Friday, 29 August 2014

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Hey! Balance that diet!

Disclaimer: Please note that in writing this post, i am not in anyway belittling anyone's work. This is just my personal opinion. Thanks.

Often i hear people say, "From now on, i will be eating just meat" Or "from now on, no more beans"  "I will eat indomie for 2 weeks and see" Hian! 2 weeks kwa? na promo? Truth is, you will lose weight for the time being, but lets be real. Will you be able to sustain it? Will you be able to eat rice alone for 20 years to stay slim and fit? Will you be able to eat meat alone for 2 years and remain fit and sane?? Even if its just fruits, will you be able to eat fruits alone for that long? By day 10 of eating just meat, i doubt if you would remember what date it is. Lol Just kidding. I remember when i tried the lemon detox some years back. No food, just the drink. I was meant to drink it for 5 days. By day 2 i was seeing stars!

There are 5 basic food groups and a balanced diet consists of eating a variety from that list in the right proportions. (see example of the plate above)

  1. Vegetables
  2. Grains.
  3. Fruits
  4. proteins.
  5. Dairy.

You may choose to apply the above at every meal, or separately through the day, but i suggest you always accompany your grains with some vegetables.

I am not against any diet, my point really is for you to stick with a balanced diet. Yes, a detox is good once in a while, but it should be something doable. It should be a punishment or a starvation period. Even your detox can be as balanced as you want it to be, its just about understanding food how to go about it. Don't deprive your body of the essential nutrients that it needs. Every vitamin has its function in the body.

Benefits of a balanced diet; 

  1. Eating right puts you in a good mood daily.
  2. You get the much needed vitamins you need.
  3. Helps fight diseases.
  4. Boosts weight loss.
  5. Helps with bowel movement. 

Eating a clean and balanced diet is easier to sustain and get used to over a period of time. Its a total lifestyle change;

  1. It shouldn't  be too expensive. Buy what you can afford.
  2. You should go for fruits and veggies and grains in season. 
  3. Get everyone around you involved, to help sustain this change.
  4. Take it easy. One change after the other.
Feel free to try different things, but go back to your balanced , clean and healthy life. There is no short cut to weight loss. God bless.

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  1. Thanks Cheliz for d good work n encouragement. God bless. Yugoo

  2. Hello, my name is Casey and I need help. I have never commented on any blog; ever! So for me to comment on yours.....then you must know that I DESPERATELY need help. I got inspired by your story and I thinks it's high time I loose my weight. Please assist me in any way possible. Thanks.

    1. Hi Casey, Am humbled, thanks a lot dear. I do appreciate you. Please call me on 08025806183 or mail on so we can have a private conversation k. Cheers.