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Ifeadi's weight loss story

Hey Sweeties, Hope you all had a blessed weekend? I am beginning to sound like a broken record Lol! I'm so sorry I wasn't able to post anything for days now, network has really, really been poor. Thank God for today though. Guess what? Its motivation Monday!!!!

Today, I would like for you to read Ifeadi’s story. She’s been a longtime friend of mine, right from university days in UNN.  I have written about her in the past, but this here is updated and dedicated to her. Remember when I told you guys in my own story, that it was a picture of a friend I saw (among other things) which made me fired up to lose weight? Well, she’s the one. She really helped to kick-start my weight loss journey, she was a huge support. I used to tease her then that God was using her, she would laugh. Her story really touched me, and her pictures Wow!! When I saw her progress, I was still pregnant for my second baby, but she kept on pushing me and inspiring me to try and lose the weight when I deliver. Then I was in a weight loss group which she and another friend created. She was really of great help to me in many ways. She also motivates a lot of ladies to lose weight the healthy way and stay happy. Continue to read her story below...

Who is Ifeadi?
Ifeadi is a Wife, Mother, Sister, a very hard working lady too.

Why did you decide to lose weight?
"The fear of 100 kg, and the quest to become fit and healthy. One day, my husband brought home a scale and when I checked my weight, I weighed a whopping 97 kgs, and a dress size 20 UK. I was so scared I told myself that I didn't want to hit a 100 kgs. I was sad and a bit depressed at the numbers, from that day I made up my mind. I tried to lose the weight, so I decided to starve, lost only 2 kgs, gained it back and I gave up. A few months later, I decided to choose the healthy way with much encouragement from my friend Uche. She thought me the first few basics of a healthy weight loss"

What was your goal weight?
I weighed 97 kg at start, I had a goal weight of 65 kg which means I had to lose 32 kgs.

How did you do it?
"In the past, I had tried so many things that didn't work therefore, I knew I had to go the natural route this time, I wanted to do it the healthy way."

  • I found myself a good support system, my friend Uche, my family, colleagues and friends 
  • I changed my diet and ate clean wholesome foods.
  • I took baby steps. 
  • I ate a whole lot of fruits and vegetables.
  • I drank loads of water daily.
  • I eliminated a lot of bad food from my life, e.g coke, bread etc.
  • I took baby steps; I didn't want to rush it.
  • I had help from my family and friends.
  • I involved everyone, they all knew I was on a journey so they knew not to tempt or distract me.
  • I worked out a lot. On some days I did a morning and night routine.
  • I did a lot of exercises; I did the aerobics, cardio, anaerobic, athletic exercises etc. I also did a lot of strength of training, whenever I went to the gym, all the guys just clear out of the weight section for me…lol. I was dragging the weight machines with them, I do a lot of dumbbells and kettlebell exercises too.
  • After my first 15kg, Uche and I decided to create a weight loss group called ‘Fit & Fabulous’ because we were inundated with questions and requests for tips from sooo many people. We decided to help others find a healthy life.
  • Being in the group and helping so many others helped to keep me on track and helped me lose the rest of the weight. I appreciate every one of them.

On the right was when she weighed 75kgs.

How long did it take you to reach your goal and what do you weigh now?
I have lost about 27kgs. I started in August 2012 at 97 kg and it took me about 9 months to get to 75 kg then by 12 months I weighed 69 kg. Currently I fluctuate between 70 kg and 69kg (dress size: UK10) and I feel very confident with it. My target weight was 65kg. At some point in my weight loss I realized that it wasn't all about the target weight but also about the target body. So at around 75 kg that is after losing about 22 kgs I decided to focus on sculpting and toning specific areas of my body like thighs, arms and belly to become very tight and toned. I am happy about my current weight, I am within a healthy BMI and I am focused on staying healthy and sculpting the perfect body.
Left was her first day at the gym, right is a current pic.

How do you maintain your shape

  • I maintain my shape and weight by sticking to the total lifestyle change. I eat clean as much as I can and stay away from junk food. 
  • Moderation is my watch word. I eat moderately, and always know my limit.
  • What I do now basically is to tone and sculpt. I mainly workout to tone up some areas of my body like upper arms, thighs etc.
  • I still do a lot of weight training. That is using the weight machines at the gym, also with dumbbells and kettle bells.

What keeps you motivated?

  • I definitely love my body now. The new me keeps me motivated
  • My girls from ‘Fit & Fabulous’ keep me motivated. They are the best support system a girl on a journey like this can ask for.
  • I have people that look up to me to help keep them on the healthy path.
  • My drive for fitness keeps me motivated.
  • I am like a role model to a lot of ladies and would not want to let them down.

How do you feel about yourself now?
“One word, SEXY!!” “ Hahahaha! …and of course fit & fabulous!”

Do you have any personal tips or advice for people trying to lose weight?

  • I have done all sorts of things to lose weight; therefore I know there is no short cut. Do it the healthy way through a clean diet and constant exercise
  • Stay focused.
  • Stay motivated
  • Find a support system and stick with it.
  • Know that it will take time. It took a while for you to gain the weight, so it will take a while to burn.
  • Pray about it, ask God for the grace to start and finish through.

So that’s her story, she’s still very much into the fitness life and maintains a full time job. She finds time to keep fit even with a tight schedule. If she can do it, you too can. I know its hard to squeeze in time for exercise with the kind of jobs some people do, but I always tell people that as long as you can eat, then you might as well eat healthy. Exercise is secondary(but very much important). Instead of packing those bad foods, try and make healthy choices.
This is a current pic of her. Looks like she's 20 yrs younger!!!

Dearest Ifeadi, thanks for a lot for sharing your story with us, God bless you and keep you. May He continue to give you the grace to be a a role model to others and may you never lack any good thing in Jesus name. Amen.

If you have been reading through all the weight loss stories on this blog, you would have noticed a pattern by now, they all did it by eating clean and exercising. There is no short cut to it. Yes, some weight loss pills, shakes, drinks, etc may work but, they are short lived. My opinion: You can use them to speed up things but don’t rely fully on them.  I hope you guys got motivated with her story, because I did and still do. The human body is capable of a lot of things, you can NEVER know until you try. God bless.


  1. Awwww...proud of my girl ifeadi.

  2. The last pic is so so beautiful I've got to admit. The fat really hid "beautiful ifeadi"(not famzing cos I no sabi am) happy she got rid of all that fat. All I wanna shed now is 8kg,just 8kg. Fina.

    1. Lol Fina. You are already on track na, right?

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  3. That's my babe! So proud of u love. The transformation is amazing.
    Seriously, looking back at the way u girls looked back then in UNN as single girls and d way u look now am married ladies and mothers, I can't help but be motivated. I have already started taking baby steps cos I ve come to realise that losing weight is achievable when u are determined nd focused and also patient. Ife luv, u rock.

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  5. Titilayo Akinnola-Olayele7 July 2014 at 16:35

    I'm so fired up and ready to go. Thanks for sharing her story and thank you for this blog, it has really motivated me.

  6. Wow! Nice motivation story to kick start the week. Ifeadi you have done well o, God will continue to strengthen you.

    Cheliz, meanwhile I missed your posts, No "Friday goodness" last Friday. Anyway Fyi, chelizrubycubeblogspot is my "support program" as advised by Ifeadi. Hahahahahahhah. this FAT must go ooh. Thanks for your support so far. MIssB

    1. Thanks MissB. You know am always here for you babe. My dear, forgive me, I will try and make up for that this week by God's grace. Take care luv.

  7. Yes,cheliz,I'm on track..but won't using dumbbells make one's arms muscular? Just asking. Fina.

    1. Hahahaha! Hmmm Fina dear, if its like that, then I should resemble 'the hulk'. It wont dear, it takes more than just dumbbells for one to bulk up like that. Working with weights is what you need to tone up ur upper arms and torso real fast. It burns chest fat and builds muscles in the upper body.

  8. hi Cheliz, how can one get this meal plan, cuz i realized if you dont have ur meal planned you eventually missed it.

    1. You are right dear, trying to lose weight without a meal plan is practically a waste of time. Call me or mail me for more info, but no sms. Thanks. 08025806183

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  9. Thank you so much for this blog you have inspired me.Please keep posting cause i will be reading your blog to help me stay inspired.Great post!