Monday, 16 June 2014

# butt exercises # challenge

Day 15 of the 'shape-up' weight loss challenge.

Good Morning Sweets,
Sorry i posted a bit late today, i had to settle one small bizniz this morning. Lol. I had a very tight weekend and it spilled into my schedule today. Anyways, how are you sweets doing? I am doing great, and my Lord Jesus has been good to me.

This post will be mostly about updates and tips.....Sorry no weight loss story today :(


  1. 2000 squats: Please o, where are the people that said they will do this with me? Did you get to finish? Well I am sure I did 1900 squats, then i lost count somewhere. Hahahah! Oh boyy eehhh!!! My thighs ached for days, in fact it was just yesterday that i stopped feeling the pain. I love the feeling though, and my thighs feel very 'hard'. That's the feeling i was going for. Squats is a very good way of burning fat and toning the lower body. 
  2. In case I didn't mention this earlier, I also want to lose some weight this month, my target is 4 kg,  but if I shed 2 kg i will be glad. You know the more you lose weight, the harder it gets. It took me almost 3 months to go from 88 kg to 84 kg so expect the unexpected. Lol! 
  3. Those of you sweets that are on the 'shape up' challenge please give us update oooooo!!!!. Did you do the 'a-salad-a-day' kini? Lol Hmmmm......I haven't heard from some people oo, please give us a shout lets know you are fine, I don't want to mention names, but I will be tempted to do so very soon. *They know themselves.* Hahahahaha!
  4. How do you feel body-wise, do you feel different? Do your clothes feel lose now? Are people noticing the difference? Whats your eating habit like? Do you still crave? I didn't say you should run and climb scale o, hahahaha! I know some people are checking in secret. hhhmmmm....God is watching u o!

Tips for this week: 

  1. Water, water you cant stop now.
  2. If you haven't been exercising, please start this week, if you add some form of exercise to your routing, the weight will come off faster and your body shapes up and firms up real good.
  3. Balanced diet. Keep maintaining a balanced diet and you are good to go.
  4. Avoid sweets, sodas, ice cream (cold stone lovers), bread, processed rice etc.
  5. Cheat less. Don't make it a priority to cheat, if you don't feel like it, then leave it. 
  6. Sleep more. The more you sleep, the easier for the weight to come off.
  7. Do not starve. The body is a machine that needs fuel to work, when you don't fuel it, its packs up. Gbam!!
  8. Do not skip breakfast. 

Exercises to try:

  1. Swim for 1hrs
  2. 200 squats in 30 mins
  3. Skip for 1hr or 1000 skips
  4. Walk for 30 mins
  5. Jog for 30 mins. (Rest/walk every 10 mins)
  6. Go up and down the stairs for 30 mins

My sweets, in weight loss, its very easy to lose hope and enter into depression. trust me i know that feeling. Its worse when you reach a plateau. I personally don't believe most bad situations are permanent. It will be what YOU make of it. When you keep going at what you want (your goal) you will reach it by God's grace. I reached a plateau more that 3 times in my weight loss journey, but look at me now, i still reached my goal and surpassed it. Who then says you cant do same or better? The power is in your hands sweetie, PUSH! work your body, eat right, stay focused that's all....every other thing follows. Its not all about looking skinny, but feeling better and being better all round.  God bless.
*Don't hesitate to contact me for a personalized meal plan(not free) People are already enjoying theirs*


  1. How many kgs do I have to lose before I see changes in my body, clothes, etc. This is my second week. Every day I read more on weight loss. I've learnt that having a gud knowledge about calories, how to calculate the amount of calories u consume per meal,helps a whole lot.before I put anything in my mouth,I calculate d calories. Loool... Feels like I'm acting crazy but I want results biko. Maybe u shud shed more light on calories so everyone will know. 2nd week, stl won't eat rice,yam,eba or spag...except wheat bread. 2slices for breakfast.. Though I slipped a little bit last week just a little putting 3 spoons of rice in my mouth or three small moles of eba. God will save me from perching on my husband's food. Imagine cooking an amazing meal and u can't even eat from it. God dey oh. I just need to start seeing changes so i'd be encouraged. Thanks for the post. Amanda

    1. Hi Amanda, it really depends on your body. Some pple lose weight faster than others. For some it may take 8 to 10 weeks before they start seeing changes. It took me 10kgs before pple started noticing that i was actually losing weight. but i noticed the difference after i lost 5kgs. I have done a post on calorie counting, but i can update you on that later. I didnt say you shouldn't eat rice dear, That was for the cleanse week. You can eat rice and yam, they are good for you, just mind your portions. That's why i said you should come and buy a meal plan to help you. It goes a long way. Rice is healthier than wheat bread. (depending on the kind of rice you are having). thanks and take care.

    2. Plz what kind of rice is better for weight loss? #God bless u for this great Blog# #so inspiring#

    3. Hi Benita. Thanks and God bless you too. Whole grain rice is what you need to be eating, it doesnt shock your blood sugar. Lol! Take care.

  2. Good Morning Cheliz, I am doing fine today. Yeah, I notice my clothes are becoming a bit freer sha. God dey o. And God is watching us that are still checking the scale in secret hahahahahahhaah. Its not easy sha cos I need to be sure I am not doing this in vain. And for once in my life, I didn't over eat last weekend. I made the uGu and Okro recipe, so I kept taking a bit of the soup whenever I felt like eating anything on Saturday. Being part of this challenge is like a total life style change for me. I have more control over my cravings now. So please tell me, should we stay away from chicken this period or what?( Personally, I stopped taking beef since January so I do chicken or turkey) cos I realised you didn't add any fish, meat, chicken with your Ugu and Okro soup. MissB

    1. hey Miss B. You are really making good efforts, i am proud of you. *stop cheking the scale ehhhh!!! Lol! The Lord is your strength. I had my ugu and okro with 1 egg for breakfast. i would have loved to add chicken to it, but cus it was breakfast, i didn't really mind. Chicken, turkey and beef are good for you, go ahead and have them in controlled portions. Thanks for trying the recipe. God bless.

  3. My thighs are very fat. Will doing squats help me?