Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Need to know.... on the 'No-carb Diet'

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Hi sweets, so sorry about the delay on some of your questions, network has been really bad here, don't know if its same for you. I just got most of the alerts this morning. Please bear with me. Thank you.

I got a comment from someone that said she didn't see any changes in her weight after she did the one week 'no carb' diet. (Disclaimer;  can i just say again that if you decide to try this diet, you do so at your own risk.) 

     Today, i just want to address a few things that those trying out the diet may need to know;
1. First of all please know that We all have different body types, structures, sizes etc. Some people tend to lose weight faster than others, same way some people gain weight faster than others. So don't be too upset if you don't see a major change, you just need to keep trying till you find what works for you.

2. Before you start please weigh yourself and take note of that weight. Weigh yourself in the morning after you wake up, and move your bowel. Weigh yourself again in the morning of the 8th day at the same time after you must have moved your bowel so that you will get an accurate reading. And be sure if you actually lost anything. People make the mistake of weighing themselves in the gym after they must have drank so much water or eaten a banana or 2.

3. Weigh yourself without clothes on both days. You will be surprised what your clothes weigh, especially when full of sweat after working out. Its best to weigh without clothes for accurate result. this is why i encourage people to buy their own scale. They sell at shoprite for less than 6k.  Please make the investment, it goes a long way to help with your weight loss.

4. Don't eat too much protein at one sitting, Limit the size to that of your palm, and always have some veggies to go with it.

5. Limit your night meals to fruits or only veggies and a little fish. keep it light so you don't get bloated by morning.

6. Do not STARVE! If you starve your body will hoard fat and you wont see any changes.

7. Exercise!! If you want to see maximum results then you must add exercise to your routine. Exercise is also good for toning your body so you don't end up with flabs and lose skin all over.

8. If you have lost a lot of weight already, tendency is that you might not get much results because your body is growing resistant to something you have been doing, so i would say keep trying different things till you find what works. I lost quite a bit because this was my first time of doing this diet, and i worked out like mad. I knew that if i did the diet alone, the result wont be much.

9. Don't cheat, i didn't cheat through out the diet, not even a grain of rice entered my mouth. I left the cheating for yesterday...hehehehe! (i had a bar of chocolate...Shhhhh!) If you cheat it might affect your result o, don't say i didn't warn you.

10. Be prepared. Gather everything you need for this, organize them and be ready. You can prepare all your meat and chicken, before hand and freeze.  Boil and keep your beans in the freezer, then you are left with only prepping the veggies. You just need to take them to work and pop in the microwave. I am saying this because of those with really tight work schedules. Don't let excuses and procrastination stop you from shedding this weight.

Best of luck and lets hear how you are doing. Take care. God bless.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Results...... of my one week 'No-Carb' diet.

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Hey hey heeey!!! Its results timmeeee!!! wooohooooo!!! First of all, happy Monday y'all, i pray you all have a blessed and happy week.  I am so happy today. Hard work really pays i tell you, there is no magic to weight loss, you just got to work for it! ok no more talk, see the result below......

                                                              Before: last week Monday 79.2kg

                                                             Today: 76.2kg

Yipeee!! i lost 3kgs! No be small thing i tell you. You too can do it. You might even lose more if you weigh more than me. Please don't be too hard on yourself if you don't lose over 1kg, because 1 kg is very realistic. Don't forget i worked out every morning so, for those that have to leave for work early, and don't have time to workout, you can still do the plan and workout over the weekend, you will still shed weight. Its all about determination and focus. I was tempted a lot, but i always held back and it paid off. I didn't eat any form of Carbs all through the week and i didn't collapse. Lol! "Use food and don't let food use you" (i don't know who said that one oo. *runs away* Good luck sweets and lets hear results soon. Take care and God bless.
*will post the entire meal plan soon*

Motivation Monday: Ask yourself.....

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.....In the multitude of my anxieties within me, your comforts delight my soul._Psalm 94:19

Hi sweets, how was the weekend? Lovely? Thank God. This is a bit long but its work the read. Today i want to share some of my thoughts on weight loss. Please bear in mind that this is my personal thought, i am not speaking to or about anyone in particular. Its just that i think someone needs to hear the truth to be moved. Truth hurts, but then still heals.

As you know, i have been over weight all my life, i was always the biggest chic in the room, people would tell me, "don't worry you look good", Your are big and fabulous" Your size fits you" Abeg how does size fit someone? When you haven't seen me wear another size, how do you know that, that one is my size? Hian!

The annoying thing was that deep down my soul, i hated being big! Ohhhh! i hated it trust me, those that truly know me know i loved (still love) to wear fitted clothes. So i was always worried that my tummy was bulging out or my arms were extra large. It affected my self esteem even if i didn't show it. ( I longed to be slim and fit)

There is someone out there that knows that she/he is over weight, and wants to do something about but the people around them wouldn't let them. They keep saying to them "you are beautiful the way you are", "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" (it sure is) I say to you today, search yourself, be sure of what you want as long as you are old enough to make that decision, talk to a doctor and be sure you are fit to exercise and change your eating habit. Then turn a deaf ear to all the talkers and advisers around you. Go for change and don't look back. Truth is, anyone that truly cares about you will want and or help you lose a bit of weight.

     I am sure; If they are 'slim' they probably don't want to to know what it feels like to look like them, they always want to outshine you. Or If they are 'overweight' then they probably don't want you to shed the weight and look good and be happier than they are. They want to have a 'fat partner'. LoL! Don't be mislead by the "overweight" celebs that promote being over weight either, most of them are shedding and slimming down fast!

  • Where are they when you cant sleep at night?
  • Where are they when you snore all night and keep others awake?
  • Where are they when you cant move your bowel for days?
  • Where are they when you try to make it past a flight of stairs without panting your heart out?
  • Where are they when you fart and every living thing around you pauses for 3 secs in 'salute' to that wonderful smell!
  • Where are they when you look into the mirror and you don't see who you really are.
  • Where are they when you cant find the right size of undies or the right size of clothes every time you go shopping. Instead of going back home happy, rather you feel worse!

The list is too long,  Make yourself happy, lose weight and free the real you. Like i said earlier, beauty comes from within, but you've got to love yourself (inner self) for the beauty to ooze out. How? Ask yourself; Are you ok with being overweight? you be the judge, you choose for yourself. you wear the shoes so, you know where it pinches. Get up and prove them wrong, for all you know you might just need to lose about 5-10 kg for you to feel gorgeous again. I am not saying everybody must be skinny o. It might be that you just need to tone up your tummy or xtian mother arms to feel fab.

All you need is a bit of change and only you can make that change, no one else. Its Hard yes, but the results will amaze you for the rest of your life. If you don't mind, please share your thoughts on this, i would like to know you think.  *kisses* Take care and God bless.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

It's possible to lose weight on a budget.

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"Part of the race (of life) is faith where we get back up after we've fallen....believing that He is God, and He is worth it, and running with a new passion and a new intensity"_Sheila Walsh.

Hi there sweeties, hope your day has been good. Thank God for another day. Before i started on the journey to lose weight, i always thought that it would be so expensive to actually lose weight because first i have to register in a good gym, buy expensive sports wear, so that when people see me, they will know that i love sports, then i will buy expensive slimming pills, buy one imported milk shake that i will drink once a day as my food, then later i thought that "ha! i have to buy all the expensive fruits and veggies i see on tv". I never for once thought that i could actually eat and use what was around me to lose weight. When i see people jugging in my estate, i laugh at them and say in my mind "see how this one is just wasting her time, better go to the gym" Don't get me wrong, not that one shouldn't use a gym to workout, just trying to site, how ignorant i was.

It was later when i had given birth i knew i couldn't take slimming pills and co, so i started eating fruits and veggies to see if it would work, i had the help of some friends too. The weight started coming off, i was amazed.

People tell me that its expensive to actually lose weight in Nigeria, i say its a big lie! I wont talk too much let me just give 2 examples, then you be the judge.

Example 1: Mr A. (eats out)

  • 2 meatpies= N420
  • 2 sausage rolls= N300
  • A cup of tea
  • Peppered chicken= N600
  • Rice= N400
  • Coke= N100
  • Pizza= N3500
  • Ice cream= N1500
Total: N6820 a day.

Example 2: Mr B (makes his meals at home)
  • a bowl of oats= N100
  • 1 Banana= N50
  • A cup of green tea: N50
Snack for the day:
  • 1 apple= N50
  • 2 oranges= N100
  • Home made boiled yam and stew:=N100
  • a piece of Fish= N50
  • Water= N5
  • Home made salad= N200
Total: N705 a day.

Please note that Mr B buys all his stuff in bulk over the weekend so he can have enough for the week. Who do you think is more likely to put on weight? Lol! (and they say weight loss is expensive) You don't have to spend thousands of money buying imported things just to lose weight, unless you want to.
  1. We have loads and loads of natural foods in our markets, i cant even begin to mention. By the time you are done with Nigerian foods, you would have lost over 15kg.
  2. Workout in your house or go jugging if you cant afford a gym subscription.
  3. Drink lots of water and forget milk shakes and food shakes. etc.
Next time someone you know gives an excuse for not losing weight, please ask him/her to see this list. Lol! Take care guys.God bless.


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Multivitamins to nourish.

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Hi Sweets, i hope you all had a fab holiday, well i did. So its back to work today, don't be sad, more holidays are on the way :) I love to digest a bible verse or 2 daily, i feel like sharing this one with you....
Romans 12:2...And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.
There is something that is i love so much, i see it as my little secret even though i have told some friend about it in the past, not sure if they have tried it out. You know, as much as we try to eat healthy, its advisable to add multivitamins to our daily life because, our bodies may not be getting the adequate amount of nutrients it needs just from the foods that we eat. The reason i am writing about this now is because of the 'No-carb' diet that i'm doing now, its important to nourish the body especially now. So if you decide to try the diet (at your own risk oooo) please try and organize a very good multivitamin supplement.

An example of what some supplements look like.

   Please know that multivitamins are not food substitutes, we still need to eat good food then use the multivitamins as a supplement to make up for the total dose which the body needs.
There are many health benefits of multivitamins, but here is a list of the benefits which i get by taking them:

  1. I sleep better
  2. I fell less stressed up
  3. Aids weight loss.
  4. Rapid hair growth
  5. Makes my skin glow.
  6. I feel stronger 
  7. etc
This is the brand that i take. 

There are many brands out there but i have tried 2 then picked 1 and stuck with it since last year. I chose that particular one because its high in vitamin D which is good for the bones and aids weight loss.  Some people will say they don't take multivitamins because it makes them eat a lot. My analysis on that is; because your body is well loaded with good vitamins when you take them, it makes the blood pump well, and increases your metabolism, thereby making you to burn energy, then you burn fat, then you feel hungry. It then depends on you to feed your body good food to keep going or feed it junk that will go and settle as fat in your 'bum bum area' Lol!  

There is a system which i use to take my multivitamins, i take them for 90 days, pause for 30 days then continue again for another 90 days. Weight loss is all about control and discipline, when you learn the 2, then you are good to go. Have a blessed day guys. God bless.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

No-carb week.

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So Lent is over, what next as per keeping fit and eating healthy? I ask this question because during this lent, i asked some people to give update about their fitness life and they said they were not exercising or eating to lose weight because of the fasting period. I agree, but what then happens now that the fasting period is over. I know some people would have lost a bit of weight and would love to keep it off, if not that weight which has been lost will come back with its siblings as the season is over if care is not taken. Lmao!!

This has spurred me to do something for myself and help others. I want to use myself as a guinea pig. I want to go on 7 days of carbohydrate free foods. here's the deal;

  • I plan to eat any and everything (Proteins and vegetables) as long as it doesn't contain carbohydrates and sugars. 
  • I plan to lose at least 2-3kg by the 8th day.
  •  I will start on Monday 21st of March and end on Sunday night 27th of march, so i will weigh myself on Monday morning of 28th March.
  • I will snap and post my starting weight on monday.
  • I will post all the meals and snacks that i take on each day.
  • At the end of the quest, i will post the entire meal plan for you all to see, then anyone that wants to try it out can do so at his/her own risk. Hahahahaha!
  • Oh!, i will also post daily exercises that i do also.
A List of some of the foods i will avoid.
  1. Soft drinks
  2. Sweets
  3. Ice cream
  4. wheat meal
  5. Garri
  6. Semo
  7. Bread
  8. Pasta
  9. Rice
  10. Corn
  11. Cereals
  12. Crackers and biscuits
  13. Generally anything that has been packaged in a factory. lol
A List of Some foods i will eat.
  1. Beef
  2. Shrimps
  3. Chicken
  4. Fish
  5. Eggs
  6. All forms of vegetables.
  7. Apples, Oranges, berries
  8. Avocado pear
  9. Almonds, Cashews, groundnuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds.
  10. Cheese
  11. Butter
  12. Yogurt
  13. Beans (all sorts)
  14. Lentils
  15. Coffee (sorry coffee police, i love my coffee)
  16. Water
  17. All forms of spices. 
I hope to stick to this list and be strong, i know i can do this. So who is in on this with me? Lets do this!! Meanwhile if you want to see the detox meal plan which i posted a while ago, pls go Here
God bless.


Overcoming the 'food' temptation.

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After some weeks of starting my weight loss journey, i started seeing food as a source of energy and not a key to happiness or comfort. weight loss taught me that food doesn't bring happiness, yes it can cause one to have a minute of 'highness' but that's about it.The moment i started seeing and using food differently, my body started to obey and transform. i was never really an emotional eater, mine was worse, i was something i called "eat-as-you-go" as long as it was sweet, yummy, juicy, smelt good, i would buy and eat just for eating sake.  I loved to fill up my fridge so that at every point in time, i would have something to eat. i would sit in front of the tv and eat till i got stuffed. Mind you i'm not talking real food like rice or eba, i'm talking junk, real junk!

I cant really say that i have totally overcome the urge to eat junk, but i now know the consequences so i eat in moderation. I am human and i backslide sometimes, i have learnt to pick myself up, trace back my steps and do the right thing. Here are some of the things that help me fight the urge of over eating and nibbling of junk food:

1. God: i know this might sound like a cliche but, when i started eating to lose weight and  be healthy, i became clear headed, soul and body generally. My mind became more open to the spiritual. I know some people will understand what i'm talking about. I realized that too much food made me too tired to pray at night and in the morning, junk food made me weak.

2. Friends: I have friends that are like my life wire, they keep me going and tell me how i am blessed and generally speak positivity into my life. Look for your real friends today and stick with them, trust me you need one.

3. My Family, I wanted and always want to be fit and healthy for my kids and hubby. I want to be a fit and healthy mum so i can take care of them.

4. I wanted to know what it felt like to be slim as i had always been fat all my life. I had the urge to know. I was tired of being called 'orobo' anywhere i went, tired of being the fattest in the room, tired of being rejected by okada riders because i was too big for them to carry, tired of not finding clothes that fit me. Yes i wanted to look good in skinny jeans! Lol.

So now i know, i am loving me, i feel good and i ant going back. Its a lot of work trying to maintain the new found shape and body but, not as hard as achieving it. It was hard but it was worth it. Find your strength today and hold on to it, it will take a while but the you will get there one day. God bless.


Friday, 18 April 2014

New Stock! (workout Dvds and sports bras)

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Hi sweets, we have loads of workout dvds in stock now, you can now workout in the comfort of your living room and have fun at the same time with these heart pumping and fat burning videos. Trust me, i used these videos and they worked for me, they can work for you too. Here are the ones in stock:

1. Jillian michaels 30day shred

2. Jackie Warner's xtreme shed and shred.

3. Jackie Warner's crunch-free xtreme abs.

                                              4. Leslie sansone, walk away the pounds.

Sports bras:

The bras come in more colors. The dvds are tried and tested and they are guaranteed to help you lose weight if combined with a healthy diet.

Dvds:  N3000 each and N500 delivery within Lagos.
Sports bras: N3000 each and N500 delivery charge within Lagos.
Please call: 08025806183
BB pin: 7B35176B
 God bless.

Time to stay away from fast (furious) foods...Lol

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      Happy Good Friday to y'all, hope you are all having a nice holiday. Today's topic is something that almost everyone if not all trying to lose weight can relate to. I call it 'furios food' cus it so quick to settle in the fatty areas of the body. I'm not trying to kill the fast food business o, just trying to help ;)

     Anyone that has been struggling with unwanted weight will tell you that the most difficult thing to do is to stop eating fast food. When i say fast food, i mean all manner of food bought outside the home(pastries most especially) . To me, as long as its store bought, its fast food. lol. Fast food and weight loss are sworn enemies, Let me analyse 2 major items that are thought to be healthy and sold in food stores.

1. Salads:  If you are buying salads from outside you got to be sure its not mixed with junk. Loads of sugar,cream and mayonnaise get mixed with these salads that if they were to list the ingredients down, some of us would faint, wake up and faint again! I personally, when i'm too busy i prefer buying the unmixed ones that is just plain chopped veggies, then add my own mayo or home made salad dressing to it. That way, i am sure of what i'm putting in my system.
The difference between the plain unmixed salads and the already mixed salads, could be over 100 calories, we are talking 50 squats here! Choi! Can you imagine. Little things can actually make a difference. Did you know that the calories in a teaspoon (about 5g) of store bought mayo is a about 34 calories? And i use about that amount for a serving of salad. at least i am sure of what I'm eating. u get? but the readily mixed salads in stores and eatries are well bathed and soaked in mayo and sugar!!

2. Moi moi: At first i thought i wasn't doing any wrong when i whenever i was out and a friend would say, "ok take moi moi, at least its not fattening" Like waaattt??!!! Yes, tastes great but lets get real here, do we know how it is prepared and what is added to it. Moi Moi is one of those meals that you don't really get to know what was added to it cus its all blended up. For instance butter, oil etc can be added to moi moi without us knowing the quantities in which they were added. The difference between your home made low fat moi moi and a store bought moi moi could be over 120 calories (a table spoon of veg oil). That's an extra 10mins of workout.

    This is just Salad and moi moi, so you can now imagine what meat pie, fried chicken, fried plantain and co can do to our weight loss efforts. These things do a lot to hinder weight loss, worst of it all is that it goes and settles in the tummy or bum bum region depending on you body type. Lmao! Don't get me wrong sweets, i am guilty of these things too, this is reality check for me. Lets stay strong and do the right thing most of the time. God bless.

NB: I want to do a week of 'no-carb' from next week. who is in on this with me? Looking to lose at least 2kg. I will give details on this soon. Have a blessed weekend.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Zero Calorie versus Plenty Calories.

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   Hi deary, you know eh, when i write about some topics its not just to teach but also to help myself stop some bad habits. For me its a way of putting myself in check. I am no hero you know. *wink. When i tell some people that i indulge, they think its a lie. lol Let me give you an example.

      Recently, i discovered a particular drink with "zero" calories. Yes, i say discovered because up until 2 weeks ago, i had never tasted the very popular drink., so one fine day, i tasted it and was hooked. For the fact that it was 'zero' calorie, (even though they say its less than 1% cal) i was happy. Whenever i had sugar cravings, it was....'move over ice tea!'  Good news is, It didn't make me put on weight but it sure gave me gas and a bit of headache.

      Finally, my senses came back to me, i looked behind the bottle to read the label, lo and behold 'aspartame!'....i fainted. Hahahaha, don't mind me o. In case you don't know what aspartame is, please read below.....
Wikipedia defines it as:  "an artificial non-saccharide sweetener used as a sugar substitute in some foods and beverages". Can also be found as E951 at the back of some products. Its a derivative of aspartic acid and phenylalanine which is kinna harmful. There are loads of controversies concerning aspartame, but the question is; is it ok for you and i? I did some research online and discovered that 'excessive' consumption of aspartame can lead to some illnesses like: cancer, diabetes, it can hinder weight loss, cause vision problems, birth defects etc. i noticed that its been used a lot, especially in this era of fitness and weight loss.

     Well, if i can speak for you, we are all guilty as charged because one way or the other, we consume some of these products unknowingly. So i ask which is better? Zero calorie life-threatning sweetner or plenty calories natural foods? Its a choice. I know that making fruit juices and smoothies at home seems like hard work and then fruits come with  good amount of calories. Its worth it and fruits nourish our bodies in many ways. The point is to consume whatever it is in moderation and with caution. Love always and God bless.


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Weight loss update.

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Hi everyone, its been a while right? I cant even begin to describe how much i missed being here. Don't let me get into the reasons why i've been away, please just forgive me and take me as i am, lol.

Ok, now that i have been forgiven, let me dive into the biz of the day. So i've been away for a while, let me confess, i have not been exercising that much and i indulge sometimes (a lot) hehehe! You know one funny thing though? As much as i have been indulging and not exercising, i still was able to maintain a +-2kg weight range. My weight has been fluctuating between 78kg and 76kg for the past 3 months. To be honest, i feel very comfortable with it as long as i still wear the same dress size.

                                                        What i weighed as at 29th Nov 2013.

 As at 25th of Jan 2014.

                                                        As at 24th of March 2014

The secret to my maintaining this weight range has been Firstly; the fact that i lost the major weight naturally by eating right and exercising so, muscles that i built over time have helped to burn fat even when i don't exercise. Secondly; knowing my limits. Even if i wanted to eat some chocolates, i know not to eat a whole bar. I would rather share with someone else and still keep my weight in check.

    This is me some days ago. Lol (*covers face*)

The key to great weight loss is eating right. You can exercise all you want, and as hard as you want but, as long as you eat same old stuff, the weight aint going nowhere darling.  Whoever said that "abs were made in the kitchen" wasn't lying. Truth is, you can eat anything you want and still lose weight, but the idea is to eat them in moderation. For a healthy and fit body, one must eat natural and nutritious meals. Please let us know how you all have been doing and who has lost a bunch of weight. cant wait! Take care sweets and God bless.