Tuesday, 10 June 2014

# challenge # shape up

Day 9 of the 'shape-up' weight loss challenge.

Hey Sweets, I know I said I wouldn't do this anymore, but cus I love y'all so much, I couldn't gather enough liver to keep to that promise. Lol. Besides, I was afraid that some people on the 'shape up' challenge might fall off the wagon. With weight loss, one needs a steady source of support to keep going. So i decided to do this every other day. But please i am always here for you, feel free to call me anytime.

Did you have a salad yesterday? Remember we tagged this week: 'a-salad-a-day week' so please if you missed yours yesterday, organize a plate for today. You can have any kind of salad apart from fruit salad, as long as its raw. See ingredients for a basic salad below: (You can mix all or at least 4 items on the list)
*Please make sure you don't cook any of the ingredients before eating. Just wash in salted cold water*

Salad ingredients:
  1. Lettuce
  2. Cabbage
  3. Carrots
  4. Green peas
  5. Red onions
  6. Tomatoes
  7. Green pepper
  8. Running beans
  9. Raisins : sprinkle on your salad for some sweetness, so you don't have to use mayo or salad cream.
Tips for today:
  1. Have a bowl of salad as breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  2. Drink your water. At least 3 liters.
  3. This week, incorporate a bit of carbs into your diet. 
  4. Keep your dinner small and cute.

Exercise ideas: (these workouts are for those that don't go to the gym or have any tools to work with at home)
  • 30 sec of jumping jacks.
  • 30 min walk.
  • 30 sec of jumping jacks.
  • Crunches 3 sets of 10
  • 2 mins stretch.
How was the cleanse week and how did you feel at the end of it? I hope you didn't spoil your hard work by 'diving' into the hot Sunday rice? Hahahaha! By now, your cravings for processed foods should have eased a bit.

I and some people are doing 2000 squats this week, i did mine (400 squats) yesterday, I just finished another 400squats this morning. It wasn't funny at first i swear,by the time i was done, my thighs were vibrating. Lol!! I noticed it gets easier.  But, what was i thinking??? See what i got myself into biko nu!!! I will have to challenge myself to finish it, i have 1200 more to go this week. I never back out of a challenge, don't think i'll start now.

Keep up the good work guys, many of you are really doing well with your meals. I know we will all see results at the end of the month by God's grace. God bless you . I love you from the bottom of my heart. *hugs and kisses* Don't forget to share your experiences plzzz.

*Please contact me if you need a meal plan to guide you. Thanks


  1. Thank u... The pictures are inspiring. This morning I've had 3bottles of water,1banana,1boiled egg and a slice of wheat bread with green tea laced with lemon.. Did a Lil work out... Feels like a good day... Wud hv Moi Moi at noon and salad for dinner. Snack on apples and watermelon. I prayed about ds journey today and asked God to help and honestly I feel energized. I know I might get tempted during the day but I can do all things thru Christ dt strengthens me. Thanks for the encouragements u give. Ps:for pancake lovers Like me,I just discovered u can make it with oats instead of flour. I think it's more healthy. Goodluck to everyone.. Don't give up ok? No pain,no gain. Amanda.

    1. Amanda sweetie thanks for this. Now you see why its key to have a plan. Knowing what to eat next and getting it organised always helps 100% You have more advantage at reaching your goal weight. Pls fight the temptation ok, you are doing awesome. God bless you and load you with the strength and grace to see this thru. Take care.

  2. Good Morning Cheliz, still hanging in here o. I was tempted to eat a bowl of rice last night just because I was angry my neck isn't long yet. LOL And I remembered you said it will take 4weeks for me to notice changes in my body. I overcame the temptation by telling myself if I go off my diet now that means I wont get the result of what I have been working hard for in the last few days.

    So, I had a plate of home made spinach veg instead. I was happy I made a healthier choice and I didn't have to feel guilty after eating. Lol.

    Thanks for being there always. MissB

    1. Hahahahaha! Miss B so u want long neck? Lol! I dont even know what to say again. You leave me speechless everytime. My dear u did well by overcoming that rice temptation. Not that rice is bd but gain control first. That was a craving and not real hunger. Theres a difference. Keep it up dear. Hmmm, she aint smiling oo!!!!! *big hug*

    2. It gets better every day.....I started with 200 skips (getting to 200 was a struggle) now it's 400-500 before I start sweating, my thighs ached like mad at first but now my body doesn't complain anymore . Cutting down on my food portions was the hardest and eating fruits 4 dinner has become easy. Started spiking my water with lime ystday, I cut 2 in halves n put them in my water flask, I refill with water till I'm done for the day before throwing them out. That way I'm able to drink lotsa water n it helps with detox. Loving this challenge n cnt wait to see what my scale says at the end of the month!

  3. I'm proud of you Efe!!!!! The best is yet to come deary. Keep it up!