Friday, 22 August 2014

# Free coaching # Lose weight now

FREE Weight loss Coaching.

Hi Sweets,
I want to (personally) do a week of hard detox and low-carb diet this coming week, starting on Monday 25th of August. I want to share my daily meals (meal plan), exercises and tips with someone. I just need 1 (one) person to work with me, i will share everything with the lucky person for one week, and if there is much progress, we could take it further depending on how serious he/she is. But first....

  1. You have to weigh at least 100kg as at today.
  2. You have to be above 18yrs old as at today.
  3. You must NOT be a part of those in the ongoing #workit weightloss challenge. 
  4. Send me a mail on with your NAME, AGE, OCCUPATION, (generally tell me about you) current FULL pics and weight. 5 pics preferably.
  5. Give me good (authentic) reasons why you need this. 
  6. Please,you have to be ready for this, i need a serious and determined person.
  7. I will give you daily meals, but you must also send me your daily meals and exercises for assessment. i.e what you eventually ate. 
  8. Depending on your progress after the one week program, we will continue the process for 3 more weeks.
  9. Preferably someone that lives in Lagos.
  10. Be ready to work and corporate with me ooo, if you no ready i go run o. Hahahaha!
Please send the mail between now and Saturday evening so that we can prepare and start Monday morning. Don't worry, i wont share any of your info or pics on the blog. It will be just between the two of us.
God bless.

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