Wednesday, 2 July 2014

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Secrets to a glowing skin.

Hi sweets,
Did you know that just by eating clean and healthy food, you could reverse a lot of ailments, issues etc that you might be having. Yes both physical and emotionally, everything could change in just 1 week of eating right. I have heard a lot of stories of people with diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, high blood sugar, etc getting better. How did they do it? They ate natural foods and eliminated processed foods from their lives.


  1.   EATING CLEAN: Those that have started eating clean, can give testimony on this. These foods contain essential vitamins for good skin and antioxidants that help to eliminate toxins from the body.There are many items that you can eat to look good but, here are just 5 that you should eat more of if you want a glowing skin:

  • Tomatoes
  • Pure cocoa powder.
  • Red bell pepper
  • Green vegetables.
  • Pawpaw.
  • *Most of them are embedded in my meal plan*

    2.    SWEAT:  Is another very important thing you need for a great skin. You need to sweat it out real good. Sweat is the best thing that has ever happened to me during this my weight loss journey. Before now (being in an air conditioned office) i hardly sweat. My skin was always dry and itchy etc. Since i found this secret, i can't go a day without sweating. On days that i don't workout, i try to do a bit of house chores to enable me sweat it out a bit. 
  • It keeps my skin supple
  • Eliminates toxins.
  • I think i look brighter/lighter (no be cream tins o) Lol!
  • My skin is a bit clearer than before.

It a lovely feeling when after you workout in the morning, then go take a nice cold bath.....hmm! Hahaha! Mind you, i have spent a lot of money on lightening lotions and co in the past but none has been as consistent as eating right and sweating it out.

    3.  REST: This is very very important. If you don't find time to rest, you will look like a zombie. Lol with swollen eyes and dry skin. Yes,  know this for sure because it happens to me. When i don't get enough rest, it quickly shows on me. Try and squeeze in some time for relaxation, maybe at the spa or just in your room, just rest. 

So guys, start eating clean, working out and resting, i know its a bit hard to do. Start slow, but be consistent. Start by including them in your daily meals and activities one by one, day by day. With time, you will become a pro at it. Best of Luck and God bless.

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  1. Good Morning Cheliz, wishing you a great day ahead.

    Am still hanging in here. MissB

    1. Oh blessed morning to you MissB. I wish you a great day too. Keep hanging in there dear, we need results. Will send you a mail soon. Network has been poor since morning, I havent been able to do much. Take care dear and thanks.

  2. Very true @ cheliz. In addition, using a sunscreen, moisturizer and regular facials can add glow to one's skin. I'm a witness #berry