Monday, 2 June 2014

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Breakfast Options: The Goodness of Cereals.

Happy New Month to y'all! Yes, June is here, 6 months almost gone wow! I wish you all a blessed and favored month in Jesus name, Amen.

I'm sure there are people like me out there that don't fancy having rice or beans for breakfast Lol. I grew up having tea and bread for breakie most days, and i kinna got stuck with that. Even when i was pregnant, i never had those early morning eba and soup cravings, it was always tea and bread.... Since i started my journey, i have been forced to seek other breakfast options. Hmmmm, If not weight loss can be very boring when you have very little food options. So whats the next best thing?......

Cereals are a great way of making sure you get filled up in the mornings, most of them are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that we need. But you know because we are trying to lose weight or keep in shape, 'low calorie' is key. I put together a list of low calorie cereals that i love (aside from oats), these are the ones you can find almost in every store here in Nigeria......

  1. Kellogg's Whole grain Cheerios
  2. Kellogg's All-bran
  3. Shredded wheat.
  4. Kellogs special K
  5. Kellogs fruit and fibre. (This is my best. It has dried fruits etc in it)

Here are some things you need to know first:
  1. Ensure you are buying 'whole grain' cereals. They contain more fibre.
  2. Ensure that you stick with the measurement and serving suggestions. Depending on your calorie needs, on the average, breakfast should be between 300 to 400 calories.
  3. Use low fat milk for your cereals.
  4. Don't add sugar. That's why i prefer the ones with raisins. Raisins are sweet and great for weight loss.
  5. Drink a lot of water afterwards.
  6. If you buy plain cereals, you can add your own nuts, raising, granola, coconut chips, etc
Next time you go shopping, try and get up to 3 cereal options so that you don't have to worry about what to eat. Another great thing is that you can pack your cereal in a small bowls for work. Try not to get tempted at work. Lol. God bless.


  1. Thanks cheliz dearie for the info, I love corn flakes so much but have not been taking it because of weight loos, so now I can have alternative for breakfast.

    1. Hi Stella how have you been? Cornflakes is good, just make sure you dont over do it. Take care.

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  3. i use dano skimmed milk, i hope its ok.

    1. Yes of course Sweetpie, its great. Thanks.

  4. Cheliz thanks a lot 4 dis breakfast tips. Love u

  5. Hi Cheliz Ruby, is it ok to use soya milk for my cereal?

  6. Hi Cheliz Ruby, is it ok to use soya milk for my cereal?

  7. Hi. Sure its ok as long as its not the type loaded with sugar. Thanks.

  8. I stopped taking breakfast completely after Easter period coz just like you, breakfast in my house is ALWAYS bread and tea.
    Thanks for this suggestion..I'll start having my breakfast