Monday, 13 January 2014

Toned arms 101.

There is nothing sexier than toned limps i swear. Right now, my arms are by far my best assets.You know why? I look better in sleeveless dresses and tops, (fyi i dreaded sleeveless before. Lol) I look way way slimmer than someone else that's same body weight as me, in general it defines my body well by giving me that figure '8' silhouette .
Check out those toned arms and shoulders on Mrs Obama!
 A few months ago, i found the importance of toning the arms and shoulders then i stuck with it, it has definitely paid off. I used to have very very large arms and wrist. My arms were like 16 inches before i started losing weight and as at last month, they were 12 inches. I have lost about 4 inches and the difference is very clear.

If you want to shape and tone your arms, here are some tips.
  • Try to lose a bit of weight first. If you are still a bit over weight, you won't really see the effect  until a bit more fat melts away, then you start to see the definition.
  • Get on a healthy fruits and veggie rich meal plan.
  • Eat loads of proteins to help build muscles.
  • Use weights and resistance bands: Don't use weights that are too light, or weights that are too heavy, it has to be right or get two weight ranges like i have. e.g: dumbbells, kettle bells are good. 
  • These are my workout buddies.
  • If you workout at home like me do these exercises: Bench dips, push ups, skipping, weight training.
  • If you go to the gym do these: Do bench presses, use the cable tower machine, the shoulder press machine, elliptical machine. These machines will help burn major fat from the arm area.
This one pass me o. Lol
My best out of all these and what i feel works faster are dumbbells and push ups, i can put my money on them any day. The secret is just to be consistent in all and work them at least 2 times a week and 30 mins a day that's all. In a month u will be seeing a huge difference. Forget about the scale for now, instead use a tight shirt or dress to measure your progress. 
Take it easy sweets, slow and steady we will get there, its not by magic. Stay positive and watch your meal portions. God bless. 


  1. What weight is most appropriate for the dumb bells? I tried skipping but couldn't do it for long. My calves were really hurting so I had to stop. I'll really forget about the scale for now because it is very discouraging looking at the same weight for days. Thanks for the advice.

    1. Hi Ladi dear, you can buy a set of 2kg dumbbells to start with, then add 3kg set later when you must have gotten used to lifting weights. They will help you shed arm fat. Leave the scale for now, get a pair of jeans or shirt that you can use to measure your progress by trying it on every 2 weeks. You will be shocked I swear. Take care luv. *hugs*

  2. Hi luv,
    Wow now am glued to ur blog.
    Stumbled upon it accidentally, used to have toned arms n body I general but for about a year and half my body stopped forgiving me now I have to work to keep them so, trying to get resistance band though, my right wrist seems to hurt when I try to do push ups so I let push ups go, can u help me with tips for resistance band on tonning arms and chest wall as I want to lift my boobs, thanks so much

    1. Hi Jane. Thanks a lot dear. About the push ups, u need to watch your form so u dont get injured. Generally, strength training can cause serious injuries if care isnt taken. When using resistance bands, dont rush the moves. And dont use weights or tensions that feel too heavy for you. The ideal weight range for dumbbells are 2kg to 3kg. same goes for resistance band tension levels. Try and check youtube for some good exercises that work. Take care.