Thursday, 7 August 2014

# Stretch marks

The stretch mark wahala!

 Hi my sweeties, some one requested i post something on stretch marks, how to prevent them and how to treat. So hey! New reader, this is for you:

Stretch marks can be annoying, there's hardly any adult who doesn't have them, it gets worse after pregnancy. I have stretchmarks but they really don't bug me, i can live with them, i just pray they don't get more visible than they already are. I have always been a 'big girl' so i didn't have much stretch marks on my body, except on my boobs. They started emerging during my first pregnancy; on my abdomen, on my hips, you know those annoying black ones? I was told to start using Shea butter immediately i got pregnant, but i dint listen, so when i saw them, i had no choice but to start. I didn't like the smell of Shea butter, i stopped. I used olive oil for the remainder of that pregnancy. After delivery, the thing came with its big brothers and elder sisters. It was horrible! Now almost 85% of them(on my abdomen) are gone.  Cardio worked for me.

Another area is my upper arm. There was a time, about 3yrs ago, i ventured into bleaching cream, just because i wanted to be 'yellow pawpaw' by force. It really affected my upper arm. Although, when i stopped the cream, it reduced, something that helped me a bit was 'bio oil'. Now that i lost a lot of weight, i can see some of them there. A bit annoying, but i can live with it.

According to the webmd: Stretch marks happen when your body grows faster than your skin can keep up with. This causes the elastic fibers just under the surface of the skin to break, resulting in stretch marks.

  • Weight gain.
  • Weight loss
  • Pregnancy
  • Harsh chemicals to the skin.
In my opinion, stretchmarks really don't have any cure but i know the visibility can be reduced and new ones can be prevented. In the past, i tried lots of stretch mark creams that never worked. The ones on my abdomen really reduced due to loads of cardio workout. The essence is to get back the elasticity of your skin which some natural creams can help with.

  • 1/2 avocado(soft ripened)
  • 6 capsules vitamin E
  • 4 capsules, vitamin A
  • 2 tbsp olive oil.
  • 2 tbsp aloe Vera gel.
  • 5 drops of liquid zinc or 2 capsules of zinc powder.
  • 1 tsp of lemon to preserve the cream. 
Mash the avocado until its very creamy, then add the other liquids and powder. Mix all really well and apply on the relevant areas, allow it to sit for about 30 mins then rinse off. Do this daily. According to her, it wont remove the ones that are already there, but the cream can reduce the visibility of the ones old ones and then prevent new ones.

I am working on some stretch mark creams presently, i will share the recipe soon, that is if it works. For now, i think you guys can try: exercising, bio oil and Dr Mc keiths cream, by fire by force, one of them must to work! take care and God bless.


  1. Yay!!! Thanks a lot. Will try these remedy! New reader

    1. You are always welcome dear. Pls lets know how it goes. Take care.