Friday, 29 August 2014

# Workout DVDs

Reviews: My Workout dvd picks for the month of August.

Hey sweeties,
You know i love a good workout. One thing i love about using workout dvds is that i lose weight fast, most of them target specific areas of the body and help you tone and shape your body fast.

I recommend you change your workouts every month if you want maximum results, with that your body will hardly enter a plateau.

My workout pick for the month of August are:

1. Jackie Warner's 30 day fast start.

  • This workout, is divided into 2 major parts. Lower body and upper body workouts. About 20 mins each.
  • They are very intense and are good for toning the arm and legs.
  • Most of Jackie's workouts are based on strength and cardio training. Her workouts are great, you will lose weight and still tone and sculpt. 
  • She Uses the pyramid technique here. The intensity and repetitions increase each time which creates maximum burn.
  • This workout will push your body to its limits.
  • Its basically a short workout for people who don't have the time.
  • Be warned that you will feel the burn a day later, and its not funny. Lol!

2. Bikini boot camp by Jeanette Jenkins. 
  • This workout is a long one, over 60 mins so be ready for it.
  • I recommend you do this kind of workout on a Saturday when you really have the time. 
  • She targets every area of the body, with loads and loads of cardio. Your heart will be pounding by the time you are done. Lol!
  • The first day i did this workout, i burnt over 700 calories. I was exhausted!!! I felt that sexy burn the next day.
So guys, start mixing up your workouts and banish that plateau. No excuses. I have these dvds in stock, just holla me on phone or email. You will never regret it. God bless.


  1. How much are they ma

    1. Jackie is N3000 while Jaenette is N5000. Thanks.

  2. Hi Cheliz, I must say that since I started using the 30-day shred workout DVD there has been significant change in the way I lose weight weekly. Changing one's workout routine is really very important. Before I started with the Workout DVD my progress was quite slow but now it has improved greatly. MissB

    1. Yes o, for you to keep breaking plateaus, you have to keep changing what you do, immediately you notice that there's little change with your normal workouts, change up, either increase workout time, reduce daily food calories or change your style of workout. Gbam! I see you looking good in your pics, Nice!