Thursday, 25 September 2014

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Product Review: Organo Gold coffee.

Hey Sweets,
Sorry about this late post, network don show me sometin.
Here's a product i would love you to know about. Y'all know i'm a coffee lover/addict Hehehe! I hardly go 24 hours without coffee. I even carry it in my travel cup when i'm on the road.

Its Organo Gold Gourmet coffee. It comes in different flavors/variants

  1. Black coffee
  2. Cafe Latte
  3. King of Coffee
  4. Cafe Mocha
  5. Cafe Supreme
  6. Hot chocolate
When you want to try something new, please always start with the basic/plain/classic taste. No chop wetin you no sabi o. Lol

  1. Great taste! It has that rich, deep dark coffee taste.
  2. Curbs appetite, which is great for weight loss.
  3.  Low calorie per portion; 47 calories. 0.9g of sugar. 
  4. Increases my metabolism. 
  5. Lightens my mood and keeps me active for hours.
  6. Contains Ganoderma which has loads of benefits. Read here
  7. Has a great and satisfying coffee taste.

  1. Its too expensive. I think I can get good coffee for way way less. It sells for N4000-N5000 depending on where you buy from.
  2. I think it contains too much product per sachet. I divide each sachet into 2 each time.
Warning: This is a pretty strong coffee, so start small. Divide the quantity and work it up till you get used to it.

I have since been on the Black coffee I totally love it. I take a small cup before my workout sometimes. 

I will try the 'Cafe Mocha' soon, will let you know. You will find Organo gold products in many pharmacies and mega stores.

Cheliz' rating: 4 Thumbs up!!! 

Have you tried this product? Please share your experience with us.  Enjoy and God bless.


  1. I've never bn a coffee lover... But der was one I came across "nescafe breakfast " it's really nice.... I dont think I need milk or sugar with it...but d calories eh...a whopping 122... I've had half d sachet just once... I didn't hv d morale to take it again.. Loool...tho its really sweet. Ds one is expensive biko... Loool.. Amanda

    1. yes! I know that one. Very sugary. Hahahaha! It is expensive o, Amanda, no be say you talk. Thanks dear.

  2. yea, right now am on Organo gold Cofee and am loving every bit of it.

    give me that great feel and if by chance it helps weight loss then great.

    1. Hi Grace. It should if you are on a clean and healthy diet. Best of luck.