Monday, 21 July 2014

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What not to eat.

Good Morning Sweets, happy new week. And i pray for God's favor in all you do this week.
As a health conscious person or a weight watcher, do you find yourself at a party, confused about what to eat? Are you on a work training in a different country, or even in the same country but a different location? Are you newly married and your hubby or in laws don't understand you and don't allow you cook what you need? I totally understand you and know how you feel.

I was chatting with a friend last weekend, she wasn't happy because she had gained back all the weight she lost.  Her eating habit changed because she found herself in a different location (job related) She succumbed and ate whatever was available in that place.

Another lady also told me a while ago, that she was at her uncle's house and wasn't allowed to cook her own 'healthy' meals. Hmmm.....

Often times, we find ourselves in a bit of a fix, its especially hard for those that are just beginning their weight loss journey. Most times its because of work. Maybe a 3-day job training where you have to eat what you are served, or a holiday in a different country where the food is strange, etc...  Here are some tips which i think could help you when you find yourself in such situation....

  1. First of all you need to be prepared. Be prepared in the sense that you need to get a journal. A book where you write down all the kind of foods you need and all the kinds that you shouldn't be eating. Get acquainted with those you need (to stay healthy), be friends with them. Know their colors and tastes. Don't laugh o. This is important so that when you find yourself in a different location, you will be able to identify them or substitute them with something similar. I always tell people to avoid what they cannot pronounce or anything that doesn't look like a fresh plant or fruit. 
  2. Before traveling, get some packed snacks like dried fruits and nuts, you could even go with your own teas, coffee, yogurt, crackers, energy bars etc. Just in case you need a snack. At least you can get on a plane with these. Don't be taken unawares, and don't abandon your morning exercises just because you are in a different location. 
  3. Before going for a party, fill up at home with your own well cooked meals. Don't be going there with the hopes of loading up on party rice and coke, etc. You have a different life now, embrace it. It is not a sin to eat clean. 
  4. When at a part/buffet, (lets assume you went there under duress) *rolling my eyes* remove your throat from that oily red rice and co. (note to self, Hahahahaha!) Ehen, remove your throat from it, look for where you have salad or ask for some salad and chicken instead. If there is no chicken, ask for fish, if there is no fish, ask for ponmo, if there is no ponmo, drink ice water and go home. Gbam!! If its an all-you-can-eat buffet, then the Lord is your strength. My advise would be that you should just move to the pepper soup and/or salad section. 
  5. Drinks: This another tricky one since so many people have no idea of how many calories they drink per day. For the sake of parties, if you have to drink something like your life depended on it, then go for ice tea, zero calorie soda, or a glass of wine. Stay away from brandy and vodka. They are NOT fat burners (yes, you know yourselves). They think that by drinking more brandy, they will be burn fat, Na big lie!! 
  6. If you find yourself in a home where you are not allowed to cook certain meals, for instance, they want to fry plantain, and you want to make salad. Here's what to do: take out time to explain to all or a member of the family, tell them the importance of eating healthy and the benefits. If they still refuse to listen, then you got no option than to pray and tag along but keep PORTION CONTROL in mind. 
  7. Portion control: In all i have pointed above, be it a party or whatever, remember to eat small sized portions. Lets say you are left with no option, and you are very hungry at a party, then take some spoons of rice and eat your meat, drink lots and lots of water and excuse yourself. The earlier you left the party, the better for you and your body.
  8. It's not every where that you must go to. If you have a choice, chose the safer one. If you know that going to a party will mean you eat cake and sugar and lots of sin foods and your friends will taunt you till you drink 10 glasses or alcohol, then excuse yourself and stay home. Don't let all your hard work be in vain. 
  9. If your case has entered another level, meaning you have already done it and its showing, then you have to re-evaluate and start from square one. Identify your mistakes and go back to the drawing board. Start from number 1 again.
  10. After all said and done, its always good to put in a few minuites of exercise just to help burn more calories. E.g if you just got back from a party where you ate more than you should, then be ready to work out a bit more the next day. This will help you maintain a steady weight loss. 
Be wise and always do your best to make the right choices. No one is perfect including me. At times, I have my bad and worst days, but i still get up and get going. When i remember 110 kg, fear grips me, i know i never want to experience it again by God's grace. Find your strength and keep moving. Be reminded that food is only fuel for your body, eat wisely and stay healthy. Bottom line in all this is determination, if you are determined, not even a bowl of red jollof rice and friend chicken can move you, trust me.  God bless.

*Are you ready for the August challenge? Hehehe!......


  1. Good afternoon Cheliz, saying no to food especially during training or buffet is quite challenging but the truth is that when one is DETERMINED you can do it. Recently, we had an event in the office and the company paid like $50 for lunch for each staff. I was tempted to eat o, seeing the jollof, oririsiri meat. But I remembered my #shapeup June. I just opted for fish pepper soup and salad for the main course and I drank water. I left the restaurant immediately after eating, because staying longer can tempt me further. At the end of the day, I was happy for the choice I made. What is the point getting depressed after eating the Food of life. Hahahahahhah.

    1. That's a great choice you made, you deserve a 'pat in the back' for that. As long as its the company that is paying and not you, you shouldn't be bothered about who's eating the food. Lol. Better safe than sorry. All the best dear.