Monday, 28 April 2014

Motivation Monday: Ask yourself.....

.....In the multitude of my anxieties within me, your comforts delight my soul._Psalm 94:19

Hi sweets, how was the weekend? Lovely? Thank God. This is a bit long but its work the read. Today i want to share some of my thoughts on weight loss. Please bear in mind that this is my personal thought, i am not speaking to or about anyone in particular. Its just that i think someone needs to hear the truth to be moved. Truth hurts, but then still heals.

As you know, i have been over weight all my life, i was always the biggest chic in the room, people would tell me, "don't worry you look good", Your are big and fabulous" Your size fits you" Abeg how does size fit someone? When you haven't seen me wear another size, how do you know that, that one is my size? Hian!

The annoying thing was that deep down my soul, i hated being big! Ohhhh! i hated it trust me, those that truly know me know i loved (still love) to wear fitted clothes. So i was always worried that my tummy was bulging out or my arms were extra large. It affected my self esteem even if i didn't show it. ( I longed to be slim and fit)

There is someone out there that knows that she/he is over weight, and wants to do something about but the people around them wouldn't let them. They keep saying to them "you are beautiful the way you are", "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" (it sure is) I say to you today, search yourself, be sure of what you want as long as you are old enough to make that decision, talk to a doctor and be sure you are fit to exercise and change your eating habit. Then turn a deaf ear to all the talkers and advisers around you. Go for change and don't look back. Truth is, anyone that truly cares about you will want and or help you lose a bit of weight.

     I am sure; If they are 'slim' they probably don't want to to know what it feels like to look like them, they always want to outshine you. Or If they are 'overweight' then they probably don't want you to shed the weight and look good and be happier than they are. They want to have a 'fat partner'. LoL! Don't be mislead by the "overweight" celebs that promote being over weight either, most of them are shedding and slimming down fast!

  • Where are they when you cant sleep at night?
  • Where are they when you snore all night and keep others awake?
  • Where are they when you cant move your bowel for days?
  • Where are they when you try to make it past a flight of stairs without panting your heart out?
  • Where are they when you fart and every living thing around you pauses for 3 secs in 'salute' to that wonderful smell!
  • Where are they when you look into the mirror and you don't see who you really are.
  • Where are they when you cant find the right size of undies or the right size of clothes every time you go shopping. Instead of going back home happy, rather you feel worse!

The list is too long,  Make yourself happy, lose weight and free the real you. Like i said earlier, beauty comes from within, but you've got to love yourself (inner self) for the beauty to ooze out. How? Ask yourself; Are you ok with being overweight? you be the judge, you choose for yourself. you wear the shoes so, you know where it pinches. Get up and prove them wrong, for all you know you might just need to lose about 5-10 kg for you to feel gorgeous again. I am not saying everybody must be skinny o. It might be that you just need to tone up your tummy or xtian mother arms to feel fab.

All you need is a bit of change and only you can make that change, no one else. Its Hard yes, but the results will amaze you for the rest of your life. If you don't mind, please share your thoughts on this, i would like to know you think.  *kisses* Take care and God bless.

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