Friday, 26 September 2014


Final Day of the #workit weight loss challenge!!

Hey Sweets,
Today is the final day of the weight loss challenge!!! Wow! We have come a long way, worked hard, ate good clean foods, and it has sure paid off right?

Let me recap some of the things we did:

  • We detoxed the first week and every other 3 weeks.
  • We did at least 4000 squats.
  • We Skipped.
  • Ate loads of fruits.
  • Ate loads of veggie salads etc.
  • Drank loads of water.
  • Exercised, like say wetin!! 
  • There were tough times, and many moments of victory!
Did i miss anything?

Yippee!! Time to see the final results, unleash the sexy figure 8s lets see ladies!! Hahaha! Job well done ladies, you did it, you have crossed the finish line. This doesn't mean you should stop eating healthy o, in fact, we require a feed back in another 8 weeks from all y'all to see who has kept their new found body, and who didn't *side eye*

"No pain, no gain!!"

Contestants: Please send in your pictures tomorrow, you have all day till Sunday morning: 
  1. A side view pic
  2. A front view pic
  3. A scale pic with you standing on it, and a current newspaper just like you did last week.(In case some people don't believe you actually lost weight)Lol!
  4. Also if you have your body measurements for before the contest, then send in with current measurements. 
  5. Congrats to the winner!!!! Your N15,000 is hot and fresh, waiting for you! Hehehe!
If i get confused, i will leave it for the readers to vote the winner o. Lol! What do you guys think?

Results will be published on Monday, so stay tuned. Have a great weekend and God bless you all real good.

P.S: When should we begin the next challenge? votes please. If you did the #workit challenge with us in "spirit" Please give us results in the comments section, we would definitely love to know. You may even send in your pics if you want me to share your success with others. Thanks.


PS: I have resumed gym this week, its for a reason though, i will share with you guys next week....i think. Hahahaha! God bless.


  1. WOW! 8weeks so soon. Thanks Cheliz for giving us the opportunity for this challenge. Some of us are looking forward to the next challenge soonest. And congrats to all of us that pushed ourselves up to this point despite all the challenges even when we felt like quitting.
    I am looking forward to who the winner will be. MISSB

    1. Thank you too for being there MissB. I have made great friends like you thru all this. God bless you for me biko. *big hug* congrats on the big finish!!!

  2. yaaaaaaaay!!!! I'm so excited... Tnk u Jesus.. What a journey.. Geez.. I took my after photos today and I was happy at what I saw.. Can't wait to share them with u Cheliz.. It was such an amazing, life changing two months... In d past two weeks, some days, I went to d gym morning and evening.. I was surprised I didn't die.. Lol... Some other days, no morale, no ginger at all but I'd still drag myself there... U can't go to d gym and just sit down nau... Some other days I wud work out to slow worship songs... Bottom line is by hook or crook I must workout... My major milestone was not having to cheat on weekends..(I always end up adding abt 1-2kg) Dt was really hard.. I will try harder at dt.. But tomorrow I am eating sharwama!!!!! Forgive me Cheliz, but I must.. Loool... I'm so happy... We did it ladies... We finished what we started.. I'm so proud of us... That money is calling me oh.. I've already made plans on what to do with it.. U pple shud just take ur time oh hmmmm...Btw, I second this ur having to keep tabs on us.. But plz make it monthly if u can... Dts at d end of Oct and Nov... Chilling till Nov is far oh.. Hmmm...knowing dt we are accountable to each other wud help keep us in check I think...For the first time in my life, I had my TOM without a single pain or cramps... I was still going to d gym like kilode.... Although it was delayed for a few days... I did my research and found out it cud be delayed by exercise... I rested a few days and it skin is even lighter.. I had so many experiences...or is it d day I had to walk home from d gym Bcos my cab Man disappointed me... A whole 1 hr after getting tired at d gym... I'm so headed towards my 60-65kg goal... With God,I can... He's bn d giver of my strength... I'm so grateful to u Cheliz... We all are... God bless u a whole lot.. Love u. Amanda

    1. hahahaha! Choi! Amanda has entered the money already! Lmao! Congrats o jare nne, you have done a great thing. I started gym on monday and today i was asking myself "what have i gotten myself into?" Lol. God dey. I love your drive dear, keep it up. God bless you for sticking it out with me. Luv you right back sweetie!!

  3. please lets start asap

    1. Ok wil check and get back to you asap. thanks.

  4. Yay can't wait to see d pictures. .
    Oya make una send sharp sharp kikiki

  5. 8 weeks have come and gone.Well done ladies, we did it. A few minutes ago, I came across a guy.We have some mutual friends and so I see him around a lot.He said he wanted to know how I lost weight.He was amazed at how much weight I've lost. He said he had been exercising for a while but he hasn't changed his diet and so he hasn't been seeing results. I tried to explain to him that changing his diet was the first thing he had to do.He took my number and said he'll call me so we can talk better. I'm sitting here, typing this and I'm in tears.I just can't believe that I'm a source of inspiration to someone else. That guy made my day.

    1. Awww, I am so proud of you. You know I told you am still amazed at your weight loss? you have done great sweetie. Congrats!!

    2. Thank you Cheliz, God bless you

  6. HMMMM i followed thru from last month
    and i was able to loose 7kg
    from 90kg to 83kg
    pls lets start asap
    i am so innnn

  7. Please how many calories is in beloxxi cream crackers the 10naira type.

    1. There are 12 calories in each cracker. 36 calories is 3 pieces which makes a serving. Thanks.

  8. Thanks a lot! Countdown to before and after pictures of #workit weightloss challenge. Wooooohooooo! I Kent weit ooo. #fitfemmemotivation