Monday, 19 May 2014

# Motivation monday

Nicole's weight loss Story.

Good morning Sweets,
I hope y'all enjoyed your weekend. Its Monday again, and you know how i love to dish some motivation and ginger to keep the heat up! I would love for you to read the story of a very sweet and adorable lady. I think she has the warmest smile. Her name is Nicole and she's a natural hair aficionado and blogger. Her blog; is my favorite hair blog. I have followed her hair story for a while now, She doesn't know this, but she motivated me to cut my hair and grow it naturally. I have been on no relaxer for 6 months now, and i love it! Thanks Nicole! She's been on a weight loss journey and blogs about that too. She also gives tips on what she eats. She gave the low-down on her weight loss and i begged her to share her story with us here. So happy she agreed.  I know someone will be inspired today. Here's exactly what she posted on her blog some days ago.......

CURLIES!!! Many of you have been following my healthy lifestyle journey- that began in March 2013. I had reached an all time high in my weight gain- and was well OVER 250lbs (#truthmoment- it’s the first time I’ve shared that number with my CurlFriends! I was bad, y’all!)-

I had allowed myself to completely disregard my health, my comfort, and honestly- my happiness. I was an athlete all through high school- and even did track in college- but once school was out, my activity level plummeted, and my college ‘fast food’ eating habits stuck around…

Fast forward to March 2013- at this point, over the past 3 years I’d managed to lose 30lbs (and gain it back plus more!) FOUR TIMES. All by exercise- I joined a gym, got a trainer, started walking- you name it. I even managed to drop 30 lbs in 2 months by my wedding day- but I was still heavier than I’d ever been-
Not good. I just didn’t feel like…me.

Well- I was almost 2 years into my natural hair journey and going natural had been (HAS BEEN!) such a liberating journey of self discovery that it has caused me all sorts of reflection. I started thinking- if being natural/using clean products is so important to my hair- why can’t I apply this to my body/health? If someone had told me 2 years before that I would give up relaxers- I would’ve LAUGHED IN THEIR FACE! And here I am. Maybe if I give up eating poorly, I can succeed there too?

Coincidentally, at this time one of my close friends decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle (a drastic change for her)- I was inspired by her willingness to ‘try something new,’ and though I knew that I wouldn’t do away with meat forever- I knew that I could probably cut back a lot- and add more veggies. My thoughts were- Even if I didn’t lose weight, hopefully my health would improve, right? So I educated myself on ‘meatless’ dishes, and veggie alternatives- and the eating was SOOO good-

And not only did my health improve- cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides- everything- but the weight was coming off! AND FAST!

Even my husband- who wasn’t fully committed to a healthy lifestyle- and still ate meat outside of the house whenever- saw huge results!
And with ZERO EXERCISE. Not one day in the gym. All these years of going back and forth with my weight- without realizing that I can have the BEST workout plan and the BEST trainer- but if I don’t know how to eat clean and healthy- I will never have a sustainable healthy weight. Never.

That doesn’t mean working out isn’t important. My big update is that I AM working out. But nothing crazy- no jumping in hard, and setting myself up to quit- it’s about long term, sustainable habits. Right now, I’m in terrible shape- while I am lighter, I don’t have the stamina I need to run a marathon. But that’s okay- and to be expected. My first goal is to- Just get out there and move. 3 times a week, I am putting on my workout gear, and walking a few laps in the park.

I don’t have a time goal, or distance goal- I just walk until I’m totally burned out- then I do ONE MORE lap past that point, and call it a day. The first day it was about 20 mins of walking- but by the end of the week (my 3rd walking trip)- I walked for 45 minutes. Yup. I’m doing this.

I’m not watching the scale the same way, and hoping to just feel results- but no matter what, I am happy to have made it this far.

For those Curlies starting a healthy journey- I’m right here with y’all- way to go! For those looking for some inspiration- scroll up, I transformed- you can too. Oh, and Mrs. First Lady- you think you have ripped arm muscles?

Just wait till you see my newest ‘After’ Pic- I’m gettin there little by little
Keep up the hard work, Curlies! It will take LESS time to fix, than the years it took to get off track- stick with it!


Wow! Congrats again Nicole, I am impressed. Keep it burning till you reach your ultimate goal. Its all about determination, self control and focus. You have that in you and i love you for that. Thank you and God bless you for sharing your story with us, and for being an inspiration. #teamnatural :)

Sweets, please follow Nicole's hair story on she has loads and loads of natural hair tips and more. God bless.


  1. Am encouraged. I just need a little push to revive my determination. I refuse to give up.

    1. Sure you can do this dear. Stay strong.

  2. i'm impressed and i took a picture of myself today.. was shocked at what i saw.. my belly fat is reducing gradually. cant wait to start rocking sleeveless and tight tops...choi... btw cheliz ruby, i bought flaxseeds today at the store dunno what to make of them.. i also got dried watermelon and sesame seeds.. i sprinkled that on my fruit salad today and enjoyed it, but that flaxseed i need directions

    1. Hey Ebonie, am happy to hear ur already seeing results. Flax seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds etc are realy good for you. Loaded with fibre and good fat for the heart and organs. Toast them and Chew like you would any other seed or nuts. Sprinkle on your cereals or yogurt. They make good granola too. they stay fresh in sealed containers. Luv u sweetie.

  3. Could have sworn I lost some weight last week(bbm confused smiley) but was totally disappointed when I checked my weight today and saw that I've added an extra 3kg!!!!!!!!! I wanna slim down and stay slim at the same time,help me cheliz! Help!! Fina

    1. Fine dear, pls dont beat up urself. First I want to ask, when did you weigh urself? Pls weigh urself in the morning before breakfast or water, if possible weigh after you must have emptied your bowel. make sure u weigh without any clothes on. If you didnt do any of these, means you might have gotten a false number. Finally also make sure your scale isnt faulty. I like how you listened to ur body. Obviously u must have felt lighter, so that counts. Also know that u might not see a difference on the scale, but inch wise, u might have lost some. So pls measure ur neck, bust, waist, hips and thighs. Measure again after 2 weeks. Keep up the energy, the fat will succumb and melt away. Kisses*

  4. Fina, use a tape rule to measure, the kind that tailors use. Its sold for N100. Take care.

  5. oh ok.. thanks i'll toast some today and keep in airtight containers... thanx a lot... Luv you too... xoxo

  6. Okay,thanks dear,appreciate. I'd get a tape rule later today and yes,I weighed myself with my clothes on. Means I have to work very hard starting from exercise to food if I wanna shed more weight and remain so. Thanks again mami. Fina

  7. Dear wanna do dis bt seems xo difficult feelin xo lazy dunno wia to start frum

    1. Lol! I feel u. I wish we could all wish for it and it happens. But u know what? That aint gonna happen, u have to do some work for it. Be strong girl!