Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Lack of sleep could be hindering your weight loss.

Hey there sweets,
Recently, a close sister of mine was complaining that she was no longer losing weight and that she was getting depressed about it. After a long chat, i asked her if she was getting enough sleep at night  then she answered "no". She said she's been very stressed lately due to work etc.

For many of us trying to lose weight, its the same story. Its so bad that some of us (including me) gain weight when we don't get enough sleep. Who can we blame na? With all the work stress, kids and family that we (especially women) have to put up with, its almost impossible to get at least 7hrs of sleep daily.

According to 'Gaiam life' sleep deprivation can cause weight more Here

  • When you don't get enough sleep, your body produces more cortisol  which actually makes you eat a lot the next day. And we know what over eating means. Yikes!
  • When you don't get enough sleep at night, your brain wont get the message that you are full whenever you eat. Fatigue is a major factor here.
  • When you don't sleep enough, you wont have the energy to workout hard.
  • I think lack of sleep causes depression, which makes one feel horrible and too weak for anything. that means you eat and eat to make yourself feel good. Then what next, you put on weight.
We as adults need at least 6-8hrs of sleep daily. I know its almost impossible for some of us to add an extra 1hr to our sleep time. But I have come to believe we can always make a change for something to happen. 
  1. Before going to bed at night take a cold bath.
  2. Don't over eat, and don't drink too much water at bed time. I always recommend a light meal.
  3. Don't watch tv into the night, or leave the tv on when you are asleep.
  4. Don't workout too late at night.
  5. Try and leave work early so that you can get home early and do every other thing earlier than you use to.
  6. Don't take anything that contains alcohol or caffeine after 2pm. Please check the back label of any tea or drink you take, some might contain caffeine. 
  7. Stay strong and use your spare time wisely. Be patient and everything will be alright. 
Sometimes our kids can make us sleep late, here's what i do: I don't allow tv after 9pm, then when i take them into the room, i switch off the lights, within 30 mins they are asleep, then i can sleep too. And guess what? In case someone is being naughty, 'Mr koboko' is right beside me hahahaha! Usually i'm asleep before 10pm (that's why when you ping, no answer :)) God bless.

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  1. Lol, i will call 999 for u... Koboko Mama. Truly sleepin early at night is important and as u mentioned it'll give u strength for d next day's workout

    1. Lmao! Lala I can't help it. It works all the time tho. Thanks luv.

  2. Hi cheliz...please dear..i want to ask you smth...where can i buy lentils from? What do they look like and how is it prepared? Please dear...assist..and keep up the good work...ur blog is really an inspiration.

    1. Hi Ada, u can find them in goodies, Parka n shop, oasis etc most big stores carry them. You basically cook thwm like beans. Add oil or stew or corned beef etc. Make as u like but with less oil o. Take care sweet. And thanks.