Friday, 3 October 2014

# Alcohol # Empty calories

Does alcohol affect my weight loss?

After I just gave birth to my second born, my mum would tell me "ngwa go and pour yourself a glass of 501 so that the breast milk can flow, and also help you burn fat" Fear of that word "fat" (getting bigger than I already was)hmmm, I would rush to the mini bar to pour a small portion. I have never been a fan of alcohol though, especially spirits. I basically drank it for the love of my baby and the need to be slim.

Even when visitors came, some would whisper, "i hope you are drinking brandy or 'hot' to help you burn all the fat?" Hian!!  Yes, it helped me produce more breast milk which I know now that if I drank more warm water and pepper soup, I would have gotten the same result.

After drinking the 'hot'  things always got worse. I would immediately start feeling sleepy, sweating and sweating, then this overwhelming feeling of thirst and finally there was always this burning sensation inside my abdominal area. It was later I found out that alcohol contributed to my constipation. It was just too much!!

This is what alcohol does:

  1. Alcoholic drinks are loaded with sugars, empty calories that will make you pack on the kilos in just a night of partying. 
  2. It is a diuretic. It makes one sweat and lose water, you get dehydrated fast. If you don't replace that water, your body will begin lose loads of essential nutrients too. 
  3. Next comes the feeling of being bloated and constipated!!! 
  4. Drinking excess alcohol, ends up making you feel very weak. Too weak to exercise or keep to your daily routine. 
  5. You find that after taking some shots of alcohol, you start feeling hungry, too hungry to mind your portions or the kind of food you are about eat.
  6. You also see the effect on your skin. It gets rough and darker. 
Its just not not possible to be a drinker and trying to lose weight at the same time. Yes, 1 or 2 glasses of RED wine here and there wont hurt, but its best to stay away if you cant control it. 

The negative effect of alcohol can be corrected by changing ones eating habit.

There are loads of holidays around the corner, including Christmas, I think now is the time for us to start working to get back in shape before all the excess enjoyment gets the best of us.

So, is alcohol affecting your weight loss? God bless y'all

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  1. I have a friend who always told Me to use alcohol to reduce my big stomach cos she was doing the same. Each time we went to a birthday party she always takes drinks home not because she drinks but because she was using it for her stomach every evening. To cut the long story short she stopped using it and told Me it wasn't working and was always making her stomach hot inside. I have always believed the best way to lose weight to watch what we eat and exercise and since I started doing that I have lost a lot of weight and my stomach has gone down. My next stop now is to make ot toned and have abs :) bottom line I agree with you that alcohol doesn't work.

  2. Its a great misconception. I think its just a funny excuse to drink loads of alcohol. Thanks for your comment dear, God bless.

  3. Yes its a big misconception!
    Imagine even guys recommend it oh. A guy in my office recommended it for a colleague of ours and I simply asked him why men that take beer have pot belly. And that was what I always asked my friend when she was using it also...

  4. God bless you too dera! You are really doing a great job :) keep the flag flying!

  5. God bless you too dear! You're really doing a great job please do keep the flag flying.... :)