Tuesday, 23 September 2014

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10 Tips on how to lose the baby weight Fast!

Hey Sweets!!!
I was having a chat with a dear friend, Uche of Da Creams Makeover. The chat was actually about drinking lemon water before and after childbirth etc. It prompted me to write a bit about losing the baby weight.

Some weeks back, i wrote about staying healthy during pregnancy, you can read here. So what then happens after giving birth? How to lose the baby weight? I have written on it in the past here also. Please allow me to refresh on that.

You don't need a surgery to get your body back, you just need to do the right things.

P.S: This is just my opinion, you may wish to try out the process but, please consult your doctor to be sure you are fit and ready for it. This is for those that truly want their body back in time.

I started my weight loss journey 2 months after delivery and these below are some of the things i did to lose the baby weight and more.


  1. Set your goals. Make it a realistic goal. 2-4kg weight loss per month is very realistic. 
  2. Give some time to heal whether you had a cesarean section or not. If you didn't have a CS, a month or 2 is fine. Start before you put on extra weight and the fat congeals. 
  3. Forget about anything cold for at least 6 months post delivery. Every time you drink water or any fluid, let it be hot or warm. Even your bath water should always be hot. This will help to loosen the fat and eliminate water stored in the body during pregnancy. 
  4. Eat lots of pepper soup with spices and that local scent leaf. It will help to keep the breast milk flowing. Drink flavoured teas if you like, they are good. Don't take too much pap, its loaded with carbs.
  5. Breast feed as much as you can. Constant breast feeding will help to flatten the tummy and release any blood clots in the womb. The more you breast feed, the more your tummy flattens.
  6. The above goes with a good diet o. As long as you are eating a balanced and healthy meal, your abdomen will flatten considerably.
  7. Don't eat for 2. Our mothers are fund of forcing us to eat all them fufu, eba 3 times a day or more to help breastfeed. The excess meals will only make you put on major weight. You just eat a size able amount of food that is loaded with nutrients for the baby. Always include fruits, veggies and proteins in your daily diet.
  8. Do not diet! Eat healthy and nutritious meals 6 or more times a day, including snacks. This food should be eaten just before its time to breast feed the baby. It will help you not to feel dizzy afterwards.  Do not starve, if you starve, your baby will get watery breast milk that has low nutrients.
  9. Make water your best friend. Up to 6 liters a day. 
  10. Start exercising as soon as you feel strong. Start at your own pace and heat things up as you go. This will help tighten the abs.
Remember that it will take time. Be consistent and stay focused. Once you are done with breast feeding then do a full detox immediately. Never detox while breast feeding, it could harm your baby. I hope these points help. Have you just delivered? Have you stopped breast feeding? Pray tell......The Lord is your strength. 

Shout out to all my pregger sisters, friends and blog readers. God bless you.

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  1. Great post thanks a lot!
    How about pap made from guinea corn and millet is it also loaded with carbs?

    1. You are welcome! Yes they are high in carbs content too but nutritious. It has a tendency of causing constipation which i am sure you don't want while breast feeding. As with every other high carb, consume in small portions with honey preferably. Thanks.

  2. hi cheliz, great post! i have a question oh, whats the difference between calories and calories from fat?? i was offered one naija 'krim crackers" yesterday and in true fashion i checked the label, alas it was almost 430 calories but 4o calories from fat. i didn't eat it though but got me thinking! very deceitful company i might add!!!

  3. Tola dear, calories from fat means the total amount from fat content alone in that crackers or food. Calories can be calculated separately based on carbs, sugars, fats etc. The 40 calories probably came from frying or the amount of oil or fat used in making it. You should be more afraid of calories from trans fat or unsaturated fat and high carb packed foods. Its always safe to eat these kinna foods in small portions. 4 to 7 crackers isnt bad. Cheers.

  4. Hmmmm cheliz i have learnt the hard way..... i started working out at 8weeks but omo i still dey chop, den i became comfy. took pap every morning for a whole month when baby was 4months...fast track 5kg added just like that, i wan die...but now am still on my race ojare. i cant wait. THANKS dear. IBI

    1. Chai! Ibi dear, sorry about that. Glad you have realized your mistake. I know how frustrating it can get trying to lose weight and breastfeeding at the same time, with all them cravings. It is well. Thanks and God bless.

  5. hello cheliz. great post...baby is 7 months now and i'm 70 kg from a healthy and slim 50 kg.i really want to lose weight but it has not really been easy..especially the eating part..my tummy is so flabby(i tied it after birth and even used girdle to no avail) and i cover up my weight by wearing big clothes and cardigan-even when its hot-. i really want to get back to 50kg..

    1. Hi Lady Z. Food is 80% of the problem with losing weight if you can overcome the urge to eat bad foods u'll be fine. Tying the tummy doesnt help much. The flat can be reduced with loads of exercise. Its one of the toughest places on the body to burn. Please mail me on chelizruby@gmail.com I'll give u more info. Thanks.

  6. Hi chelizruby
    1 am 6 weeks post partum today and I've been eating like a cow, my son sucks a lot and I find myself feeling hungry often such that while eating a meal, I am already thinking of the next. It didn't happen this way with my first baby. I really need some encouragement , cos its been difficult staying away from food.

    1. Hi Ima, try this: throw some veggies and fruits in the mix. Nuts too. Dont make every meal a heavy one. Some can be fruits and nuts, some veggie salad etc. Then you can try eating up to 7 or so SMALL meals thru the day. Even if your eating semo at a point, make it about your fist size with lots of good soup. Eat another meal, 2 hrs later. Keep lots of pepper soup around. Heat it up and fill up with it. I recommend, you have the pepper soup like 2 times daily to help your milk flow well. Eat as you go, just eat to fuel up basically. Make sure you have lots of healthy snacks at home that are baby friendly. Ditch coke, bread, pastries and co, if they arent good for you, they sure arent good for your baby. Stay strong. Thanks for commenting.

    2. thanks for the response.