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Hey! Balance that diet!

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Disclaimer: Please note that in writing this post, i am not in anyway belittling anyone's work. This is just my personal opinion. Thanks.

Often i hear people say, "From now on, i will be eating just meat" Or "from now on, no more beans"  "I will eat indomie for 2 weeks and see" Hian! 2 weeks kwa? na promo? Truth is, you will lose weight for the time being, but lets be real. Will you be able to sustain it? Will you be able to eat rice alone for 20 years to stay slim and fit? Will you be able to eat meat alone for 2 years and remain fit and sane?? Even if its just fruits, will you be able to eat fruits alone for that long? By day 10 of eating just meat, i doubt if you would remember what date it is. Lol Just kidding. I remember when i tried the lemon detox some years back. No food, just the drink. I was meant to drink it for 5 days. By day 2 i was seeing stars!

There are 5 basic food groups and a balanced diet consists of eating a variety from that list in the right proportions. (see example of the plate above)

  1. Vegetables
  2. Grains.
  3. Fruits
  4. proteins.
  5. Dairy.

You may choose to apply the above at every meal, or separately through the day, but i suggest you always accompany your grains with some vegetables.

I am not against any diet, my point really is for you to stick with a balanced diet. Yes, a detox is good once in a while, but it should be something doable. It should be a punishment or a starvation period. Even your detox can be as balanced as you want it to be, its just about understanding food how to go about it. Don't deprive your body of the essential nutrients that it needs. Every vitamin has its function in the body.

Benefits of a balanced diet; 

  1. Eating right puts you in a good mood daily.
  2. You get the much needed vitamins you need.
  3. Helps fight diseases.
  4. Boosts weight loss.
  5. Helps with bowel movement. 

Eating a clean and balanced diet is easier to sustain and get used to over a period of time. Its a total lifestyle change;

  1. It shouldn't  be too expensive. Buy what you can afford.
  2. You should go for fruits and veggies and grains in season. 
  3. Get everyone around you involved, to help sustain this change.
  4. Take it easy. One change after the other.
Feel free to try different things, but go back to your balanced , clean and healthy life. There is no short cut to weight loss. God bless.

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#Workit Weightloss challenge Day 29 (week 5 begins)

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Another week, done and dusted! yayy!! Each time, i give thanks to God for the end of the week and the beginning of a new one. I don't know about you but i see weight loss challenge as also a spiritual, physical and mental change. Everything about you changes right? Please i need a witness to this!!! Hahahaha!

For those that are still very much in this challenge (both physically and spiritually), i congratulate you. No be small tin!!! This week, i really pushed myself (yes i am also in the challenge). Lets take it a step further this coming week. (week 5) We have a little above 3 weeks to go, so time to pick yourself up, don't be left behind. 

Tips for week 5: 
  1. Fight that spirit that keeps telling you to quite. You are close to your goal now, don't stop.
  2. Please try and add an extra 5 minutes to your workout session this week and burn extra calories. 
  3. Who is up for 1400 squats this week. Lets try it. 200 squats a day. Yipeee!! Don't know bout you, I need my bum bum to be as perky as can be. Lol!
  4. Hope you haven't given up on your lemon water?
  5. More water. Pump it up to 4 liters a day.
  6. For those that have been eating bread secretly, God is watching you. Hehehe. yes, you know yourself. no bread this week please.
  7. Lets eat a handful of nuts everyday this week. By a  handful i mean 40 to 50g. Some people, if you leave them now they will finish one bottle and say its Cheliz that sent them.....Take time o! Eat it as a snack and drink up to 2 glasses of water afterwards. It can be a mixture of nuts, or just peanuts, Almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc.

Contestants, please send in your pictures on time as usual. Cut off is 6pm GMT. Stay well and God bless. 
Please share your week 4 testimonies here. God bless.

*Contact me for a detox or fat burn meal plan, that is sure to help you lose weight.

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Reviews: My Workout dvd picks for the month of August.

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Hey sweeties,
You know i love a good workout. One thing i love about using workout dvds is that i lose weight fast, most of them target specific areas of the body and help you tone and shape your body fast.

I recommend you change your workouts every month if you want maximum results, with that your body will hardly enter a plateau.

My workout pick for the month of August are:

1. Jackie Warner's 30 day fast start.

  • This workout, is divided into 2 major parts. Lower body and upper body workouts. About 20 mins each.
  • They are very intense and are good for toning the arm and legs.
  • Most of Jackie's workouts are based on strength and cardio training. Her workouts are great, you will lose weight and still tone and sculpt. 
  • She Uses the pyramid technique here. The intensity and repetitions increase each time which creates maximum burn.
  • This workout will push your body to its limits.
  • Its basically a short workout for people who don't have the time.
  • Be warned that you will feel the burn a day later, and its not funny. Lol!

2. Bikini boot camp by Jeanette Jenkins. 
  • This workout is a long one, over 60 mins so be ready for it.
  • I recommend you do this kind of workout on a Saturday when you really have the time. 
  • She targets every area of the body, with loads and loads of cardio. Your heart will be pounding by the time you are done. Lol!
  • The first day i did this workout, i burnt over 700 calories. I was exhausted!!! I felt that sexy burn the next day.
So guys, start mixing up your workouts and banish that plateau. No excuses. I have these dvds in stock, just holla me on phone or email. You will never regret it. God bless.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Order Your fruit Baskets.

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Eating clean and healthy doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. You don't have to empty your bank account all because you are watching your weight and eating fruits and veggies.

I always advise people to stick with fruits in season. They are usually cheaper and easy to get. Once in a while, you may wish to try the imported ones like strawberries, blueberries, plums, kiwi etc. They are very nutritious too. I buy frozen berries  sometimes, this i can store in the freezer for days. 

Hey! Do you live a busy lifestyle and don't have time to go  fruit shopping during the week, help is here. Order fruit baskets, which contain very fresh fruits, and will get delivered to your location in no time. All you need to do go home, wash your fruits and keep eating clean. No excuses! 

Here's how this works. You get 5% discount. when you call and use the code 'CHELIZRUBY' to book a basket. 
Call all Ify or Chinenye on: 08023944065






There are many other categories. You can even have a custom made basket. Its your choice really. You may wish to pay on delivery or do an online transfer.

You can book them for birthday gifts, anniversaries, personal use, etc. They can be delivered to you anywhere in Lagos. Delivery charges apply, depending on your location. God bless.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Naija music infused workouts by Ada-Ari Agbim.

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Hi Sweets,
Here's something cool for you that love working out at home like me! "Variety is the spice of life" right? Read and watch workout videos from this beautiful and fit lady, try her videos they are fun. #fitwomenrock

Note: Shes good with the squats too, so watch for different squat techniques. 

Hi there,

My name is Ada, and I am a DC-based, certified fitness instructor. While I love the workouts I do in the US, I cannot hide my pride in our African culture. I am also passionate about revamping the face that fitness has back home, and making it an enjoyable experience. To that end, I have put together several workouts to African songs. Each week, I upload workout routines set to the beat of popular African songs.  I was inspired partially by the rich culture that is apparent in our African music, and also partly by witnessing the effect that powerful music has on workouts. As a group fitness instructor in the DC area, every workout I teach is set to music, and the energy in the music can do wonders to drive intensity. I felt that setting workouts to music my people can identify with could motivate them to break a sweat while connecting to something familiar.

Here are links to Workout videos by Ada: 
Instagram: @ada_ari
Facebook: AdaAri
YouTube: AdaAri

Enjoy and please lets know what you think. God bless.
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Something for my Pregger friends.

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I have a few friends that are pregnant right now, i don't want them to feel left out on the fun. For some that were used to a very active lifestyle, being pregnant could slow things down a bit, . Not to worry, you can still keep fit and eat well while carrying your precious one. lol

Its very safe to do low impact workouts during pregnancy, as long as your doctor has signed off on it and you feel strong. Don't wait the whole 9 months plus 3 to 6 months of nursing (and omugwo) till you start something. The earlier you start the faster the return of the post baby body.

The Nigerian mentality; You get pregnant, then you tell someone (especially our mums) that you want to go do small exercise, the look they will give you is like "you cant be serious, you want to kill this baby that we all have been waiting for???" All they want you to do is eat, eat, eat and sleep. Hahahaha! Then you end up becoming an angry pregger! Lol!

Working out during pregnancy, elevates your mood, increases metabolism. Which means less crankiness, a happy mom and a happy baby. It also allows you to eat healthy.

Pregnancy workouts:

  1. Walking: This is the easiest. Try and walk up to 30 minutes daily. This will strengthen your pelvis and allow for faster labor and easy pushing. This works trust me. Walking also rocks the baby inside and allows for a well rested and alert baby. Less fuss when he/she is born.
  2. Swimming: If you have access to a clean pool, try swimming at your own pace. This will strengthen your muscles in the pelvis area too, your arms and legs will get a good workout. It will greatly reduce recovery time when you give birth.
  3. Dancing: You can do this in the comfort of your room. 30 mins of dancing will do you a lot of good. A good night rest, and a glowing skin during pregnancy.
  4. Aerobics: If you get the strength to go to the gym, or to even do more at home, try low impact aerobics. You don't need to jump high up, just go easy and increase the tempo. This will sure put you in a happy mood when you are done.
  5. Sex: Dis one na baba! Lol! If you have closed that shop, abeg re-open it. Your pelvis needs all the work it can get to help you push and recover fast. Don't worry, it wont burst the baby;s head by God's grace. First ask your doctor if you can go ahead, the fire! Don't wound yourself dia o.
  6. Kegels: This exercise is meant to help strengthen the vaginal muscles, it will help you control you bladder during and after pregnancy and labor. Read more here

There are many more exercises which you can do, during pregnancy, but i feel these are very basic and doable. If you have the strength to do more then go ahead.
Too cute! Look at the first baby from the serious, busy swimming. lol

Other tips: 
  1. Try and eat right. Your nutrition during pregnancy has to be on point. Go on more fruits and veggies to increase blood flow, brighten your skin and keep baby nourished. 6 or more small meals through the day is what you should try, it keeps your energy up. You don't need to load up at each meal, then end up sleeping all day. 
  2. Keep taking you vitamins. Hmm, i know some people who don't care about this, they remember to take it only once a week. ok oo.
  3. Satisfy your cravings but don't over do it. A cup of ice cream here and there wont hurt. No need to dive into every bucket of ice cream you see. Lol
  4. I know you already pee a lot, but more water will keep you hydrated all the time especially for those that workout.
  5. Pray for you and your baby. Talk to him/her daily as much as you can. Keep the energy around you positive always. God is in control and He will see you through. Amen.

Eating clean and exercising while pregnancy will mean that you don't gain an enormous amount of weight. Meaning you have very little work to do after delivery and nursing. 
Safe delivery yummy mums! God bless.

Isaiah 43: 18-19
"Do not remember the former things,
 Nor consider the things of old. 
Behold, i will do a new things, 
Now it shall spring forth; 
Shall you not know it?
I will even make a road in the wilderness
And rivers in the desert.

*This post is dedicated to a dear friend who is expecting. I wish you a safe delivery sweetie*

Monday, 25 August 2014

Results after week 3 of the #workit Challenge.

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Good Morning Sweets!!!
Last week was obviously another tough week for the contestants, some had their TOM and didn't lose as much as they expected. Personally, i add up to 2kg or more at that time. I already know, so i don't get moved when it happens. I found a way around it though. Its not difficult, you can try it. Before (a week or less) that time of the month, i start a detox immediately, this will help eliminate water and bloating and it will in turn curb my cravings which tends to heighten at that time. So nothing nothing for the visitor, i come fully prepared Lol! I have tried this and it works for me, i don't add that much anymore except i decide to ignore it and go with the flow (You get?) Lol! 

Guys, please don't get discouraged, you are still learning about how your body works, so this is expected. Keep pushing and keep eating right, increase the pace when you can, you are doing great. Don't let depression kick in oooo, if you allow it, you will lose all the hard work of over 3 weeks. I don't think you want that. Once you start eating like you used to, it WILL be very difficult to reverse. Remember i warned you. I have been there, it takes the grace of God to reverse and get back on track. 

The results so far. As usual, if your picture is not here, you know na.......The number keeps reducing weekly, hehehehehe!

Amanda:  From 78.7kg

Flora: from 98.2kg.

Louisa: From 91.9kg

Wunmi: from 69.2kg

Tess: From 81.8kg

Pat: from 89.3kg (196.5lbs)

Sweetpie: From 74.5kg

MissB: From 101.1kg 

Nena: From 78kg

Ecclesiastes 9:11 “The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all."

  • Remember that this week is a detox week, so delete eba and rice from your memory. 
  • Drink as much water as you can. 10 cups a day or more.
  • Exercise for at least 30mins daily or 3 times a week.
  • Go to sleep early so you can get enough rest. Lack of sleep hinders weight loss. 
  • Cheat less. Hehehe! 

Do this for you and for those that love you who want you to be better, healthier and stronger. Focus on your goal and stay determined.  All the best, the Lord is your strength my sweets. God bless ya!!

Friday, 22 August 2014

#Workit Weightloss challenge Day 22 (week 4 begins)

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Its the end of another great week of the challenge. I am already getting some amazing reports from the contestants, wow! Cant wait for this challenge to end i swear. I want the testimonies to start rolling in. Hehehe. Anyways, here are the tips for the new week.

  1. This week will be a detox week. This is compulsory to keep the fat off, your spirits up and your metabolism high. lol! If you need to order a meal plan, please call me.
  2. If you can, lets try 350 sit ups/crunches. That's like 50 sit ups per day.
  3. Please use the exercise routine i posted yesterday for this week. Lets know how it works for you.
  4. Drink as much water as you can.
  5. Eat healthy and cheat less.
  6. As usual, weigh yourself and send to me on by 6pm GMT on Saturday 23rd August 2014. Any pic received afterwards will be disregarded.
  7. Remember to attach the #workit badge with your scale pics.
  8. Keep working it, hard work pays up i promise you. Cry now and laugh later.

God bless.

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FREE Weight loss Coaching.

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Hi Sweets,
I want to (personally) do a week of hard detox and low-carb diet this coming week, starting on Monday 25th of August. I want to share my daily meals (meal plan), exercises and tips with someone. I just need 1 (one) person to work with me, i will share everything with the lucky person for one week, and if there is much progress, we could take it further depending on how serious he/she is. But first....

  1. You have to weigh at least 100kg as at today.
  2. You have to be above 18yrs old as at today.
  3. You must NOT be a part of those in the ongoing #workit weightloss challenge. 
  4. Send me a mail on with your NAME, AGE, OCCUPATION, (generally tell me about you) current FULL pics and weight. 5 pics preferably.
  5. Give me good (authentic) reasons why you need this. 
  6. Please,you have to be ready for this, i need a serious and determined person.
  7. I will give you daily meals, but you must also send me your daily meals and exercises for assessment. i.e what you eventually ate. 
  8. Depending on your progress after the one week program, we will continue the process for 3 more weeks.
  9. Preferably someone that lives in Lagos.
  10. Be ready to work and corporate with me ooo, if you no ready i go run o. Hahahaha!
Please send the mail between now and Saturday evening so that we can prepare and start Monday morning. Don't worry, i wont share any of your info or pics on the blog. It will be just between the two of us.
God bless.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

20 Minute Fat Burn Workout routine!

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Many people complain to me that they don't have time to workout because of work etc. I totally understand their predicament, (if i may) but the truth is that some people ehn, even if you gave them 1 week free, they would still not workout, they will give you 2 buckets full of excuses!! hahaha! (They know themselves) It all boils down to how determined you are.

If you have a home workout dvd please use it, that's what i have been using, i run too but its been working for me. I haven't been to the gym in over 1yr. I am not saying gym is not good, whatever works for you, just make sure you are consistent.

Anyways, i have put together a small routine that shouldn't take you more than 30mins max to conclude, bathe and check out for work; Its a combination of cardio and strength training, which is the fastest way to burn fat. It keeps burning for the whole day. If you combine this with healthy eating, you have no issues.

If you are in the #workit challenge, you need this!

Try them in this particular order: (I have attached some video links to help you)

  1. EAT a small fruit or a cup of coffee (not milo and milk); it will help you pull through and burn more calories.
  2. WARM UP: could be in form of a stretch or jog on the spot or both. Should be about 2 mins. When you warm up your body before a workout, you have the tendency to burn more fat because your muscles are ready, and the fat is heated up and ready to melt (you get?) See a video here
  3. 10 PUSH UPS;  This exercise is tough, but works wonders. beginner tip: you can try the easy version by resting your knees on the floor. See video here
  4. 20 JUMPING JACKS: Try not to rest in between the jumping jacks, keep going till you count 20. Beginner tip:  try 15 jumping jacks instead. See video here
  5. 10 SQUATS: Some people will say i have come with squats again. Lol! Na so o. Its a great workout. Beginner tip: Try knee lunges instead. See video for lunges here
  6. 20 JUMPING JACKS: Beginners do 15.
  7. 10 CRUNCHES: This will help with the mid area of the body. Beginner tip: Try the basic crunches which is lay on your back, knees folded, hands behind your head, and raise the upper body only. There are many variations, try any of them. See video here
  8. 20 JUMPING JACKS: Beginners do 15.
  9. 10 DEAD LIFTS: Pick up your dumbbells front he floor, raise them above your head and bring them down to the floor again. While you do this, make sure your back is arched. Beginner tip: Use light weights of about 1kg or fill 2 small plastic bottle with sand, or use 2 cans of tinned food. See video Here
  10. COOL DOWN: This must be done after every workout, to help relax the muscles and avoid muscle cramping through the day. It should take at least 2 mins. See a video here

This should get you sweating profusely by the time you are done. Try not to rest too much in between workouts so as to maximize fat burn. This should take you about 15 to 20 minutes to complete, depending on how fast you are. You should be left with enough time to shower and dash to work. Eat your main breakfast as soon as you get the chance at work. All the best sweets. God bless.
*call me to order for a meal plan to help you lose weight fast*

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Home Made Hand Sanitizer recipe.

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Hey Sweets,
Before now, "hand sanitizer" was hardly on my grocery list. In fact the last time i bought one was when i had my last baby. I prefer washing my hands, to using hand sanitizers. I don't mind washing my hands 500 times a day if i could. The Ebola virus has got everyone on their toes, not to talk of how serious its getting. So, i had to make sure, i secured my own end, so to speak.

This is what my mixture yielded.

 2 weeks ago, i set out to buy some hand sanitizers, lo and behold, the thing was no where to be found. Choi! That was when it dawned on me that the situation was critical. I drove all around, every store i went into was out of stock. So last week i tried again. I finally found some in a store in Ikeja *rolling my eyes* It was a 50ml bottle and it went for N600!!! I tried to express my concern (how expensive it was) to the guy at the counter, he just gave me that look of:  " See this one, hmmm if you don't want it, drop it! Something that many people are looking for" I paid with vex and left. What even annoyed me the most was when i finally applied some to my hands, the smell was just....yuck!!

When i got home, (still vexing) my "Dexter mode" kicked in, and i went into my lab. There has got to be another way now, is this what me and dis guy will be doing everytime i go there to buy hand sanitizer? No way!! So i joggled to my loot and found a few things could use to concoct a nice home made sanitizer Hahahahahahahaha!!! *Evil scientist laugh!!!* Most of us have all these ingredients at home already, so no fuss. make some and send to your loved ones to try.

Ingredients: ( Will make about 50ml worth.)

  1. 30ml pure "Methylated Spirit" or 95% Isopropyl alchohol.
  2. 20ml Pure Aloe vera gel.
  3. 1 tsp vegetable glycerin (optional)
  4. 3 drops Eucalyptus oil.
  5. A small 100ml plastic bottle to store it in.

  • Add all the ingredients into the empty dry plastic bottle.
  • Shake really well. 
  • If you like it really moist then add more aloe vera gel but be careful, aloe thickens mixture greatly.
  • I personally love the smell of the isopropyl, hence i didnt add any fragrance to mine. You may choose to add some drops to your mix.

The good thing about this recipe is that it doesn't dry out your hands like the regular sanitizers do. Those that work in very cold offices will love this formula. You can start with this small batch, if you like it then make more. This is not a permanent solution to the problem, wash your hands immediately you get the chance to.

I believe with God, there is a way out of everything bad situation.  I pray that God sees Nigeria out of this time of crisis. Amen. Stay safe and God bless.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Results after week 2 of the #workit Challenge.

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Good Morning!!!
This is results after 2 weeks of  the weight loss challenge. Some of the contestants seem to have had a not-so-good week (in their opinion), in my own opinion, i think they are doing great. I dont expect a drastic weight loss, slow and steady is more like it. In the process, i expect you to learn more about your body, understand how to eat to stay healthy, create a workout routine, eat clean, learn from your mistakes. Anyone who is on a drastic weight loss will never understand these. No matter what guys, don't stop working hard at it, remember what they say, "nothing good comes easy". Some people that dropped out as well as some that didn't enter for the challenge are regretting their decision. Don't waste this opportunity by giving up, even if you didn't lose as much as planned this week, we have 6 weeks to go. So, enough talk, here are the results and current contenders..... #knowthembytheirfeet  Lol!
NB: To convert lbs to kg,  divide the figure by 2.2

Nena: From 78.7kg. Lost 1.7kg so far.

Wunmi: From 69.2kg. lost 1.1kg so far.

Tess: From 81.8kg. Lost 2.1kg so far.

Pat: From 89.3kg. Gained 1.1kg so far. 

Titi: From 91.3kg. Lost 0.7kg so far.

MissB: From 101.1kg. Lost 0.9kg so far.

Sweetpie: From 74.7kg. Lost 3kg so far.

Amanda: From 78.7kg. Lost 3.2kg so far.

Flora: from 98.2kg. Lost 0.6kg so far.

Louisa: from 91.9kg. Lost 2.3kg so far.

Keep up the positive energy guys. I want to believe that you all are already seeing major differences your clothes, those are the main changes that count, pay minimal attention to the scale please. Workout, eat clean and cheat less, listen to your body and know when to slow down, this is not a do-or-die contest. All the best and God bless.