Tuesday, 5 August 2014

# #WORKIT CHALLENGE # Weightloss challenge

#Workit weightloss challenge: Day 5 Tips.

Hi Sweets,
Its day 5 of our challenge! The day is still young, but trust me, a lot can be achieved in just 5 days. Yesterday i posted pictures of the contestants. Again I want to thank them for their courage. If you don't push yourself, you will NEVER know your full potential. The human body has the ability to adapt, its left for you the carrier of the body to push it and work it.

Let me remind us of the rules of the challenge again because with my 'corner eye' i am beginning to sight some defaulters. #Kathy

  1. No pictures will be accepted after Saturday 2nd of August 9am GMT. Done!
  2. Every contestant MUST send in a weekly weigh-in picture, showing their legs STANDING on a scale, every Saturday morning. (please excuse my caps but i know why am screaming it) Lol. 
  3. Any picture sent in after 3pm GMT (considering those that live abroad) on Saturdays will be rejected and the contestant disqualified. Lol. (sorry for the military treatment *wink)
  4. Nobody should starve in the name of weight loss, my hand is not dia o (disclaimer)
  5. Eat often, but just mind your portions. And make sure you are eating a balanced diet. No 'beans only' or 'water only' diet please. 
  6. Exercise as much as your body can take you, but don't over do it. Stop whenever you are tired. 
  7. We are still in the detox week, it will end this Saturday. If you have detoxed, then just proceed to healthy eating. Lets stay away from junk this week please.
  8. If your throat wont gree you to resist temptation, then i advise you to proceed with caution. Hahahaha!
  9. We are still on our 1400 squats, i have been able to do like 200. Chai God help me! I have been jogging and skipping a lot though.
  10. I will be calling names here, when i see you going derailing, i hope you guys dont mind, I think it will help. If you mind please let me know.

EXERCISE IDEA: (works for general body, abs, upper arms)
  1. Skip for 30 mins: You could burn up to 500 calories with this. 

To actually lose weight is one of the toughest things to do in life, to maintain is another story. Its not easy i tell you. Even for me, i have my bad days. Sometimes i wake up tired and i just want to sleep all day. Some days, i feel like eating 10 sausage rolls (my weakness) by myself, but when i remember you guys here, my strength creeps back. i got to stay alive and strong for those i love (which includes you all, no doubt). I urge you guys to do same, stay strong and don't forget to always reach out. Truth is, you can do this, but you cant do it alone. Lets stand strong and work, work till you feel the pinch, push till you reach your peak. Soon you will see that it has gone beyond just looking good, you begin to see reasons to stay alive,  reasons to love, and finally you discover the "YOU" within, hidden between layers and layers of fat. Hahahaha!  God bless.

Photo credit: primalfitbody.com


  1. Good Morning Cheliz, still hanging in here . Uhmm, I have done 550squats so far, my thighs are on fire. Lol.... But its a good experience at least the thoughts of the challenge keeps me going. Each time I think of the other contestants I encourage myself sharp sharp - no dulling. MissB

    1. Correct babe! Dont get tired o, some people i know are working out with vex o. Lmao!

  2. Pls how do u do your squats? Pls can you describe it?

  3. Hi dear, please check out this old post for more details on how i do my squats. http://theshapecube.blogspot.com/2014/06/my-favorite-5-butt-and-thigh-workouts.html

  4. I learned my lesson from yesterday and exercised early today before I got weak. I did 100 squats today via fitness blender, it was not easy. My plan is to do another 100 this evening, but the way I'm feeling, I think tomorrow I'll be crawling instead of walking. However, the Lord is my strength. Meanwhile 3pm GMT is 9am my time. So it's not fair, because I like to oversleep on Saturday mornings, but now I have to wake up before 9am. This na real challenge o. However, the Lord will be my strength.

    1. Keep up the energy dear, the Lord is your strength. Ok, i will shift the deadline to 6pm, hope you don't sleep till noon? Lol! Take care.

  5. Thanks o. for you I'll make the sacrifice and wake up before noon:)

  6. Hi cheliz, stumbled on ur blog for the first time today. Been struggling to lose weight and im late for the august challenge. What do I do

    1. Hi hi. Thanks for reading. You can still join in unofficially, its just day 7 today. Go along with us. Start your detox and work it!