Tuesday, 26 August 2014

# Exercise # Pregnancy

Something for my Pregger friends.

I have a few friends that are pregnant right now, i don't want them to feel left out on the fun. For some that were used to a very active lifestyle, being pregnant could slow things down a bit, . Not to worry, you can still keep fit and eat well while carrying your precious one. lol

Its very safe to do low impact workouts during pregnancy, as long as your doctor has signed off on it and you feel strong. Don't wait the whole 9 months plus 3 to 6 months of nursing (and omugwo) till you start something. The earlier you start the faster the return of the post baby body.

The Nigerian mentality; You get pregnant, then you tell someone (especially our mums) that you want to go do small exercise, the look they will give you is like "you cant be serious, you want to kill this baby that we all have been waiting for???" All they want you to do is eat, eat, eat and sleep. Hahahaha! Then you end up becoming an angry pregger! Lol!

Working out during pregnancy, elevates your mood, increases metabolism. Which means less crankiness, a happy mom and a happy baby. It also allows you to eat healthy.

Pregnancy workouts:

  1. Walking: This is the easiest. Try and walk up to 30 minutes daily. This will strengthen your pelvis and allow for faster labor and easy pushing. This works trust me. Walking also rocks the baby inside and allows for a well rested and alert baby. Less fuss when he/she is born.
  2. Swimming: If you have access to a clean pool, try swimming at your own pace. This will strengthen your muscles in the pelvis area too, your arms and legs will get a good workout. It will greatly reduce recovery time when you give birth.
  3. Dancing: You can do this in the comfort of your room. 30 mins of dancing will do you a lot of good. A good night rest, and a glowing skin during pregnancy.
  4. Aerobics: If you get the strength to go to the gym, or to even do more at home, try low impact aerobics. You don't need to jump high up, just go easy and increase the tempo. This will sure put you in a happy mood when you are done.
  5. Sex: Dis one na baba! Lol! If you have closed that shop, abeg re-open it. Your pelvis needs all the work it can get to help you push and recover fast. Don't worry, it wont burst the baby;s head by God's grace. First ask your doctor if you can go ahead, the fire! Don't wound yourself dia o.
  6. Kegels: This exercise is meant to help strengthen the vaginal muscles, it will help you control you bladder during and after pregnancy and labor. Read more here

There are many more exercises which you can do, during pregnancy, but i feel these are very basic and doable. If you have the strength to do more then go ahead.
Too cute! Look at the first baby from the left...so serious, busy swimming. lol

Other tips: 
  1. Try and eat right. Your nutrition during pregnancy has to be on point. Go on more fruits and veggies to increase blood flow, brighten your skin and keep baby nourished. 6 or more small meals through the day is what you should try, it keeps your energy up. You don't need to load up at each meal, then end up sleeping all day. 
  2. Keep taking you vitamins. Hmm, i know some people who don't care about this, they remember to take it only once a week. ok oo.
  3. Satisfy your cravings but don't over do it. A cup of ice cream here and there wont hurt. No need to dive into every bucket of ice cream you see. Lol
  4. I know you already pee a lot, but more water will keep you hydrated all the time especially for those that workout.
  5. Pray for you and your baby. Talk to him/her daily as much as you can. Keep the energy around you positive always. God is in control and He will see you through. Amen.

Eating clean and exercising while pregnancy will mean that you don't gain an enormous amount of weight. Meaning you have very little work to do after delivery and nursing. 
Safe delivery yummy mums! God bless.

Isaiah 43: 18-19
"Do not remember the former things,
 Nor consider the things of old. 
Behold, i will do a new things, 
Now it shall spring forth; 
Shall you not know it?
I will even make a road in the wilderness
And rivers in the desert.

*This post is dedicated to a dear friend who is expecting. I wish you a safe delivery sweetie*


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  2. Can you take lemon water while preggy? Nelo

    1. Sure Nelo. Mix a spoon of fresh lemon juice with a glass of warm water. Could help relieve morning sickness and improve appetite.

  3. Tanx a bunch Ruby darling. Happy we could always count on you

    1. Hmmm Stella, r u trying to tell us something? I dey spy you with my corner eye.....u r a suspect. Lol.

    2. Congrats sweetie. God bless u n the little one.

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