Wednesday, 8 October 2014

# Canned produce # Fruits and veggies

Frozen, canned fruits and veggies, Are they good for me?

This post is about canned fruits and veggies alone, not canned meals.

People have asked me if frozen and canned fruit and veggies are ok to consume. I never gave it much thought because I hardly use canned, but frozen i do from time to to time. I buy the frozen fruits which are not readily available here in Naija like strawberries, peaches etc, and they last long in the freezer.

 Something happened to me 2 days ago, when I needed to make a dish with veggies. I drove out to buy some, I couldn't find my veggie guy (he must have gone home on Sallah break). Choi! so i went to shoprite, maneuvered my way through the crowd and guess what? They didn't have the exact things I needed. I had to settle for canned produce. I spent sometime reading through the labels and they were not so bad, and the price tag was quite friendly. I got some cans and dashed home to prepare my meal. Long story short, the food tasted awesome and one couldn't tell I used canned produce. (Subscribers can see the meal I made on my food blog:

I did some research and its actually fine to consume them as long as you follow these guidelines;

  1. Check the label before buying, make this a habit. Dont just pop things in your basket because people are buying that brand, be sure.
  2. Be sure they are not expired.
  3. It shouldn't contain added sugars.
  4. It shouldn't contain added salt. With wellness, we aim for low sodium content always.
  5. The ones that are canned in water are always best.
  6. When you buy frozen goods, make sure you drive straight home (I am guilty of this one)and pop them back into your freezer. Don't allow them to thaw in the car before re-freezing. And after taking the amount you need, seal the bag and pop back into the freezer, immediayely.
Frozen and canned fruits have a long shelf life and contain good amount of nutrients because they were canned and frozen when fresh. The preservatives used in most of them are not harmful. (Again, read labels)

Yes, some veggies like peas and carrots can be really soggy when canned, try the frozen version instead. Although a bit pricey, but they come out better.

I see them as a go-to when there is an emergency. Remember that brands differ, so don't forget to read back labels always. Go ahead and enjoy your canned and frozen foods, but eat fresh fruits and veggies when you can. Fresh is always best.

What are your experiences with canned fruits and veggies? Please share, I am open to suggestions and your own views on this. God bless.



  1. I've used to be very anti frozen and canned foods in Naija..I just used to feel..that buy the time they import air or sea...they remain at the ports or airport before customs decide to clear them..before they reach supermarket the temperature changes would have destroyed the products. .that said im discovering some I like. A Nig company has started making some too and its sold at The Fish shop.

    1. Thats true o, scary stuff! Where is this fish shop dear?