Wednesday, 23 April 2014

It's possible to lose weight on a budget.

"Part of the race (of life) is faith where we get back up after we've fallen....believing that He is God, and He is worth it, and running with a new passion and a new intensity"_Sheila Walsh.

Hi there sweeties, hope your day has been good. Thank God for another day. Before i started on the journey to lose weight, i always thought that it would be so expensive to actually lose weight because first i have to register in a good gym, buy expensive sports wear, so that when people see me, they will know that i love sports, then i will buy expensive slimming pills, buy one imported milk shake that i will drink once a day as my food, then later i thought that "ha! i have to buy all the expensive fruits and veggies i see on tv". I never for once thought that i could actually eat and use what was around me to lose weight. When i see people jugging in my estate, i laugh at them and say in my mind "see how this one is just wasting her time, better go to the gym" Don't get me wrong, not that one shouldn't use a gym to workout, just trying to site, how ignorant i was.

It was later when i had given birth i knew i couldn't take slimming pills and co, so i started eating fruits and veggies to see if it would work, i had the help of some friends too. The weight started coming off, i was amazed.

People tell me that its expensive to actually lose weight in Nigeria, i say its a big lie! I wont talk too much let me just give 2 examples, then you be the judge.

Example 1: Mr A. (eats out)

  • 2 meatpies= N420
  • 2 sausage rolls= N300
  • A cup of tea
  • Peppered chicken= N600
  • Rice= N400
  • Coke= N100
  • Pizza= N3500
  • Ice cream= N1500
Total: N6820 a day.

Example 2: Mr B (makes his meals at home)
  • a bowl of oats= N100
  • 1 Banana= N50
  • A cup of green tea: N50
Snack for the day:
  • 1 apple= N50
  • 2 oranges= N100
  • Home made boiled yam and stew:=N100
  • a piece of Fish= N50
  • Water= N5
  • Home made salad= N200
Total: N705 a day.

Please note that Mr B buys all his stuff in bulk over the weekend so he can have enough for the week. Who do you think is more likely to put on weight? Lol! (and they say weight loss is expensive) You don't have to spend thousands of money buying imported things just to lose weight, unless you want to.
  1. We have loads and loads of natural foods in our markets, i cant even begin to mention. By the time you are done with Nigerian foods, you would have lost over 15kg.
  2. Workout in your house or go jugging if you cant afford a gym subscription.
  3. Drink lots of water and forget milk shakes and food shakes. etc.
Next time someone you know gives an excuse for not losing weight, please ask him/her to see this list. Lol! Take care guys.God bless.



  1. Lol @ buyin expensive sportswear so wn pple see you they'd knw u like sports

    1. My sis help me laff o. Not a small sometin.