Tuesday, 2 September 2014

# challenge # Eat right

Make GREAT investments, but first laugh it off!

This post is a funny but serious one.... I know that after reading this, some people will hate me small,just small. See, I like to tell people the truth, there's no point hiding it. I believe that if i love someone, i need to always be truthful. I might sound a bit judgmental here, but that is the only way i can drive home my point. Lol!! Some of the things i mention here applies to me too, i am very guilty of some of them trust me. So, ndo(sorry) in advance. Hehehe!

I strongly believe that in getting results, we need to make changes, investments. The greater the investment, the greater the profit/result right? We make sacrifices almost on a daily basis, we sacrifice our sleep for work, our time for our loved ones, so that everything can be rosey. For weightloss, we must sacrifice those bad foods we love. Hehehe! You know na, bread, sweets, ice cream, pizza etc

People often tell me,

  1. "I really really really want to lose weight, but i don't have time from Monday through Sunday" ok. But you have time to branch from market on Saturday to gossip for 2 hours? Hahahaha! 
  2. "I really need to lose this weight but i cant afford those fruits and veggies, weight loss is very expensive!" ok. But you can afford ice cream and pizza for lunch?
  3. "I need this weight loss but i wont be able to stop eating bread. How can i stop bread???" Did bread cage you in anyway? Did you  make an agreement with bread. Hian!
  4.  "How can i go and buy 4 lemons for almost 2k? " But you just bought 1 pair of sandals for 7k, a top for 6k and asoebi of 50k. Lol.
  5.  " If i pay for gym, i wont go, i know myself" Maybe we need to bring pump to suck the fat out,what do you think?  odiegwu!. Lmao!! 

My Sweets, There is no easy way out, if you really want to lose weight you have got to invest time, energy and a bit of money. More of time and energy. I have been there, tried so many things, none worked long term. Those fad diets will only last but a while, what happens next?

The key to long lasting weight loss and wellness is portion control, discipline and determination. These are not for sale, you got to make up your mind and stay focused.

I feel sad that some people find it difficult to invest on their body in any way. Weight loss can be expensive if you want it to be. There are cheap fruits and there are expensive fruits, but the good news is that they all work.

Start small:

  1. Workout for at least 15 mins a day for starters.
  2. Eat fruits in season, they are cheaper.
  3. Buy from big markets, food items are cheaper there. All of us must not go to big malls to shop.
  4. Start with old shoes, clothes etc for your exercises. When you have the money, gradually buy the things you need.
  5. Start with workout dvds or youtube videos, or even jog around in your environment, your street or estate. when you have the money then register in a gym. 
  6. Store your (fruits/foods) remnants in the freezer. Heat them up when you need to. I freeze left over fruits and use them for smoothies.
  7. Save save save. If you really need something, you will save for it. Save like your life depends on it.
  8. Pray. God gives both strength and resources. He will furnish you with what you need when you are ready. I am a witness.

No matter how small, every investment is worth it. Make the little changes today, in future you will be glad i promise you. God bless.


  1. Hahahahah, come to think of it Cheliz you are right.. It is an investment that is really worth it. You took the words from my mouth, I have been telling my friends lately that in the last few months I have invested in my health. I stopped buying clothes, hair, shoes. lol.... The truth is that I don't even need the clothes or shoes for now because the size I buy now will soon become too big for me. Lol... So I have invested in my weight loss journey and I am happy about it. I buy the fruits in season as advised by you, I buy my veggies every week and I don't think that is too much to afford because we often spend more on other things. I am happier now, than the days I eat plenty unhealthy food. Thanks ooo. MissB

    1. Gbam! I'm glad you have no regrets MissB. The Lord is your strength.