Wednesday, 30 July 2014

# challenge # Lose weight now

#workit weight loss challenge UPDATE!

Good morning Sweets,
This is just an update on the upcoming challenge. I like to be fair and realistic so here are a few things i would like to add:

  1. Because i know some people are working and wont have time to snap themselves, so i have decided to extend the deadline for sending in pictures to Saturday 12 noon GMT so anyone outside the country will be able to send also.
  2. Please send to
  3. Kindly reduce the size of your image, pity me so you don't eat up my data. Lol
  4. I wish you all the best of luck and please no cheating, Hehehe! God is watching.


  1. Thanks Cheliz, I hv liked ur page, will send in my weight n full pic by Saturday. Nena

  2. Plz can I crop out my face while I send d pic?