Tuesday, 30 September 2014

And the winner is........!!

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Hi sweets,
Good Morning Sweets,
Many of you voted Amanda!! I even got phone calls. Amanda people are really happy for you dear and yes!! You are the WINNERRRR!!!! Congratulations!!

  •  If anything, the toned arms did it for me. 
  • Skin is lighter.
  • Abs look firmer.

This is hard work for you, it pays. Sweat, tears, body pains, they all paid off. I am proud of you Amanda. Rock on!!

Pat also did really well, remember I said picking the winner wont be about the scale a lone, Pat shows an obvious difference too. I owe you a gift Pat!!! (I know I said the winner takes it all, I just feel like giving her something, lol) Congrats!!

This is a good example that its not always about the scale. How you feel inside and how your clothes measure matter a whole lot too. Rock on Pat!!

Louisa, MissB, Tess, Sweetpie, Wunmi, Nena, you ladies also did a fab job. Congrats to you all. I totally see a difference in every one of you. I really wish i could give a prize to everyone for their hard work. I love you all for doing this.

  • Louisa: Your tummy and your thighs shrunk.
  • MissB, that dress is obviously loose on you now. 
  • Tess, your tummy shrunk and your thighs reduced.
  • Sweetpie, I see the difference in your pants. Your abs are well toned. (She showed me a pic)
  • Wunmi, The dress is loose on you also.
  • Nena, for a nursing mum, my dear you did great!! 
Do not stop here guys, keep working out, and eating right till you reach your weight loss goal. 

Congrats again Amanda,  Enjoy your prize; N15,000.  Ready your story o, some people really want to know how you did it. 

Thank you all for the prayers and comments, and phone calls I really appreciate you guys, God bless you all.  
God bless.

Monday, 29 September 2014


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What is your dream for Nigeria?

Join millions of Nigerians all over the world in sharing your dream for Nigeria this Independence day with the hashtag #IDreamOfaNigeria.

You can join the conversation on social media or drop by Lekki Phase 1 gate from 10 am on October 1st and fill in your aspirations for Nigeria on a large chalkboard!

 Yes! An actual chalkboard!

Now when last did you write on a chalkboard?

Join the Revolution. Join the Conversation Now! #IDreamOfaNigeria

There are so many Independence Day campaigns, but this one takes the cake!

This campaign is brought to you by Kaymu

RESULTS of the #workit Weight loss challenge!!

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Mighty fine morning Sweeties!!!
Sorry, this is coming late, i blame it on the late. Those that caused it know themselves. *side eye* Finally we get to see the end result or rather 8 week result of the #workit challenge. Remember we started with 16 contestants and ended up with 8 very powerful and brave women. They stood up to the challenge. I am proud of them!!.

Again, thank you for making this ride with me ladies!!!

So here are the results (in no particular order) :


Started at 89.3kg, finished at 83.8kg. Lost: 5.5kg

Side view: before and after

Front view: Before, before and after.


Started at 91.9kg, finished at 87.6kg. Lost: 4.3kg

Side view: Before and After.

Front view: Before and After.


Started at 78.7kg, finished at 72kg. Lost: 6.7kg

Front view: Before and After.

Side view: Before and After.


Started at 69.2kg, finished at 65.3kg. Lost: 3.9kg

Side view: before and After.

Front view. Before and After.


Started at 101.1kg, finished at 97.6kg. Lost: 3.5kg

Front view: Before and After.

Side view: Before and After.

Started at 81.8kg, finished at 76.7kg. Lost: 5.1kg

Front view: Before and After.

Side view: Before and After.


Started at 74.7kg, finished at 70kg. Lost: 4.7kg

Side view: Before and After


Started at 78kg, finished at 71.8kg. Lost: 6.2kg

Front view: Before and After.

Side view: Before and After.

These ladies were all lovely throughout the challenge, none gave issues at all, they sent in their pictures on time (sometimes, Lol), we generally had a blissful time, they were fun to work with. Thank you ladies!! *kisses*

Hmmmmm, Who do you think is the winner??  VOTES please. Lol!  I will announce the winner later........suspense!
God bless,

Friday, 26 September 2014

Final Day of the #workit weight loss challenge!!

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Hey Sweets,
Today is the final day of the weight loss challenge!!! Wow! We have come a long way, worked hard, ate good clean foods, and it has sure paid off right?

Let me recap some of the things we did:

  • We detoxed the first week and every other 3 weeks.
  • We did at least 4000 squats.
  • We Skipped.
  • Ate loads of fruits.
  • Ate loads of veggie salads etc.
  • Drank loads of water.
  • Exercised, like say wetin!! 
  • There were tough times, and many moments of victory!
Did i miss anything?

Yippee!! Time to see the final results, unleash the sexy figure 8s lets see ladies!! Hahaha! Job well done ladies, you did it, you have crossed the finish line. This doesn't mean you should stop eating healthy o, in fact, we require a feed back in another 8 weeks from all y'all to see who has kept their new found body, and who didn't *side eye*

"No pain, no gain!!"

Contestants: Please send in your pictures tomorrow, you have all day till Sunday morning: 
  1. A side view pic
  2. A front view pic
  3. A scale pic with you standing on it, and a current newspaper just like you did last week.(In case some people don't believe you actually lost weight)Lol!
  4. Also if you have your body measurements for before the contest, then send in with current measurements. 
  5. Congrats to the winner!!!! Your N15,000 is hot and fresh, waiting for you! Hehehe!
If i get confused, i will leave it for the readers to vote the winner o. Lol! What do you guys think?

Results will be published on Monday, so stay tuned. Have a great weekend and God bless you all real good.

P.S: When should we begin the next challenge? votes please. If you did the #workit challenge with us in "spirit" Please give us results in the comments section, we would definitely love to know. You may even send in your pics if you want me to share your success with others. Thanks.


PS: I have resumed gym this week, its for a reason though, i will share with you guys next week....i think. Hahahaha! God bless.

Reader Post: How to make Greek yoghurt, by Dooshima.

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I was excited when Doosh told me she was making some Greek yoghurt at home, I haven't even tried making some myself because I buy from a store close to my house, I just 'step-hop' to the place. Hmmm, i've been lazy. I will definitely take her guidelines and make some for myself.  Please enjoy.

P.S: Dooshima, is a long time reader of this blog, beautiful lady.

Ingredients Needed : 
  1.  1 Liter Packet of liquid Milk
  2. 4 Tablespoons of Yoghurt from a packet that says " BioLive Yoghurt" or contains " Probiotics" on it
  3. 3 empty Glass Jars- ( used two empty Olive Jars and one Nescafe Jar)
  4. Muslin or Cheesecloth. If none available use an old T-shirt or kitchen towel.

Step 1: Prepare the Jars-
Wash your jars thoroughly and place them in a pot with their covers. Add water to pot until jars are covered and place on fire to boil. When the water in the pot begins to boil, reduce the heat and leave the pot and jars on fire until you are ready to pour the milk in.

Step 2:  Scald the milk - Time 3-7 minutes
Now you have to scald/pasteurize your milk. This means pouring the packet  of milk into your saucepan and, over high heat, bring it almost to a boil. This will take about 3 minutes if the milk is at room temperature or 5-7 minutes if it’s just out of the fridge. As the milk is just starting to bubble around the edges of the saucepan, remove from the burner. Put a lid on the pan if you want, and then leave to cool for 5-10 minutes. The milk is cool enough when you can put your fingertip on the side of the pot used without burning yourself.

I used part of this as an active culture for the new batch.

Step 3: Add the bacteria/ 4 Table spoons of Yoghurt
Add 4 tablespoons of yoghurt to the milk and mix. Carefully take glass jars out of the boiling hot water and pour milk mixture into them and close tightly immediately.

Step 4: Keep the mixture in a dark warm place - Time 8-12 hours
Now it is time to leave the mixture to set. The best way to do this is by placing the jars in your oven and leaving the pilot light on. If you do not have an oven, you could place the jars in a kitchen cupboard and close. It is best to Follow steps 1-3 in the evening or just before bedtime so the yoghurt can set over night.

Step 5: Strain the yogurt – time 2-4 hours
This is the last and final step. By the time you wake up in the morning, the yoghurt will have set. a way to test this is if you shake the jar, you will notice the liquid inside is now very thick. You have successfully made yoghurt if you followed the preceding steps correctly. Now you get to make greek yogurt.

Take the cloth that you have designated for the straining–tee-shirt, tea towel, or cheese cloth–stretch it over top of a sieve on a bowl. Pour yoghurt into the cloth and tie it.  Place the bowl and suspended yogurt into the refrigerator. Let the yogurt drain for a couple of hours. The longer you let it drain the thicker the yogurt.
You’re done!

When the yogurt has drained long enough, or when you remember that you forgot about it go to the fridge and remove the delicious ready to eat greek yoghurt.  Avoid submerging the yogurt in all that delicious whey you’ve drained off. Put the yogurt in an air tight container and refrigerate until you want to eat it.
One more thing!

Once you have made this recipe...for your next batch all you need to do is keep 4 tablespoons of this greek yoghurt to start the process again. Since first trying out this recipe 3 weeks ago...I have made it again twice.  once I notice what I have made is about to finish..I keep the last 4 spoons to make another batch.
Yoghurt ready, with some fruits!

Greek yoghurt  is basically strained yoghurt. This process gives it a higher protein level, less sugar and carbohydrates than normal yoghurt making it super healthy. Enjoy it with fruits, nuts, plain in smoothies or as a replacement for cream in salad dressing.

Dooshima in her kitchen.

Thanks Doosh! Please sweets, if you have any great recipe to share, feel free to contact me on chelizruby@gmail.com I would love to share and learn from you. God bless.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Product Review: Organo Gold coffee.

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Hey Sweets,
Sorry about this late post, network don show me sometin.
Here's a product i would love you to know about. Y'all know i'm a coffee lover/addict Hehehe! I hardly go 24 hours without coffee. I even carry it in my travel cup when i'm on the road.

Its Organo Gold Gourmet coffee. It comes in different flavors/variants

  1. Black coffee
  2. Cafe Latte
  3. King of Coffee
  4. Cafe Mocha
  5. Cafe Supreme
  6. Hot chocolate
When you want to try something new, please always start with the basic/plain/classic taste. No chop wetin you no sabi o. Lol

  1. Great taste! It has that rich, deep dark coffee taste.
  2. Curbs appetite, which is great for weight loss.
  3.  Low calorie per portion; 47 calories. 0.9g of sugar. 
  4. Increases my metabolism. 
  5. Lightens my mood and keeps me active for hours.
  6. Contains Ganoderma which has loads of benefits. Read here
  7. Has a great and satisfying coffee taste.

  1. Its too expensive. I think I can get good coffee for way way less. It sells for N4000-N5000 depending on where you buy from.
  2. I think it contains too much product per sachet. I divide each sachet into 2 each time.
Warning: This is a pretty strong coffee, so start small. Divide the quantity and work it up till you get used to it.

I have since been on the Black coffee I totally love it. I take a small cup before my workout sometimes. 

I will try the 'Cafe Mocha' soon, will let you know. You will find Organo gold products in many pharmacies and mega stores.

Cheliz' rating: 4 Thumbs up!!! 

Have you tried this product? Please share your experience with us.  Enjoy and God bless.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Dealing with depression: My Story.

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This was very hard for me to write, I pray this reaches the person it was meant for.

P.S: I have not always been a slim person. Fat is all I have known all my life. I am still coming to terms with being called 'slim'.

March 2013. I had lost about 15kg here.

Psalm 55:22; Cast your burden on the Lord, And HE shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved. 

I remember when going out, gave me "high blood pressure". I got major anxiety whenever anyone invited us(hubby ans I) to a party. I would give 1000 excuses not to go. It was bad! Weddings, birthday parties, home visits, were a no-no for me. Never did i attend. Aside from church, through out 2012, i didn't attend any public function.

February 2013. I had already lost 7kg here.

It got really bad around the time I was pregnant with my second born. I was depressed to the bone. I constantly judging myself. There was a constant tape playing in my head:

  • OMG! Oh God why me?
  • "Now i will add extra 50kgs"
  • "By the time i give birth, i will be so big, i will look like a monster!!!!"
  • "I am ugly"
  • "I am not good enough"
  • "I am not worthy"
  • "I am fat!!"
  • "who will love me?"
  • "I don't have a job"
  • "I am a failure"
  • "I will never get to their level"
  • "I don't ever look good in anything i wear, why bother?"
Its a process, not magic. Lol!

So I though of ways to kill myself and end it all.  It was the feeling of not being good enough, failing my family, not meeting my goals, being judged by others. "Hmmm, She doesn't have a job and she went and got pregnant again"  Some people even said it to my face, "How you wan do am now, who will employ you?" But when God has a plan for you, no one can stop it, not even you. God moves, He moves trust me. When you call, He answers.

It took the Grace of God almighty and prayers for me to snap out of it. You know what? God sent help to me in form of 2 of my really good friends(and some others). They might not know it, but God used them. Hehehehe! God can use ANYONE to transform your life, trust me, and they won't leave you until they have fulfilled their mission. Lol! 

They kept on pushing me from different angles. So after delivery, I picked myself up, drafted new goals, first was to lose weight. I made plans, bought what i needed to buy and started. Here I am today, what a journey!! I never even knew I would be blogging, talk more of helping others lose weight. (fyi I hated blogs and the idea of it) 

It is not my doing, it is by the grace of God. God wants me to live and fulfill His purpose for my life, I am sure He wants you to live too. I discovered myself while losing weight. Yours could be something else. Dig deep! 

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Today by the grace of God, I am a changed person, a different mind set, I am still changing, fighting to be better.....

I took this pic last Saturday at my friends wedding.  Photo Credit: Lala Montana! Paparazzi toh pure!

Are you feeling depressed and sad about your weight or life generally?
  1. Pray about it.
  2. Allow friends and loved ones to help you.
  3. Get up, make plans, set realistic goals.
  4. Stay positive. Everything will be alright.
  5. Stay away from negative people, they will pollute you.
  6. If  you NEED to lose weight, then do something about it. You and only you can do that. 
  7. Exercise. 15 minutes of exercise a day will make a huge difference on how your day goes. Your body will release endorphines (the feel good hormones) You will be smiling all day.
  8. Try a healthy diet. Flush the bad and in with the new. Clean eating will lift your mood.
Have you ever dealt with depression? Please i would love to hear your story.

Shout out to 2 great women. ChiBonez and Phadis!!! May God bless you like never before. Amen.
God bless.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

10 Tips on how to lose the baby weight Fast!

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Hey Sweets!!!
I was having a chat with a dear friend, Uche of Da Creams Makeover. The chat was actually about drinking lemon water before and after childbirth etc. It prompted me to write a bit about losing the baby weight.

Some weeks back, i wrote about staying healthy during pregnancy, you can read here. So what then happens after giving birth? How to lose the baby weight? I have written on it in the past here also. Please allow me to refresh on that.

You don't need a surgery to get your body back, you just need to do the right things.

P.S: This is just my opinion, you may wish to try out the process but, please consult your doctor to be sure you are fit and ready for it. This is for those that truly want their body back in time.

I started my weight loss journey 2 months after delivery and these below are some of the things i did to lose the baby weight and more.


  1. Set your goals. Make it a realistic goal. 2-4kg weight loss per month is very realistic. 
  2. Give some time to heal whether you had a cesarean section or not. If you didn't have a CS, a month or 2 is fine. Start before you put on extra weight and the fat congeals. 
  3. Forget about anything cold for at least 6 months post delivery. Every time you drink water or any fluid, let it be hot or warm. Even your bath water should always be hot. This will help to loosen the fat and eliminate water stored in the body during pregnancy. 
  4. Eat lots of pepper soup with spices and that local scent leaf. It will help to keep the breast milk flowing. Drink flavoured teas if you like, they are good. Don't take too much pap, its loaded with carbs.
  5. Breast feed as much as you can. Constant breast feeding will help to flatten the tummy and release any blood clots in the womb. The more you breast feed, the more your tummy flattens.
  6. The above goes with a good diet o. As long as you are eating a balanced and healthy meal, your abdomen will flatten considerably.
  7. Don't eat for 2. Our mothers are fund of forcing us to eat all them fufu, eba 3 times a day or more to help breastfeed. The excess meals will only make you put on major weight. You just eat a size able amount of food that is loaded with nutrients for the baby. Always include fruits, veggies and proteins in your daily diet.
  8. Do not diet! Eat healthy and nutritious meals 6 or more times a day, including snacks. This food should be eaten just before its time to breast feed the baby. It will help you not to feel dizzy afterwards.  Do not starve, if you starve, your baby will get watery breast milk that has low nutrients.
  9. Make water your best friend. Up to 6 liters a day. 
  10. Start exercising as soon as you feel strong. Start at your own pace and heat things up as you go. This will help tighten the abs.
Remember that it will take time. Be consistent and stay focused. Once you are done with breast feeding then do a full detox immediately. Never detox while breast feeding, it could harm your baby. I hope these points help. Have you just delivered? Have you stopped breast feeding? Pray tell......The Lord is your strength. 

Shout out to all my pregger sisters, friends and blog readers. God bless you.

Picture credit: tumbler

Monday, 22 September 2014

Results after week 7 of the #workit weight loss Challenge.

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Ghen Ghennn!!! *Playing 24 series soundtrack* Lol! That's how I feel right now because the smoke that is emanating from these women ehhhh!!! Its like the whole thing just got hotter. No, I am not exaggerating o, oya see for yourselves......But first, Happy new week!

Louisa currently @ 87.5kg, From 91.9kg

Flora, currently @ 99.2kg: From 98.2kg

Nena, currently @ 73.4kg. From 78kg

Wunmi, currently @ 64.7kg: From 69.2kg

Amanda currently @ 72.1kg: From 78.7kg

Pat currently @ 85.4kg: From 89.3kg

Tess, currently @ 76.9kg : From 81.8kg.

MissB, currently @ 96.7kg: From 101.1kg

Sweetpie, currently @ 70kg: From 74.7kg

See? The Ladies are doing great! The margin seems to be very narrow on most, but not to worry, I wont judge the winner based on the scale results alone. I will apply the 80:20 rule (great physical changes is key). We want to see a huge huge difference in your physical appearance,i want the contest to be as fair as possible.  Ladies please don't forget to use the same outfits which you used in week one for the final pics. You will be sending:

  1. Front view (You may wish to crop out your head) lol for security reasons Hahahaha! 
  2. Side view. (No suck belle o)
  3. Scale pic with the newspaper like you did here. 
  4. If you measured parts of your body before the challenge, also send that to me with your current measurements. I dont know why this skipped my mind, it should have been part of the requirements..  Neck, Bust, Under bust, Waist, Hips, Inner thighs and Upper arms. 
Try and stay really focused this week, do your best, eat well, drink your water and be consistent with your workouts. I wish y'all the best. Here's a small motivation for the week:

Isaiah 40:31 But those who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

P.S: By the grace of God, another weight loss challenge will begin in the coming months. A great opportunity for those that want to lose some weight and feel good. So guys, be ready!
What have you sweets been up to, and what is your outlook this week? Gist me biko....
God bless.