exercise: Add exercise to your daily routine. Even if its 15 mins a day. This will help the brain function and think more. And it helps release Endorphines "happy hormones". This will lift your mood from zero to 80%.
  3. Eat right. Believe it or not, many of the junk foods out there are mood spoilers. They jolt your blood sugar and make you feel "high" for a second, then you come crashing down, back to a sad and moody state. Almost immediately, you feel the need to eat more sweets and junk just to feel better. Worst pack on the kgs!
  4. Make new friends: Sometimes your friends could be killing your self esteem without you knowing it. The world is filled with hate, you have to pick and choose who you hang out with. The less friends you have, the better. 
  5. Get organised. Being organised means you wont be caught unawares anymore. Be prepared for your office meetings, kids, home runs etc. Leave no room for embarrassments.
  6. Relax: After a week of stress and traffic. Spend your weekend relaxing and don't drink alcohol during this period. Alcohol will hinder you from getting a good sleep. A good sleep means a happy and lively you.
  7. Get a role model: Talk to someone that you love and respect, someone that will help you get through your problems. Everyone needs a role model trust me. I have one. One is enough, you dont need to be sharing your problems with everyone.
  8. Pray: This one is a must. I don't care what religion you are, without God, we are nothing, nothing i repeat. Draw strength from Him. 

Staying positive is my key, thats how i get through my day. I dont like negative people. Immediately i feel a tad bit of negativity from someone, i excuse myself immediately. God made us all, and He gave us all a special gift. Find yours, use it and be happy. You are worth more than you think. 
God bless.


  1. Hi Cheliz. ... This is an amazing piece . It spoke volumes to me and I'm sure someone else out there will find it useful. Been following your work and progress and I must confess that you are doing an amazing job! Keep up the good stuff. And God bless.

    1. Thanks a lot dear. I appreciate u. Its the Lords doing. God bless you too.

  2. Cheliz darlyn I sent u a mail, did u see it? DuchessAbee