Thursday, 22 May 2014

The 'BIG' tummy wahala.

Hi sweets,
I didn't want to write on this topic because i have done so in the past, but since many people seem to be having issues with bloated and or 'big tummy' i just had to do this. In case you want to refresh on my past posts please read  here for how to reduce the bulge without exercise and then here for how to reduce it with exercise.

Personally, i think the tummy is the toughest and last area of the body to flatten and reduce because:

  1. We carry it in the mid-section and we can't move it around like we do other parts of the body. 
  2. Due to surgery associated with child birth, it takes a while to work on it. Then before you know it, extra fat is added and it becomes harder.
  3. Some of us find it difficult, very difficult to stop eating those things that are the main cause of this 'big tummy'. 

If you really need the flat tummy, then its time to tell yourself the truth. There is really no magic to it, you have to do the work involved to reduce it. If you do all the tummy exercises in this world, spend 24 hrs in the gym, and still don't check what you EAT, its all a waste of time and energy. Even if you go under the knife, the doctor will still warn you to watch what you eat. 

Firstly, reduce or stop eating these items below: 
  1. Bread (#1 culprit)
  2. Starchy foods.
  3. Sugar
  4. Beer and all manner of alcohol
  5. All kinds of Soda
  6. Full fat milk.
  7. Pastries (meat pie and co)
Secondly, Don't eat the things above late at night. You will wake up bloated and grumpy, worse is if you continue doing so, the fat will build up.

Thirdly, its time to change your life style. Change the things you eat, eat healthy.  Find what works for you and be ready to sustain it. Light meals at night and lots of water throughout the day. Cleanse at least once a week.

Lastly, exercise. Put in some minutes a day to help tighten the lose skin that comes with a shrinking mid-section. (see the exercises in my past posts above)If you lose all the belly fat and don't tone the muscles around it (especially for new mums) the skin in that area will sag. So the only safe way to tighten it up is by working out real good. It takes time, but it will eventually happen.

If you just had a baby, please keep breastfeeding your young one as much as you can, because breastfeeding itself helps flatted the tummy. Although you need to mind the amount of carbs you eat.  Then when you are done with that, change up your diet and increase the tempo of your exercises. Work, work, work! That's the only way, you will get what you want. Stay strong! Take care and God bless.


  1. i will get there sha...slurping on my peppersoup... can't we have multigrain bread?

    1. Dats the spirit girl! Multigrain bread is cool, but easy with it o, not more than 2 slices.

  2. Is it possible to have a flat belly after caesarean sections. I don't know what to do anymore but I hate the bulge.

    1. A very big 'yes'. it is possible my sweet.