Friday, 22 August 2014

# #WORKIT CHALLENGE # Weightloss challenge

#Workit Weightloss challenge Day 22 (week 4 begins)

Its the end of another great week of the challenge. I am already getting some amazing reports from the contestants, wow! Cant wait for this challenge to end i swear. I want the testimonies to start rolling in. Hehehe. Anyways, here are the tips for the new week.

  1. This week will be a detox week. This is compulsory to keep the fat off, your spirits up and your metabolism high. lol! If you need to order a meal plan, please call me.
  2. If you can, lets try 350 sit ups/crunches. That's like 50 sit ups per day.
  3. Please use the exercise routine i posted yesterday for this week. Lets know how it works for you.
  4. Drink as much water as you can.
  5. Eat healthy and cheat less.
  6. As usual, weigh yourself and send to me on by 6pm GMT on Saturday 23rd August 2014. Any pic received afterwards will be disregarded.
  7. Remember to attach the #workit badge with your scale pics.
  8. Keep working it, hard work pays up i promise you. Cry now and laugh later.

God bless.

Photo credit: Superskinny new you


  1. Hello Cheliz, ds week.. Hmmm it has been slow for me. I exercise tho... 3-4 days in a week.. 40mins non stop. But the way my weight fluctuates, is what I don't quite understand. How can I add 1kg from morning to evening... Did I eat up 3500 calories? I know I didn't. I'm not seeing any changes in my clothes yet.. :( people lose 3kg and they are already seeing changes. Another thing, I just started seeing small traces of stretch marks on my arm. How??? Is it d exercising? I'm so discouraged right now. Not a good week for me. Amanda.

    1. Hi Amanda. Wait first, do u weigh urself morning and night? As long as u ate something, u must weight more thru the day dear. After a meal and 2 glasses of water, expect to add up to 2kg in body weight. Weight loss occurs when total output is more than total input. E.g: if you want to burn 1kg of fat a week, you need to burn up to 7700 calories in 1 week which means that you need to eat less than 7700 calories a week. Another example is that if someone of ur weight who exercises daily burns up to 2000 calories a day, in a week it shud amount to about 14000cal total, so it means that you need to eat at least 1000 daily which will amount to 7000cals a week to be able to burn off 1kg or something close to that, giving that your diet isnt more than 1000 calories per day. The point am trying to make here is that you need to keep exercising and eating right to lose weight. You dont really get to see the difference on a daily basis. And we all lose weight at different rates. Some pple have stubborn fat, some have obedient fat. Lmao! As for the stretch marks, start fighting them before they multiply. Lol! Dont be discouraged my dear, it happens, just get up and keep pushing pls ok. Big big hug!!!

    2. Looooool this woman ure just funny. Only today I weighed myself twice oh.. Loool. I'd keep pushing.. I'm typing and smiling now. God bless u...

    3. Hehehe! Are you sure??? Or you are one of those that carry scale to work? Lmao!! Pls push o, let me not hear that complain again, Lol! God bless you too luv.

  2. Lol @ carrying scale to work. Truth is,sometimes, if u keep minding that scale ehn, u ar bound to be discouraged. Close ur eyes to it, throw it away nd continue d good stuff u are doing. Fat go obey. But don't throw it away if u are on d challenge o hehehe

  3. Ha, praise d Lord!!!!!!!! I can now comment without that robot questionnaire tormenting me. Nnenna.

    1. Hahaha! Nnena! R u sure ur not a robot? *runs away* how r u dear?

  4. Weight must go oh!24 August 2014 at 19:42

    Hey! Cheliz I just stumbled on this blog. I want to join in. Guess I'm late? Pllease tell.

  5. Cheliz, no be joke o, that 'robot' show me shege o. I go type long epistle, click publish and d drama go start. Type abcd, spell 123, are u a boy or a girl etc Mehnnnn, it was frustrating. Was suprisd d oda day when i typed nd it was published without d robot geting on my case.
    We are still working behind the scenes, tapping from the blessings of those in d competition. Will be rooting and clapping for whoever will win so we can share d mula *side eye*. Cheliz luv, am gud o. Hope u are too. Have a great day. Nnenna.