Saturday, 19 April 2014

Overcoming the 'food' temptation.

After some weeks of starting my weight loss journey, i started seeing food as a source of energy and not a key to happiness or comfort. weight loss taught me that food doesn't bring happiness, yes it can cause one to have a minute of 'highness' but that's about it.The moment i started seeing and using food differently, my body started to obey and transform. i was never really an emotional eater, mine was worse, i was something i called "eat-as-you-go" as long as it was sweet, yummy, juicy, smelt good, i would buy and eat just for eating sake.  I loved to fill up my fridge so that at every point in time, i would have something to eat. i would sit in front of the tv and eat till i got stuffed. Mind you i'm not talking real food like rice or eba, i'm talking junk, real junk!

I cant really say that i have totally overcome the urge to eat junk, but i now know the consequences so i eat in moderation. I am human and i backslide sometimes, i have learnt to pick myself up, trace back my steps and do the right thing. Here are some of the things that help me fight the urge of over eating and nibbling of junk food:

1. God: i know this might sound like a cliche but, when i started eating to lose weight and  be healthy, i became clear headed, soul and body generally. My mind became more open to the spiritual. I know some people will understand what i'm talking about. I realized that too much food made me too tired to pray at night and in the morning, junk food made me weak.

2. Friends: I have friends that are like my life wire, they keep me going and tell me how i am blessed and generally speak positivity into my life. Look for your real friends today and stick with them, trust me you need one.

3. My Family, I wanted and always want to be fit and healthy for my kids and hubby. I want to be a fit and healthy mum so i can take care of them.

4. I wanted to know what it felt like to be slim as i had always been fat all my life. I had the urge to know. I was tired of being called 'orobo' anywhere i went, tired of being the fattest in the room, tired of being rejected by okada riders because i was too big for them to carry, tired of not finding clothes that fit me. Yes i wanted to look good in skinny jeans! Lol.

So now i know, i am loving me, i feel good and i ant going back. Its a lot of work trying to maintain the new found shape and body but, not as hard as achieving it. It was hard but it was worth it. Find your strength today and hold on to it, it will take a while but the you will get there one day. God bless.



  1. I'm inspired! My arms nd tummy wnt just stop gtn big

    1. Thanks Precious. U got to do something about it. U ready?