Thursday, 24 July 2014

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How to manage your wardrobe while losing weight.

Yesterday, a friend (MissB) was asking how i managed my wardrobe while on my journey. She's been losing weight and some of her clothes are getting loose. She asked me to make it a post today so others can benefit from it as well. Sweetpie's testimony made it more obvious that it is very much needed.

I went from a dress size 20-22 to a size US6-8. You can imagine the difference. I practically gave up all my clothes eventually. When one is on a weight loss journey, especially if you started out as very overweight, you find out that almost every month or two you drop a dress size(depending on how hard you work) That would mean you changing your wardrobe frequently? Lets be realistic, who wants to keep spending on new clothes like that? So here are some tips to help with the changes.....
See the huge difference? I don't have any before/after picture with a particular outfit. I so hated my big clothes that i tossed them instantly. Lol.

  1. First of all, buy a dress and/or a  pair of pants in the size you want to stop at. Lets say you wear a size 20 now and you want to slim down to a size 10, then buy a dress in size 10 keep it. It will help you know when to stop and it will give you motivation to keep going as you keep fitting into it.
  2. Look for a tailor or use your sewing machine to adjust the clothes that have become loose. Adjust your gowns, dresses, tops etc. Take advantage of the obioma guys, they are good at it. I did this a lot and it paid off. I saved my money for future small sizes.
  3. If you have to buy new clothes, maybe because of work or because some of your clothes are just not workable, then go slow. Buy them one or 2 at a time. If you go on a shopping spree, then be ready to give them out. 
  4. If you have to buy, then do basic colors like black or white. No one will know if you wear your black pants to work 3 times a week. Just change the tops. Hehehe!! At a point i had just 2 pairs of black denim pants. Nobody knew except me Lol!!
  5. Don't give away your small-size clothes. Even if you haven't decided to lose weight yet, just keep those old trendy clothes you have, they will come in handy someday. I made this mistake and regretted it a bit. I feel better when i realized that i wouldn't have been able to wear them because i am now slimmer than that size. 
  6. Look for cloth sales. If you really need to buy new ones, then take advantage of sales all around you, buy then cheap since you'll soon get rid of them anyways.
  7. If you have a younger sister or relation that is smaller in size, then seize the opportunity (like i did) My younger sister don hear nwii hahahaha! I kept raiding her wardrobe, i saved my money. Who'd have thunk it? Shout out to Fomeli!!  But this small girl showed me pepe sha chai!! *wink wink* 
                                               Here we are, wearing the same dress. Hehehe!

      8.  When you have reached your goal weight, go through your wardrobe, sort out all your clothes (wanted and unwanted)then freely go shopping and replenish. Enjoy your body and your new found figure.   
    9.  As you give away those clothes, don't ever look back and promise yourself never to go back to that size again. You know how hard you worked for it. Even better, you know there's nothing for a 'big' you to wear. Congrats!
Keep using your old clothes to track your progress(Don't depend on the scale alone.) Once you fit into one size, toss it and move unto the next size, keep fitting into it till it becomes loose (depending on your goal weight.) If anyone had told me that i would wear a size 8 dress today, i would never have believed. The day i finally fit into a size 14 dress that i kept (never wore)since 2008, it felt like a miracle. The only reason i kept that dress was because it was very expensive. The sad part is that its currently too loose on me. I tried to fit it, but it just refused to come out right. From 2008 till today, i wore that dress just once to church last year. Sad! Thanks for making me post this MissB, God bless you real good. I know it will help someone today.

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  1. Thanks Cheliz for sharing. The tips will really help. Big hugs to your sister at least for the fact she shared her clothes with you. But now, na you go hear nwiiii, you don dey hear am sef cos she nor go allow your wardrobe rest anymore Lol. MissB

    1. You are welcome MissB. Lol! Not even letting her come close.

  2. Hello cheliz, God bless u for the wonderful work u r doing here. First time commenter but I have been following your blog for a while. I am an overweight nursing mother and I really need help to shed all this fat, I currently weigh 116kg and with your story you have given me hope that it is possible. I am currently trying to take baby steps to change my lifestyle with weight loss in mind and with God on my side and encouragement from u,I will testify. As you help others, God will also open doors for u and you will get help when you need it. JAY

    1. Thanks Jay. Amen. First of all you need to condition your mind towards weightloss. You being overweight could be hindering you, I know av been there. This is one thing no one can force you to do, you do it for you. You need this dear. And then you will/must change your diet for a healthy weight loss. Pls call me if u dont mind so we can talk. Take care and God bless you too luv.

  3. Pls what number can I call you on. JAY